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100 hours of corrective works for mockeries at the schoolmate

In what   Tanja - so anybody was guilty till now and has not understood. But Olga has been adjusted resolutely - even spectators has invited - to take a look at punishment.

- you for what about us with mother of muck speak? - It has snatched on Tanju.

- Yes you that?! Was not such! -   has started to justify   the girl who even not was not knowing, what for it   have called.

- and well - ka, receive! - and Olga has given to it tasty slap in the face, from which Tanja has reeled and   has fallen in an autumn swill. Spectators have begun to squeal from delight.

repeating the question, Olga has begun to beat the schoolmate feet and when that has burst out crying, has taken pity.

- give, ask from me pardons! - and hardly having hesitated, has added. - and I to you a head will tear off that and on a school fence I will hang up!

- start up in a lap asks! - someone from the burnt spectators has shouted. By the way, all this terrible scene invited spectators they coevals   girls, amicably removed on mobile phones: to friends to show .

Natalia needed to do nothing as to start to apologise. In the meantime Olga, watering the contemporary from brought by someone sikalki sentenced: Now you will wash, and tomorrow for mental cruelty one thousand you will bring!

but here on waste ground there was a police squad - to someone all - taki   it became terrible   for Tanju, and spectators have scattered in all directions. Olga   has not had time to escape and has come to be in   police station.

next day the video record ekzekutsii became at school the real best seller and has quickly extended among pupils.

- from - for it parents suffered have been urged to translate the girl in other school, - has told Larissa ROMANOV, the assistant to the public prosecutor of Lenin area. - And in spite of the fact that has passed already   four months from that day, it is very stifled till now.

the videoclip finished shooting by schoolboys and did not become the proof in court - record in seconds has evaporated from phones of sharp kiddies. As a result the Lenin district court has sentenced Olga by hundred o`clock corrective works (and the Office of Public Prosecutor asked for the defendant three years conditionally). Besides,   to parents   girls it is necessary to fork up for five thousand roubles - as indemnification   mental cruelty.

That waits the schoolgirl further:

When the sentence will enter the validity, denounced will call in criminally - executive inspection of Lenin area. She also will solve, where and as Olga during free time from study, will carry out (for example, with a mop in hands) socially - useful works. If it not begins to execute a sentence it can appear in a probation colony.