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Choose the most charming flight attendant

the Second Sunday of February, this year it is 9 number, - birthday of domestic civil aircraft. It still name Day of Aeroflot. In our city every year the number of flights increases, also the geography of flights gradually extends, the number of passengers grows.

And who in the sky cares of us, passengers? Who watches security, behind cleanliness and rather in salon, brings tea and convenient pillows? Certainly they are flight attendants, to be exact, stewardesses.

In their Kirov it is not enough, so in a professional feast we have personally congratulated girls. Get acquainted - stewardesses, clear heads and easier beauties.


the Photo: from Elena`s archive


1. Growth - 171. Weight - 55 kg. Volumes - 90/ 60/ 90.

2. As the stewardess 2 years work.

3. Since the childhood dreamt to fly. Specially to become the flight attendant, has left to Moscow and there it was arranged in airline Siberia . Half a year worked on huge liners THEY be 154 and SILT - 86. But has come back home and now flies on local flights. Also does not feel sorry.

4. The most remembered flight for Lena when Sofia flied to our city Rotaru and the girl served it.

- Sofia Mihajlovna very pleasant, delicate and completely not whimsical woman. She is an excellent passenger, - Lena speaks.

5. A favourite joke:

the Woman sits down in business - a plane class, and the ticket at it in the house-keeper - a class.

- Madam, excuse, but you, probably, not there have sat down, - the flight attendant speaks.

- you do not understand - at me the new handbag, new shoes, the tiny doggie and I treat on Majami, - the woman has nervously responded.

the Flight attendant has moved shoulders and has called to the aid the steward. It has approached to the woman and something has whispered it on an ear. That has jumped and has run on the place.

- That you to it have told? - The stewardess was surprised.

- That business - the class on Majjami does not fly.

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the Photo: from archive Poliny


1. Growth - 165. Weight - 56 kg. Volumes - 92/ 61/ 88.

2. In the sky 5 years.

3. Studied as the economist, but this speciality was not pleasant to it. Has decided to test in something the newcomer - has made trial flight by the stewardess. It was pleasant and now about other work and does not dream.

4. poline the flight was remembered, which crew made on the instructions of United Nations mission.

- We transported group of military men of one country in another. All of them were simply pomeshany on security. In salon have checked up all: That under an armchair, behind a curtain, in a toilet. And when were unloaded, built by a column from two parties from a gangway, and on this live corridor the plane left the general. At me even murashki have run for fear when I have seen it.

5. A favourite joke:

On soar: Dear passengers! You are greeted by airline Aeroflot . Our plane pilots Ivans Peters Petrovich, the merited master of parachuting. 5 200 jumps. We wish you pleasant flight .

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the Photo: Yana OSTANINOJ


1.   Growth - 164. Weight - 56 kg. Volumes - 90/ 65/ 90.

2. 4 years work as the stewardess.

3. The sky - the native elements, mum Juli too was the conductor.

4. JUlja remembers:

- the Most indelible case when one passenger directly in the sky has made my the proposal, unexpectedly and very pleasantly.

5. A favourite joke:
- You of that it have moved in the flight attendant?
- in the plane it is possible to meet so much men!
- and unless they cannot be met in other places?
- it is possible, but there they are not fastened by belts...

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the Photo: Yana OSTANINOJ


1. Growth - 170. Weight - 52 kg. Volumes - 85/ 62/ 89.

2. In the sky as early as a year.

3. To get for this work, has passed cruel selection - 50 persons into place. Though by training - the lawyer.

4. Lena never will forget the first flight:

- All flight of me was observed by the senior stewardess. Estimated, as I will consult in difficult situations. And here we take off from Moscow. Two passengers sit down to attempt and get the chromeplated spoons, and they are strictly forbidden in flight! I suffice plastic ware, I approach to them, I stretch and I speak: to Favourite passengers from the airport . They have laughed and took. And the chromeplated plugs to me have given as a keepsake.

5. A favourite joke:

the Flight attendant approaches to the pilot and speaks:
- There any muzhik wants to leave...
- all in bandage, plaster and with a crutch?
- yes.
- Let out. It always here leaves.

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Whom take aboard

1. Absolutely healthy. With pressure, an asthma or curvatures in a backbone and as adiposity for work will not accept.

2. Polyglots. Stewardesses should express at least in two languages without accent, halts and defects. The voice of the flight attendant should calm, have and even to weaken, instead of to irritate.

3. The stewards who have ended special courses on whom train in safety rules for flight, behaviour during state of emergency, and as to etiquette.

4. Nice. The flight attendant should have pleasant appearance.

Vote for the pleasant girl. The most active readers and the defeated flight attendant will receive prizes from. Your voices are accepted till February, 21st.