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Advice from the master of extreme driving

Sergey Mikes already is a lot of years at the wheel, owns autorange and learns children to taxi from difficult situations.

advice skilled

1. If one of tyres has torn, it is necessary to keep strongly a wheel two hands. The cross-section forces arising during this drift, are especially great on high speeds. To be kept on road, do not brake a pedal. Squeeze out coupling is better and compensate drift by wheel rotation.

2. If during movement has noticed first signs of that the car here - here will light up, it is necessary to stop and, having pulled out the ignition key, to put on a manual brake. If the smoke goes from under a cowl, to open it it is necessary carefully - air which has rushed inside becomes the kindling catalyst. There is nothing to blow up there, it is not necessary so to be afraid.

3. On a direct site of road speed can seem twice less, than actually. If to give in to illusion and to enter into turn, only hardly having dumped gas inertia will take out the car with proezzhej parts.

4. If during movement on rough road the car has flown up on a hummock - do not brake, differently the suspension bracket will break from blow. Do not increase speed - wheels in air so turn quickly, from - for what coupling with road can be lost and begin drift. Do not twist a wheel - at a wheel landing should be directed directly.

5. In any arisen situation it is not necessary to give in to a panic and to release a wheel. On position of wheels depends, as the car will lead.

Advice was given by Sergey Mikes, the director the Center of perfection of driver`s skill . Ph. (8332) 46 - 35 - 33.