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Protect the rights the child can itself

On a direct line has invited Tatyana Kozlovu, the representative by the rights of the child in the Samara region. It has answered the questions of our readers set by phone and on our site www. samara.

  the alimony on children can be collected only for last three years

  - Hello, my name is Irina. After divorce the ex-husband many years do not pay the alimony on children. How to oblige him to give long-term debts if he refuses?

  - Only through court. Collecting will make within three-year term from the moment of a court order presentation. The size will be defined by the court enforcement officer - the executor. From the debtor, except the alimony, will collect also the penalty. And if the alimony is defined in a firm sum of money, it proindeksirujut.

  Is from Tolyatti Elena Voloshin disturbs. My ex-husband - the businessman. Moves huge money. And daughters pays the alimony from the three-thousandth salary. Brings lime inquiries. I have copies of air tickets on his name. It flies abroad every week. A leah I can use copies as the proof of its incomes in court?

  - In such cases it is necessary to bring in court an attention to the question on purpose of the alimony in a firm sum of money . There is such formulation. Thus it is necessary to prove, why mum declares this sum (for example, the child needs treatment, paid training and t.). And here copies of tickets hardly will help: the father can prove that went not at own expense: to show the travelling certificate, for example.

  the New housing code registers juvenile children to parents without the consent of other tenants

  - My name is Natalia Nikolaevna. I want to learn, a leah can to register my ex-husband on our living space of children from second marriage? We are dissolved since 2000, it is repeatedly married.

  - It is registered in your apartment?

  - Yes, as well as our general two children. But we do not give the consent to a residence permit of its children from new marriage.

  - If your ex-husband is registered, your consent is not required. Today your former spouse has the right to instal the minor children without your consent.

  - And what to do?

  - you can be converted into court with the claim about a recognition of loss of the ex-husband of the right of use of your apartment. After that it is possible to start to solve a question on privatisation of habitation without its participation. The law provides the right of children to participation in habitation privatisation. And habitation privatisation where there live children from 14 till 18 years, is carried out only from their written approval.

  is Natalia Baruzdina. We with the husband live in apartment of the mother-in-law. There also are registered. The mother-in-law does not want to register at itself our child. What to do?

  - For installation of minor children to their parents it is not required the consent of others living. And, it does not depend on pattern of ownership and desire of the owner or tenants. To register your child, it is enough to be converted into passport service of area in which you live.

  - Anton Calls, to me of 13 years. After divorce of parents I live with mum, and it is registered at the father. A leah I have is right on a part of apartment of the father?

  - the Apartment of the father is privatised?

  - Is not present.

  - If the apartment of the father is not privatised yet, your check in grants to you the right to participation in its privatisation. If the apartment of the father already is in someone`s property, you have only the right of use of the given premises.

the Child is more senior 10 years has the right to be converted into court for rukoprikladstvo from parents and teachers.
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  If the father - the rascal, bring an action against it

  - My name is Maxim, me 15. The father beats me often and the younger brother. Would be for what - I understand. And it it is simple so, angrily to break. Its mother is afraid, and to me has bothered to receive. Leah I can where - that to be converted?

  - Certainly! If the father beats you - bring an action against it! Each child has the right to the independent reference behind protection of the rights in guardianship and guardianship bodies, and from 14 years - in court.

  is Tatyana disturbs. Tell, how to me to take out the son on rest abroad if the ex-husband does not give on it the permission?

  - While in any way. As a variant I can advise to be converted into guardianship and guardianship bodies. If a trip abroad it is valid in interests of the child (to it it is necessary on treatment, on training and etc.) Bring from hospital documents, these are confirming. If it will be proved that the father operates not in interests of the child, it is possible to raise the question about restriction of its parental rights. And then its exit visa of the son is not required.

  - the Direct line? Hello, My name is Elena. We have divorced from the husband, and it has evaporated from our life: 10 years the alimony, neither visits, nor interest to destiny of the son. How to deprive of its parental rights? I am afraid, when the son becomes adults, this daddy appears and will force to contain!

  - it is valid, if a grief - the father have not deprived of the parental rights while the son grew, on an old age such father will have the right to demand from the son of the maintenance. Be converted into court. You had a judgement about collecting of the alimony?

  - Is not present, I did not submit on the alimony.

  - It is a pity. If there was such decision, and your ex-husband the alimony did not pay, at a reference to the court about deprivation of its parental rights you would win on 100 %.

  - and how I will prove, what it did not help the son?

  - it is necessary for you will secure with indications of witnesses and body of guardianship of guardianship. And the ex-husband should prove that it helped the son.

  - My name is Olga. I want what to learn here. The husband has told that at divorce will divide fifty-fifty all acquired in marriage, including children`s things: for example, the piano. Really it is lawful?

  - Is not present. The law says that the child has not the right of the property to property of parents, but also parents have no right to property of the child. At divorce all children`s property passes to that spouse with whom the child remains. So to divide children`s things: clothes, musical instruments and other it is not necessary.

  Grants and free breakfasts depend on incomes of parents

  - you are called by Natalia, lonely mum. Me interests, a leah the rights of my child are broken? On it three years do not pay the grant (130 roubles). To me have refused, having told that at me too big salary. I receive now 17 thousand, three years ago was 14   thousand roubles.

  is a lawful refusal. These payments are put to families with level of the income below a living wage. For example, to receive this grant, your salary should make about 7 000 roubles at a family of two persons (you and the child).

  - Good afternoon. My name is Tatyana Sergeevna. I heard that at elementary school to all children free breakfasts are put. And socially not protected - to 11 classes. If it so why in the Samara region it is not carried out?

  - a Free food at schools while is financed by municipalities within the limits of means available for them. They have not enough money. To me were already converted with complaints that in classes goes almost kvotirovanie free breakfasts. The regional program according to which a free food it is planned to provide all pupils from needy families is developed for the decision of this problem now on the instructions of the governor. But definitive edition of the law is not accepted yet.

  - Hello! My name is Svetlana. Heard that from this year if the three-year child does not go to a garden, to his parents indemnification is put. What its size and to whom it will give out?

  - In area the decision on this question is just made. The bill is in the Provincial thought and will start to operate since July, 1st, 2008. Indemnification will be paid to parents, at which children at the age from 1,5 till 3 years. The sum will depend on what child under the bill in a family. On the first will pay 1 thousand, on the second 1,5, and 2 thousand on the third and the subsequent. However payments will be put to only needy families.

  Protect the rights of the child neighbours

  can also; - Elizabeth Vasilevna disturbs, hello. I am am disturbed for a long time by neighbours from below. Shout, fight every other day. And the main thing - during fights there a bad voice, to a hoarseness shouts the child. The divisional from my calls waves away: let understand. Adults it is not a pity. To the child how to help?

  - Any adult person can help the child which rights are broken. Not important, the relative you to it or the neighbour. Be converted into guardianship bodies. They will create the commission and will come to a family with check.

  - These will check up difficultly. They open to nobody doors.

  - the commission structure includes the militiaman. To open doors it is necessary.

  - And who on a broader scale should be engaged in such families and children?

  - Physicians and teachers should inform in militia and guardianship and guardianship bodies if in behaviour of children there were sharp changes: the child looks intimidated, often cries, if on a body of the child there were bruises and bruises and there is a suspicion that and to health something threatens his life.


  Where to be converted behind the help in Samara if break the rights of children:

  1. The representative by the rights of the child in the Samara region. Tatyana Vladimirovna Kozlova. Samara, street Molodogvardejsky, 210, bodies. (846 332 - 29 - 91.

  2. The regional centre of the social help to a family and children, bodies. (846 958 - 32 - 90.

  3. Committee on affairs of a family, motherhood and the childhood of the city of Samara. Street Frunze 124, the head Svetlana Anatolevna Naidyonov, bodies.: (846 332 - 11 - 41, 332 - 24 - 49.

  4. The Samara department on youth affairs (employment questions), bodies. (846 262 - 52 - 47.

  regional departments on family affairs in Samara


Area the Head
Railway Street Uritsky, 21

338 - 18 - 24,

332 - 42 - 49

Butuzova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna
Kirov the Prospectus of Kirov, 157

993 - 21 - 45,

993 - 21 - 81

Bessoltseva Olga Valentinovna
Krasnoglinsky Sergey Lazo`s Street, 11

950 - 46 - 00,

950 - 67 - 76

Bogoduhova Elena Alekseevna
Kuibyshev Street Green, 14.

330 - 39 - 20,

330 - 18 - 77,

330 - 34 - 54

Kobycheva Olga Alekseevna
Lenin Street Lenin, 243

242 - 16 - 62,

337 - 78 - 02

Rybkin Irina Petrovna
October Street It is new - Garden, 20

337 - 13 - 04,

337 - 66 - 81

Iljushov Oleg Valerevich
Industrial Street Krasnodon, 32 995 - 40 - 27 Darovsky Galina Veniaminovna
Samara Street Nekrasovsky, 38

332 - 00 - 33,

333 - 07 - 25

Grebennikova Olga Aleksandrovna