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In Rostov-on-Don the criminality

in News agency " has grown on January, 31st; Interfax has passed a press - conference with the public prosecutor of the Rostov region Sergey Chaplin. Its main news of a table razrabtka the project of the anticorruption law in area.

  Into the maintenance of the new law have entered as definition concept corruption and the basic measures directed on counteraction, - anticorruption examination of legal certificates, monitoring, propagation.

- the Project is directed to Legislative Assembly of area and it is fast, probable, will be accepted, - the public prosecutor has noticed.   - we know that the management of area in the name of the governor, the chairman of Legislative Assembly supports the given bill.
Besides it, for more effective struggle against an arbitrariness of officials in structure of regional Office of Public Prosecutor there will be changes - there will be a special department which will be engaged in revealing of dishonest citizens.

- Our work qualitatively changes, and actions became more serious, - Sergey Chaplin has told to journalists. - if earlier checks spent in this direction concerned basically important, but a problem formality, as that: reliability and completeness of the data given by state employees, non-observance of interdictions and restrictions on service past year it is raised over 15 criminal cases. This illegal granting of the ground areas, the conclusion of municipal contracts without carrying out of municipal competitions, abusing powers of office.

Also the public prosecutor has told about struggle against swindle in sphere of share building. So, in Rostov the quantity of the houses erected without the allowing documentation was sharply reduced. In 2006 almost 80 % of buildings went under black a flag, and in 2007 - m - only 24 %.

besides other, on a press - conferences speech about debts of the enterprises for a salary has come. By data for January, 1st, debts was available at three enterprises which are in stages of competitive manufacture, - Open Company Coal - ZUMK (Mines), Open Society Tsimljansky carpet factory and MUP Novocherkassk building management . Now the debts against employees remained only at shahtinskogo the enterprises. It However, makes the serious sum - over 29 million roubles.

92 000
crimes it is registered in 2007 that on 7,4 % more than last year. The basic share of infringements is made by crimes against the property.