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Life of passengers of the Rostov minibuses - is not counted?

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- the traffic police asserts that the fastened seat belts save life to drivers and passengers of cars. And how to be to passengers of minibuses, buses, trolley buses, trams? Or their life - is not counted? Comfort for them one: they should not pay the penalty at a rate of 500 rbl.
in A.Ju.Lodzin.

- With me have got nasty in shop of cosmetics and have forced to buy podvodku for eyes that I have opened it. And at last have still checked up the check about cash desk. In general, in buyers see only potential thieves.
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- 60 minutes are not present the bus 65 - go a route in the Central market. And time - 20. 54. What for a lawlessness?
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- very much it would be desirable to learn reliability of hearings about increase of travellers to 700 roubles a day! A leah so it?
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it is valid, in 2008 the taxation on daily expenses of the sent workers has changed. Before the employer could allocate not to the detriment of itself only 100 roubles a day as travellers because all the rest was taxed. Now the minimum sum has increased to 700 roubles - for business trips across Russia. If a trip on work foreign not the taxable sum grows to 2 500 roubles.