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Valery Meladze has sat down on water procedures

In a past week-end the people flocked in Fires of Ufa - to listen to Meladze .

Very long ago it was not necessary to see such agiotage: superfluous tickets started to ask already from a tram stop.

having learnt about the renotice Valery has enough grinned. It on a broader scale had a perfect mood. But the singer has refused flatly to communicate with someone. Bukoj it became after one case when in its last visit to Ufa the local journalist, having played the fascinated fan, the priest - a star has managed so to gain that Valery has invited her in number, has poured wines, has treated with a supper And then the artful Bashkir beauty has told about a night sit-round gathering in one of editions which it is accepted to name yellow .

Since then Meladze has given itself pledge: never to invite nobody to itself in number.

Leaving hotel, Meladze with watchfulness looked around: a leah have hidden where - nibud in bushes artful paparazzi
In hotel he enjoyed loneliness. Having had a dinner, has gone to a sauna where some hours accepted water procedures. And then long floated in pool, sniffing, as a seal. As a result in Fires of Ufa it has appeared fresh and vigorous.

though its present program almost differed nothing from that from which it came to the last visit, the public mostly consisting of enthusiastic representatives of a perfect half, has met him on hurrah!

Already after the first song of the lady armfuls have dragged on a scene flowers. And joint execution of Meladze and its most courageous fanatkami the well-known hit " became the show culmination; Ocean and three rivers which he when - that sang together with group Via GRA .

It seems that girls specially prepared and with impatience waited for this moment - Meladze hardly has had time to open a mouth as the most bright have quickly rushed to a scene viagras . As a result there have appeared about ten girls. Made dizzy by affinity to the substitute, they lighted under the full program, having time to take autographs and to be photographed for memory. And the most desperate even put to musicians any notes, possibly, with phone numbers. But the concert has hardly ended, Meladze has evaporated at once, having left on worry fanatkam the musicians. The singer has again hastened in a sauna.

the Photo gallery of abiding of Valery Meladze in Ufa