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George Machehin becomes the head of administration of Kirov?

today has passed last session of the competitive commission concerning nominee promotion on a post of the head of administration. Five days committee-men discussed nominees on it fast. And as a result have unanimously decided to recommend Gordume George Machehina.

- By training, to experience, knowledge of economic activities George Nikolaevich has seemed to the commission to the most suitable candidates on so responsible post, - mayor Vladimir of BULLS has commented. - besides, Machehin two convocations was a member of the Municipal duma of Kirovo - Chepetsk.

Evgenie Solovev - assistant Bykova was One more basic applicant for an armchair of Plehova. But on experience it conceded to George Nikolaevichu. Other candidates, according to committee-men, were in earnest not enough to a possible post. One of them on a question: How plan to solve housing and communal services problems? Has responded that at all in a course of problems in this branch and on a broader scale he did not think of it yet . Other candidate has appeared the head of civil engineering firm which the last some years worked to itself at a loss.

- At thought session on February, 6th it becomes clear, a leah will occupy George Machehin an armchair of the head of administration or not. If is not present, all elective procedure will begin at first, - Vladimir Vasilevich speaks.