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In edge capital tariffs for water

Since February, 1st in Vladivostok were raised new tariffs for cold water supply and water removal have started to operate. Rates have a little increased that should afflict vladivostoktsev. Experts assure: the prices have grown thanks to growth of cost of the electric power.

the Chief of department of tariff regulation of Evgenie Majorova has specified:

- With 1   February the tariff for giving of cold water for the population makes 10 roubles 82   copecks for one cubic metre and 3 roubles 88   copecks for cubic metre water removals (water drain). Growth in comparison with last year has made nearby 6   percent. On 62   copecks for cubic metre cost of service of water supply has increased. And on 18   copecks   - for water removal.

Evgenie Majorova underlines that this measure   - urged. The electricity has risen in price for 11,5 percent. And water from Primvodokanala - For 6,5 percent. Taking into account it supply of townspeople by water also has grown in the price. And the chairman of the union of proprietors of habitation Alexander Kazachenko considers that even it is not enough such increase. And water the enterprise will not have not enough money not only for replacement of pipes, but also on latanie full of holes.