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In Kazan zoobotsadu has passed competition of snow figures

The matter is that one of the international zooprotective organisations declared 2008 year of a frog: recently number amphibious in the world has sharply decreased. Here Kazan also has decided to support this action.

At first to all participants have given lecture about what kinds of frogs happen, where they reside and as look. And after a toss-up each command has occupied snow cubic Everyone has decided to represent something original: someone has made a traditional frog, and someone has thought up, fantastic.

- Well, we are similar to Tsereteli? - The command near to a frog in any not clear vestment shouts. It has appeared - a sundress: sculptors have decided to mould the mistress.

And near having a rest a pink frog the whole crowd on a broader scale has gathered. Still: such work of art! Both a beads, and rings on it is. Someone even has joked:

- Yes same Xenia Sobchak who has forgotten about a diet!
a photo: ISHMUHAMETOV Ruslan

- Yes same Xenia Sobchak who has forgotten about a diet!

- And we will have a Tatar boy with an accordion! - kiddies near the sculpture have fun. Soon after it will paint paints, and the figure becomes bright.

And two more statues standing nearby, remind consecutive pictures. The first frog sits with a cake, at the second big tummy.

- It at us has eaten too much! - children laugh.

It is necessary to tell that materials for products were not only snow and branches. It both paints, and tangerines. Someone even has guessed to thrust icicles in a crown of the Tsarevna - frogs.

Have awarded all - for each command there was a nomination. Young sculptors have received photo albums, diplomas and invitation cards in a zoo with which it will be possible to come though all family.