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In Average Akhtuba will put a monument to Stepan Razin

Idea to establish monument to the well-known ataman at inhabitants of Average Akhtuba has appeared with an ulterior motive. Under the legend, the settlement was based by Stepan Razin.

In 1668 - m to year it together with the group made the way to Astrakhan from northern earths. After heavy skirmishes with imperial armies   among its people there were many wounded men. Heavy transitions were beyond their power. Here also has left their well-known Stenka on the bank of Akhtuba. And those, in turn, have constructed there dwellings.

last year in the settlement centre there was already a memorable stone. But to it have decided not to be limited. On September, 20th this year in honour of 340 - letija Average Akhtuba plan to put the present sculpture of the legendary rebel - that adults did not forget history, and kids knew, their ancestors were whom.

The variant what was the robber, the Volga sculptor Sergey ShCherbakov has offered.

- Razin I have made the present ataman, - he speaks. - it costs on a nose of a sailing vessel and looks afar.

the Reduced copy of a sculpture is already ready and is stored in a workshop of the sculptor. It of no more than twenty centimetres. But in a final variant spectators will see a monument in height more than 5 metres. It will make of a granite and bronze.

- you will work on it?

- Certainly. I after all not Tsereteli what! - laughs Scherbaks. - all works will occupy about three months. So till September of time will suffice.

- In the settlement budget have already put money for installation of this monument, - has told Ekaterina SHIBANOVA, a press - the secretary of administration of Sredneahtubinsky area . - Our head showed me pictures of the breadboard model made Shcherbakovym. Such Stepan Razin, really, impresses.

However, is small but. A leah So will look the well-known robber - precisely to tell while it is impossible. By rules, the administration should hold competition among sculptors. But apparently, the variant offered volzhaninom, has already had ahtubintsam to liking.