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Monuments of architecture of Tula collapse

VTule the live history is a lot of the small streets, which in itself. On many   to all other there are architecture monuments. But buildings on these small streets and the areas sometimes are in a deplorable state. For example, street Metallistov in the centre of Tula - practically edinyjistoriko - an architectural ensemble which is under protection of the state. However, the majority of houses at present are in an emergency status irazrushajutsja.

Vanalogichnom a status in the neighbourhood - between the Krestovozdvizhensky area, streets of Revolution and Allied the former manor Liventsevyh with vezdnymivorotami in honour of arrival to Tula empresses Ekaterina Alekseevny abides. And gate ibyvshy the house of Liventsevyh also are in a destruction status.

Byvshajapokrovsky church 1775 - 1790 of construction to the address the Allied lane, 7 - a monument of federal value - also in desolation. And it only small chastfragmentov historical shape of old Tula, which year from a year comes at all more emergency status.

Kaksoobshchaet news agency REGNUM , referring to the chief of inspection on protection of monuments of history and culture of Tula Irina Kartavyh , as to houses in the street Metallistov, they javljajutsjapamjatnikami architecture of federal value, a part from them on balance of a city, a part - areas.

Vnastojashchy the moment the city share consists on balance the Management company of Tula in the summer - in an early autumn of 2007 to the City Day it was much said that nadoprivesti facades of buildings in an order, but to it repair also it was limited.

Streets Metallistov Votnoshenii there were many offers, the Moscow architect, in the beginning the ninetieth were offered by the project of creation of uniform ensemble on ulitsemetallistov, including its transformation into a foot zone - original TulskijArbat . But these plans have encountered variety of problems - from banal nehvatkisredstv to necessity of reorganisation of transport city scheme.