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Leah Elena Posevina takes “ gold “ in Beijing?

““ - NN “ begins the project devoted to forthcoming grandiose event - to XXIX World Olympic games. We will represent to you nizhegorodtsev which have received a vacation package to Beijing and have already become history of the Russian sports. And also we suggest you to compare new heroes of the World games - 08 and legendary champions of the Olympic Games - 80. The Olympic Games which have brought modular our country the biggest crop of medals - 197 (80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze). Our sportsmen have established 9 records of the world. A leah our sportsmen will repeat this summer success of Olympians - 80?

the Olympic Games - 08 start on August, 8th in Beijing. It is day with a magic combination of figures - 08. 08. 08. Probably, this combination also becomes happy for our sportsmen, as well as 28 years ago …

In this number it will be a question of two gymnasts of different epoch: “ gold “ To the Olympic champion Nelli Kim and the strongest sportswoman of the present Elena Posevinoj.

Nelli Kim

Nelli Kim was born on July, 29th, 1957 in the city of Shurab of Leninabadsky area of the Tadjik Soviet Socialist Republic. In rhythmic gymnastics has started to be engaged in 10 years. At the moment of performance on the Olympic Games in Moscow Kim was 23 years.

the Olympic Games - 80 - the second under the bill in career of the eminent gymnast. Before Nelli has brilliantly acted on the World games in Montreal in 1976. Then Kim took at once three “ gold “: in command competitions, free exercises and a vault. Then the tiny sportswoman has received a nickname “ Iron Nelli “.

On XXII Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 Kim has defeated command competitions and free exercises.

Marital status
Married. Daughter Nelli.
in the Summer of 1976 right after the Olympic games of Nelli has invited to the birthday in the native city of Chimkent of friends on a national team. Among them there was also a Belarus gymnast Vladimir Achasov. A year later they have got married. But their marriage has lasted only four years - after the Moscow Olympic Games sportsmen have divorced. The Olympic champion on a bicycle track Ukrainian Valery Movchan became new elect Kim.

the Kazakh institute of physical culture.

Psychological stability
After Montreal Nelli Kim were eclipsed by a new star - Muscovite Elena Mukhin. But the Olympic Games - 80 have placed all in the places. However, then Kim was necessary is not sweet: on the favourite free exercises of Nelli has admitted discrepancy, judges have removed one tenth, and Kim became only to the fifth. But the gymnast has got up courage and last day tournament when medals in separate kinds of all-round were played, has won superiority in free exercises. Tribunes gave a standing ovation to the champion, and many remember till now, how Kim left from a scaffold, sobbing navzryd. But it were tears of happiness and … the fifth Olympic “ gold “!

the Higher achievements
the Merited master of sports. The merited trainer of Byelorussia.
the judge of the international category. The first vice-president of female technical committee of the international federation of gymnastics (FIZH). It is awarded by two orders of the Labour Red Banner.
the fivefold Olympic champion.
the triple world champion (1974, 1975 and 1979).
the Bronze prize-winner of the World championship of 1974 in all-round.
the double champion of Europe (1975 and 1977).
the Triple winner of Games of the people of the USSR of 1975.

the First trainer
Vladimir Bajdin

Elena Posevina

Elena Posevina was born 13 ōåāšąė’1986 year in Tula. In rhythmic gymnastics has started to be engaged in 5 years. On the Olympic Games in Beijing Elena will act at the age of 22 years.

the Olympic Games - 08
It will be the World games second for the bill in career of Lena. The Olympic debut Posevinoj has taken place in Athenes in 2004. Then nizhegorodka as a part of the Russian national team has occupied the higher award, acting in group exercises.

Marital status
Not married

the Student of the State university of physical training of P.F.Lesgafta.

Psychological stability
Throughout all career Elena name “ second Kabaevoj “. But as the sportswoman admits, it never pursued Alina`s glory.
- to tell the truth, I would not want to be on a place Kabaevoj. It is unpleasant to me, when us compare, when say that we are similar. I am I. The general between us, fortunately, is not present anything. Believe, I do not pursue Alina: I am engaged in gymnastics, instead of public relations, as it!

the Higher achievements
the Master of sports of the international class. In a national team of Russia since 2000. The sixfold world champion, the repeated champion of Europe and the international competitions of a series of Gran - at and World Cup stages.
it is awarded the order Friendship.

the First trainer
the merited trainer of Russia Natalia Tishin.

the Astroforecast
Stars promise to the gymnast victory

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