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Where - there victory!

the Observer Nikolay VARSEGOV. Click to pass to the list of publications of this author.

Winners of the national award the Spark award in Moscow the third year successively. For professionalism and quality of materials to journalists of printing editions hand over prizes with a brilliant in one carat. This year souchreditelem to the award there was a Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

- These brilliants - not proletariat cobble-stones, and an award for your fair work, - were warned by Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, awarding journalists.

If in last year`s deliveries of the award the Spark Action atmosphere has been impregnated by citations from creativity of Michael Bulgakov and Sergey Dovlatov this year on a scene there were characters of products of Nikolay Gogol. They have stepped on the stage in the name of the national actor of Russia favourite by all Alexander Filipenko whom it is masterful has played all these roles.

it is pleasant that three correspondents   have sustained competition from 1063 works of colleagues from 147 editions and have entered into the competition ending. In a nomination analytical article Galina Sapozhnikova, and   has presented; in a nomination military conflicts and terrorism in the ending there was Alexander Kots. Has not lagged behind from and the Soviet sports . Three its journalists became applicants for the award in three nominations.

All ceremony on a scene Alexander Filipenko in an image of characters of products of Gogol shone.

But the prestigious journalistic award from 57 finalists - applicants were received only by 18 winners. The correspondent " became one of finalists; Nikolay Varsegov. Nikolay has been recognised the best in a nomination journalistic investigation . And he has won a prize the Spark - 2007 with is many-sided flickering brilliant. And the chief the editor Alexey Ganelin has handed over a prize for a photo of 2007 to the photographer   the Russian reporter - Novosibirsk to Vitaly Valishevsky.

is our general small victory, - the touched Nikolay Varsegov admitted after solemn delivery, - after all to be such inquisitive, courageous and attentive, you do our journalists, - our readers. Thanks to your comments and letters we trim the sails to the wind, we maintain competition of the most strict jury - our colleagues on shop.