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In failure near Maikop 9 persons

have suffered inhabitants   were not in time; Kuban and   the next republic   to come to the senses after a poisoning 70 detsadovtsev as there was one more misfortune.   yesterday at 14:40 on border of Krasnodar territory and Adygea around a cave Gentle the bus with tourists has turned over. All   victims - 11 persons -     inhabitants of Tihoretsky area. Before New year workers of one of the enterprises together   with families have decided to go on excursion, to arrange to itself and kiddies a feast.

- the Thin bus has moved down after the journey and was filled up sideways. Ice could become a cause of accident, however now experts tend to the human factor - the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of region has informed.

under other data, on a scene the operative group, and   left; any ice there has not seen,   the road was   it is strewed by sand.  

the Bus was thin, probably, therefore passengers have suffered not so strongly.

the Cause of accident   name haste of the bus driver - the man   has gone on passing, and there on vstrechke the car moved. He has tried to develop the bus, has as a result put motor transport on proezzhuju a part.

- The route of the bus has been laid with infringements - road on which the bus moved, is not adapted for movement of large-sized transport, - the director of the Center of medicine of accidents of republic Adygea Sergej GARTVIH has informed us. - Still recently the sign there hung: the bus entrance   it is prohibited. And one of these days it have removed. But road there very problem,   and there are failures in the summer what to speak about winter.

On a scene three have there and then arrived fast .

Right after messages to the place of state of emergency have gone three carriages first aid experts Adygea poiskovo - saving group and operative group of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Adygea.

in hospital nine passengers of the bus hospitalised, a five from them have released home on out-patient treatment,   their status normal. Four victims   have sent   In the Adygea republican clinical city hospital of Maikop, one average weight - in the central hospital of settlement of the Tula Maikop area.  

the Photo of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Krasnodar territory