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The Ufa workers have followed an example trade union of the Russian factory Ford

the Mass discontent has begun after workers of brewery Amstar entering into holding of breweries Ephesus (cooks beer under stamps the Polar bear the Falcon Ephesus and others), have learnt about icon settings of the colleagues at other factories of native holding.

- why in other cities just the same drivers receive on the average 18 thousand roubles, and at us, by our calculations, - seven, seven and a half? - The chairman of a neogenic trade-union cell of drivers of auto-loaders Oleg KROPINOV is indignant. - Yes, as a result the salary turns out not 7, but 12 - 15 thousand roubles, but it only thanks to additional changes, on 40 - 60 hours per month, and per holiday many till some years did not go.

the basic requirements at protesting workers three: Increase of the icon setting to level of other factories, the normal schedule of work and timely holiday.

- the youth at us - all extremists, - smiles Oleg Kropinov, - wanted to go on strike at once. But I have told: no, children, it is illegal, let`s learn at first how correctly to defend the rights. Workers at factory Ford or Petersburg dockers striked and have achieved results, but they have acted together as trade union.

workers were converted behind the help into Federation of trade unions RB. There have advised to organise a trade union cell at factory. Originally in trade union almost all drivers - 63 persons have registered, but for today remained 40 - the others have for various reasons written after a while applications for an exit.

- we do not want to bring to the enterprise any damage, therefore are ready on negotiations. But if they do not give results, we will begin strike, - Oleg Kropinov speaks. - And if we do not come to work, the factory will rise, because for work on an auto-loader the special rights which stand out Rostehnadzorom after special training are necessary, and to find at once such 40 experts - is simply unreal.

in Federation of trade unions RB have confirmed that about a situation know, actions and requirements of drivers are absolutely lawful.

- our main task for today - to achieve that the parties have begun negotiations, - tells the vice-president of Federation Lenara IVANOV. - under our Labour code strike can be begun, only when has passed the term which has been taken away on negotiations, - 42 days. However, there is also such concept as a working-to-rule strike when workers start to work strictly by rules and instructions. As a result labour productivity sharply falls, and the employer incurs losses.

By the way, under the published official data, the salary at factory manager Edward Ginijatullina is not much more, than at workers, - for 2006 he has earned 211 825,8 roubles - on 17 652 roubles of 9 copecks a month.


Representatives of a management of brewery refuse comments, only the chief of legal department Arthur Sadykov has informed mass-media that the average icon setting in this division is more, it makes 8 600 roubles, and the salary fluctuates from 12 to 15 thousand.

as he said, at factory have been surprised by these statements concerning a salary. As to other requirements the management door is always open for negotiations and reasonable demands.