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In the markets of Kazan became less pyrotechnics

the Purpose - to check up, a leah fireworks and petards correctly are on sale, and a leah is not present among them kontrafakta. The Collective-farm market became the first object. At once on an input the seller of one of points, having seen people in shape, has not had time to serve the buyer, has thrown money for a counter and has disappeared in an unknown direction, having left the goods without supervision. To be frightened was for what.

- In - the first, a petard and crackers cannot be on sale with other goods, here we see both plastic toys, and glue, and other inflammable things, - the senior inspector of department Gospozhnadzora Rustem SERAZIEV speaks. - In case of state of emergency all it will quickly capture a flame. In - the second, the point trading in pyrotechnics, costs at the pass where people constantly go. And by rules it should be not closer from a place of evacuation of people. And more, pay attention to dampness. Some boxes with petards even have become wet, and here even to instructions is written what to store them it is necessary in the dry closed premise. If shutiha will become wet, and then to dry, it will lose the qualities and can directly blow up in hands.

without having waited the infringer, we have gone to shopping centre the Ant hill . The message about our ward has quickly extended on a building. It workers of security service have tried. In the trading house the Rainbow - an arch for us already waited and at the first requirement have shown all of us necessary documents. Infringements there have not found out.

In the Moscow market we too at first have not believed that here at all do not trade in fireworks. However, having surveyed all territory, in sale have not found any cracker.

-   Similar spot-checks go on the advantage, similar points it becomes valid less, - Seraziev has told. In total across Kazan with our recommendations it has been opened 75 points trading in a Bengal fire and other fiery attributes of New year. For the last week has passed 8 spot-checks, 12 checks, from them in administrative responsibility have involved 6 persons for the sum of 9,5 thousand roubles.

take good note

If all of you - taki have gone on the market, instead of to specialised shop, pay attention:

- a leah has expired working life on the goods,

- a leah is the instruction on application in Russian,

- on polygraphy of the packing. Indistinct and dim paints speak about goods fake,

- do not buy pyrotechnics in the street. Snow and a moisture can spoil the goods, and at the height of a feast there can be an explosion.