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For murder of the Russian tourist of the Chinese have sentenced to the death penalty

Today in China have pronounced a sentence to two guilty of an attack on tourists from Primorski Krai. We will remind, on Tatyana Doronin and Elena Shtanko, having a rest in the city of Sujfenhe, have attacked in the night from 15 for September, 16th of last year. Predators have coveted a bag which hung on a shoulder at Tatyana. The woman has died of blow by a knife in heart. To its girlfriend Elena cut a sinew on a foot. At 34 - summer Tatyana there was a ten years` son.

Criminals have seized the next day after incident. But the information on a course of investigation carefully hid. And on January, 22nd to murderers have pronounced a sentence.

- Guilty recognised two citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, 20 - summer Chzhan Nina and 17 - summer Lju Tjanluna, - has informed the correspondent and. An island of the representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Vladivostok Igor of AGATHONS. - Chzhan Nina have sentenced to deprivation of the political rights and the death penalty. Lju Tjanlunu should stay ten years and to pay the penalty in ten thousand yuans.

This money will go to advantage of the Chinese state. And relatives of victims, under laws of Heavenly Empire, can demand damage compensation.

- We are going to submit the civil suit to the Chinese court, - one of lost Tatyana Doroninoj`s relatives has declared in conversation with correspondents.

the Size of the sum for which Russians can apply, the local lawyer will define. But in any way there are less than 10 thousand yuans (about 40 thousand roubles. - Red.) Put to the state.

And At this time

the Russian tourist have detained for rape of the Chinese woman

Tatyana of Nikolaev,    

Complaints to China, as a rule, are heard from Russian tourists   -   a pier,   Chineses of ours both plunder, and force, and even kill. However   on   days   in   Hejhe have detained blagoveshchentsa   on   to suspicion   in rape of the Chinese woman.

As it became known on the night of January, 27th the tourist from     Blagoveshchensk   25 - summer   Alexey P   has rushed   in   a subsidiary premise   hostels   in   which   has stopped and has attacked on the parlourmaid. Its shouts   have heard   and   serving   the personnel   Has called police which has detained the tyrant.

If Alexey`s P fault budet is proved., to wind term it is necessary to it in China:

-     It     will be     to judge   on   to laws   that   the countries,   where   it   has committed a crime,   -   speaks   the chief   department of the information and public relations   the Department of Internal Affairs   on   Amur   areas   Dmitry BELOMESTNOV. - the Extradition is possible only after it will stay the term.

Punishment   for   similar actions in China severe - from   three till ten years of prison. By the way, Alexey P already was we judge for rape and more recently left on freedom.