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Social responsibility of business: from words to business

Participants of a round table:

- the general director of Open Society Apatite Paul Tsarev
- the assistant to the general director of concern Rosenergoatom - the director of the Kola atomic power station Yury Kolomtsev
- the general director of the Kandalaksha aluminium factory   companies RUSAL Valery Shamshev


That for you social responsibility?

Paul Tsarev, a gene. The director of Open Society Apatite .

Paul Tsarev, the general director of Open Society Apatite :
- As the head of the large enterprise, I should not only make production, apatitovyj a concentrate, but also provide comfortable conditions   both to employees of the enterprise, and people who live in our cities.

you know that Open Society Apatite - gradoobrazujushchee the enterprise for two cities of Murmansk area - Kirovsk and Apatity. Inhabitants of the first are occupied mainly in area gornodobychi, the second - work at concentrating factory. At all a family, the relatives close That is why life of almost each inhabitant of these cities it is anyhow connected with industrial complex. apatite   not simply employer is much more for those who here lives.

When the enterprise is the largest in area,   that by will - bondage are flown down to us and city problems: Social service, physical culture and sports, public health services And we owing to the possibilities try to help with it.

the Industrial complex observes laws and pays taxes. At us nobody knows that such grey the salary.   all is fair both before workers, and before the state. It also is the main indicator of social responsibility of the enterprise.


Yury Kolomtsev, the director of the Kola atomic power station.

Yury Kolomtsev, the director of the Kola atomic power station:
- the Fair position in relation to the state, probably, should not be considered as a special merit or a responsibility sign. Fair it is necessary to be a priori - to pay taxes, to finance social programs, to care of old men and youth.

Social responsibility, on my belief, not only and is not so much in it. There are some aspects. In - the first, it is necessary to provide the employees, except the salary, and the social blessings - for example, medical insurance which includes both treatment, and rest to help employees both with pleasure, and in a grief. In - the second, social responsibility means also care of the personnel when it any more does not work in the company. In particular, the Kola atomic power station is engaged in building and habitation granting to the employees in a midland of Russia. And in - the third, it is philanthropy, patronage of arts which has always been honoured in Russia. Construction of temples, the help to children`s homes, patronage If at business is possibility to allocate for it money, he is obliged it to do.


Valery Shamshev, a gene. The director of the Kandalaksha aluminium factory of company RUSAL.

Valery Shamshev, the general director of the Kandalaksha aluminium factory   companies RUSAL:
- Frequently social responsibility of business understand iskazhenno and it is one-sided. At many the opinion has taken roots: if there is at business money - it is necessary to share. But the problem not in distributing all money. Such approach frequently gives rise to dependant moods. First of all social responsibility consists in doing the business fairly, according to laws in force. To create worthy working conditions for the workers, in time to pay a salary, in due time and in full to transfer into taxes the budget and off-budget funds.

the Large enterprise, certainly, should spend at itself social policy, realise a series of measures protecting workers, raising level of their welfare. But this complex, on my belief, should bear in itself and a motivational component. Business, even the largest, should not substitute completely for itself the state with its functions of social protection.


the State or business?

Paul Tsarev, the general director of Open Society Apatite :  
- you have mentioned very interesting aspect. Really, frequently there is a risk of that the serious enterprises and their social policy by time substitute for themselves state structures. It is not absolutely correct,   but it is necessary to consider two aspects. To begin with it is possible to remember a pitiable status of the state institutes in 90 - e years:   time of chronic underfinancing, barter schemes, shortages of budgetary funds Then the approach when any factory pulled on itself both kindergartens, and hospitals, has been justified.

the Second major moment - structure of economy of our corner of the world. The most part of cities was under construction for service of the large enterprises. So it has been got: there is an industrial giant, on its balance and all social sphere of settlement consisted. Then, actually, and differences any were not - all was state.

Today very carefully, very selectively the industrial complex translates that is called as not profile actives to balance of municipalities. For example, now in our plans to pass Kirovsk Palace of culture. Once again I will repeat: process this very difficult and slow, here the main thing - not to do much harm to the enterprises, which we we release to people, there the working.

Opponents of process need to understand that, deducing for staff the objects not connected with the basic manufacture, the company reduces the cost price of production, becomes more competitive, more profitable. And from this additional profit the industrial complex can pay more taxes which in turn go including on social projects. And operate, for example, objects of culture the municipality can more effectively. It at all will not lower social loading on our enterprise. Simply our support will accept other form. For example, financing of certain directions of work of the same recreation centre.


Yury Kolomtsev, the director of the Kola atomic power station:
- It agree that gradoobrazujushchee the enterprise here - the key term. Really, at the Union for inhabitants of our small cities such enterprise was all - the employer, the state, the trustee in the widest sense. As to our station Kola nuclear remained the federal state enterprise. And we, as a matter of fact, unique in a city Polar Dawns who earns money. Therefore it is clear that we take great pain to help a city, local administration.




Social protection of the workers - a priority

And still the large industrial enterprises of region realise set of own social programs. Which?

Valery Shamshev, the general director of the Kandalaksha aluminium factory of company RUSAL:
- Incorporated company RUSAL is a unique company in Russia which has a unique ruler from seven social programs. In regions where enterprises RuSaLa are located, the Centers of social programs (TSSP) are created. That is, if on a place there is a problem of social character if there is an idea and the plan of its realisation it is possible to take part in corporate competition and to win the grant.  

such centre and in Kandalaksha, after all our aluminium factory - a part " Has opened; Russian aluminium . The main task of such grants - to improve quality of life of people in regions of presence of the company through realisation of charitable programs. Each program has terms for preparation, representations and realisations. Potential applicants make projects, advisory council in Krasnoyarsk them considers. After declare the winner and allocate money. Such approach develops the initiative on places, does not suppose dependence occurrence (in more details about these programs look Programs of support of northerners Polar region leading enterprises . - Red.)


Yury Kolomtsev, the director of the Kola atomic power station:
Kola nuclear perfectly realises the responsibility before workers of the enterprise and a city Polar Dawns where the station that is why pursues a policy socially - responsible manufacture is based. Every year at us the programs directed on the organisation of preventive treatment and medical attendance of workers and members of their families, the help to veterans of the Kola atomic power station, to veterans of war and work, support of youth movement, culture and sports development are realised. By the way, on KAES special attention is given to a healthy way of life. We support about 25 sports, first of all the children`s. The problem - to grow up healthy generation, to take away children from street. It is complex support:   restoration and maintenance of sports objects, the organisation of sports sections in which all townsmen, carrying out of competitions of various level free of charge can be engaged. By the way, our commands on basketball and hockey became time and again champions of area.

Also KAES actively participates in regional and city social programs, supports to educational institutions, participates under repair and a construction of socially significant objects in a city Polar Dawns.


Paul Tsarev, the general director of Open Society Apatite :
At industrial complex Apatite such directions, as health protection and health service of workers are realised; the organisation of rest of workers and their families, their social protection, development of physical culture and sports, system shefskih communications; protection of idle pensioners, support of young workers

Thus the help frequently leaves far for frameworks of obligations of the employer before the workers, provided by the labour legislation. Judge. Since March, 2007 within the limits of Open Society collective agreement Apatite Material aid payments have been increased. Today single matpomoshch at a birth of the child makes 7500 roubles, the help for the first time marrying - 8000 roubles, on funeral - 4500, the help in connection with heavy financial position - 600 roubles. Since May of this year we have entered material aid payment to young experts. I do not think that on light it is a lot of the enterprises which have voluntary incurred similar financial loading.


That as a result?

Valery Shamshev, the general director of the Kandalaksha aluminium factory   companies RUSAL:
- it seems To me that our meeting has once again confirmed that representatives of the large enterprises of the Polar region adhere to a common opinion: at social policy realisation the golden mean should be found in business and state interaction.

Yury Kolomtsev, the assistant to the general director of concern Rosenergoatom the director of the Kola atomic power station:
- It was interesting to act in so solid company and to listen to different opinions. It is pleasant to realise that our sights at a problem practically coincide.

Paul Tsarev, the general director of Open Society Apatite :
- All of us are unanimous in two basic postulates: in understanding of necessity to work strictly within the limits of the existing legislation and comprehension of the, personal responsibility for each employee of our enterprises.





Programs of support of northerners Polar region leading enterprises


Incorporated company RUSAL

Participants - children from 6 - 10 - h classes of comprehensive schools, boarding schools, children`s homes, establishments dopobrazovanija. With support of adults they develop own projects on wildlife management, studying of national traditions, support of creativity, the help to older persons, invalids, children - to orphans Winners of competition are chosen by children, but only from other regions.

It is competition of youth projects for those to whom from 16 till 30 years. Consists of two parts: competition of social advertising and competition of creative projects. The grant on project realisation can make to 300 thousand roubles. And winners of competition of advertising receive the professional Technics and the computer equipment.

the Program of development of ecological initiatives of schoolboys. The winner receives the sum of 250 thousand roubles.

the Name speaks for itself. Every year within the limits of the program it is spent two grantovyh competition on realisation of sports projects. Means can be directed on carrying out of sports actions and for repair work for maintenance of sports objects. With 2004 for 2006 within the limits of the program it has been constructed 7 and 47 athletic fields are reconstructed.

It is the program of training of children and adults to technologies of social designing. The person as a result develops, qualities of leadership are developed, there is a training to social work. And at last, it is simply excellent moment in vocational guidance.

the Program of support of children`s homes, boarding schools, shelters. Besides repairs within the limits of the project are engaged in increase of level of preparation of employees of children`s homes and preparation of children for a life to come out of walls of their time shelter.

It is the programs directed on formation of culture of philanthropy. The centre of social projects - an innovation. Besides it on Kandalaksha aluminium   factory for a long time already and successfully there is a practice of realisation of own programs in the most different directions: philanthropy, health, shefskaja the help, physical culture and sports development. Pensions   are paid; to veterans, financing of some socially significant projects and objects is carried out.

One of lines of activity - uvekovechivanie memories of the fallen warriors. In 2002 - the m is restored a monument located around a sponsored outpost of factory, in 2005 - the m is opened after restoration a large memorial complex in settlement Alakurtti, in October 2006 - go - a memorial on a place of a burial place of warriors in the city of Kandalaksha, this year - the grandiose project on reconstruction of a city central memorial.

the Steadfast attention is given to health of employees. More than 700 workers of factory annually pass improvement in sanatorium - dispensaries where comfortable conditions for treatment and rest are created, an excellent food is organised. For metallurgists and members of their families in 2007 are got more than 200 vacation packages on resorts of Krasnodar territory.


Open Society Apatite

sports Palace, the swimming pool, a covered skating rink, stadium. On objects of sport industrial complex   Open Society Apatite free children`s sections on swimming, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, football, badminton, a judo and sambo-wrestling work.

the Enterprise supports football and hockey clubs Apatite . In a season of 2007 Open Society soccer team Apatite has occupied 3 - e a place   in superiority of Russia on football among amateur clubs, commands, collectives of physical training of Severo - the Western region.


It is carried out through projects on preparation of a personnel reserve of Open Society Apatite At schools of Kirovsk and Apatity, and since new educational 2007 - also in professional school 11.

Operates since 2005. Its purpose - realisation profile and preprofile   preparations of pupils 10 - 11 - h classes, preparation   a distant reserve of shots. To graduates of the program Apatite - a class in employment there is a maximum help.   this year there were first graduates. 30 persons from 38 have connected the future speciality with mountain manufacture.   from the beginning of educational 2007   four classes in the city of Apatity and three - in Kirovsk work.

In   2007 on the basis of PU 11 the group " has opened; Apatitprofrezerv . It is the new project regarding preparation of a personnel reserve of Open Society Apatite . Its purpose - to solve a problem with deficiency of working specialities. In group 32 persons are trained.

Open Society Apatite together with Murmansk and Monchegorsk archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Church realises the program which is directed on increase of moral level of modern youth, the organisation of their leisure, inculcation of labour skills. Within the limits of this program the youth orthodox centres in the remote areas of the cities of Kirovsks and Apatity have been created.

Competition of socially significant projects. The purpose - increase of social responsibility of inhabitants of region, improvement of social conditions. Competition gives the chance to inhabitants of Kirovsk and Apatity and to the noncommercial organisations to realise socially important for development of area projects.

includes compensation of the material and spiritual losses connected with the termination of labour activity, and also improvement of adaptable possibilities of the former workers of the enterprise on start of the pension period of life.

In January, 2005 in joint-stock company Apatite   the youth organisation which for today unites in the numbers   is created; nearby   seven hundred young workers. Organisation activity first of all is directed on creation and support favorable socially - economic conditions, maintenance of legal guarantees to young men, realisation of requirements and interests of youth in various fields of activity. The scale program " is developed; Youth Apatite the XXI-st centuries .


the Kola atomic power station

It is calculated on the period till 2015 and represents the whole software package for young workers of nuclear station in three basic directions: the young professional, corporate youth culture, social guarantees of youth. Here training, career growth of young experts, maintenance with habitation, a variety of leisure are provided.

Unites a number of actions, since annual medical inspection before maintenance of work of sports establishments. On the Kola atomic power station the shined ski line, covered ice stadium, a multipurpose gym, a mountain-skiing complex,   work; a gym.

Here it is annually spent   Complex Games of the Kola atomic power station among shops and departments on 11 sports.   in 2007 has taken place 1 - I interbranch winter Games of workers. At station creation of sports clubs on interests is actively supported. The tourist club, boating club, shooting club are for the last years created.

Within the limits of it is carried out sanatorno - resort treatment of workers, summer improving rest in children`s camps at sea coast, rehabilitation on the basis of local sanatorium - a dispensary will be organised.

Extends on workers, their children and pensioners of the enterprise and provides payment of medical services which are not included into the program of obligatory medical insurance, including rendering of the out-patient, stationary and rehabilitation help, including in other cities of the country.

Measures of social support   veterans provide voluntary medical insurance, payment of not state pension, rehabilitation and the decision of some household problems. There is a comprehensive support of the organisation of veterans of the Kola atomic power station, they are actively included in enterprise life.  

In 2007 have already improved the conditions 51 family which have got habitation through Fund of corporate housing crediting. Taking into account the big requirement for habitation there is begun building 117 - the room nine-floor house of the improved lay-out.

Provides various indemnifications and payments depending on   various reality situations.

Covers the city and regional organisations and establishments, the special attention is given to children. Within the limits of the given program the advanced equipment for schools and kindergartens is bought, the actions directed on an all-around development of rising generation are carried out: excursions, seminars, the actions connected with history and traditions of native land.


Industrial giants of the Polar region

1. Open Society Kola GMK

the Company includes industrial complexes Pechenganikel (the item Nickel, Polar) and North nickel (Monchegorsk).

KGMK - uniform it is mountain - metallurgical manufacture on extraction sulphidic medno - nickel ores and to manufacture elektrolitnogo nickel, elektrolitnoj copper, karbonilnogo a nickel powder, cobalt...

Number occupied in KGMK about 15 thousand persons.


2. The Kandalaksha aluminium factory

the Kandalaksha aluminium factory - the most northern enterprise of the aluminium industry of the world. It is placed in operation in 1951.

the Basic production - aluminium primary in chushkah, katanka aluminium, ingots cylindrical.

In 2006 the factory has made 75 thousand tons of primary aluminium. The enterprise uses the electric power of the Kola atomic power station and the cascade of small HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS of Murmansk area.  

the Aggregate number working - more than 1300 persons.



3.   the Kola atomic power station  

the Kola atomic power station - the basic supplier of the electric power for Murmansk area. At station 4 power units on 440 MVt, it about 50 percent of all established capacity of region are maintained. For a year the station can develop more than 12 billion kvch   the electric power. For today of capacity KAES are not involved completely that creates preconditions for development of the industry of region.

Now the Kola atomic power station - one of the best on indicators of the security, steady work and production efficiency among nuclear stations of Russia.


4. Open Society Apatite

In November to 2007 open joint-stock company Apatite 78 years were executed. Now the enterprise has saved the value as the basic supplier of raw materials for manufacture of mineral fertilizers in Russia, enters into number of the largest world manufacturers of phosphatic raw materials. The basic production - apatitovyj a concentrate.

Open Society structure includes four mines, two apatitonefelinovye concentrating factories, railway and motor transportation shops, shop of explosive works, and also more

20 - ti the non-productive departments providing ability to live of the giant in Hibinah. At the enterprise works about 12 thousand persons.

Open Society Apatite provides life of two large territorial educations of the centre of Murmansk area - Kirov and Apatitsky with the population about 100 thousand persons.



In the Kola company almost icon settings have increased by third

Acceptance in Kola GMK Politicians of the enterprise in the field of salary regulation allows metallurgists to look confidently in tomorrow

the Given document it urged to raise social security of workers of the enterprise. Its economic basis are results of work of divisions of the company, including, on realisation of large-scale investment projects and in connection with the major problems facing collective in 2008 - 2009.

Besides, the increase in level of a salary in Kola GMK directly is connected with labour productivity growth.

the Order of general director KGMK of Evgenie Potapov, since October, 1st tariff rates and icon settings of workers of the company have raised as a whole for 30 percent. And 20 percent from these 30 - ti - as a matter of fact, Superplanned after all the increase in payment of metallurgists goes advancing rates. Such growth of the guaranteed part of the salary was assumed   only in 2008 - 2009, but became possible already today.

- the Unconditional priority for the Kola company are social policy questions, the main thing for us - to give to collective accurate reference points the next years, feeling of confidence of tomorrow, - Evgenie Potapov has noted. - and payment growth - not only the certificate of successful activity KGMK, but also result of the reached social stability, the adjusted direct dialogue with STS (socially - labour advice. - Red.) With workers of the company. Already now we have exceeded all obligations for this year, taken within the limits of agreements with STS. On the end of 2007 the monthly average salary in the company will make 32 000 roubles. However, it does not mean that further the salary will not grow. Its further growth directly depends on performance of the industrial problems put before divisions.  

Already today in KGMK the document defining growth of a salary of employees on 2008 - is signed 2009.

From December, 10 till December, 25th, 2007 the general director Kola GMK plans to spend a number of meetings in industrial divisions of the company with participants socially - labour advice. The explanation of principles of future additional increase in a salary in 2008 - becomes 2009 a subject of meetings.

and the company does not forget about the former workers translated from KGMK in contract organisations. So, since October, 1st, 2007 for 30 percent tariff rates and official icon settings in Open Society " are raised; Pechengastroj . Salaries of builders, mechanics and repairmen Pechengastroja grow the same rates that in the Kola company, and it completely corresponds to those guarantees which have been given workers repair and is repair - mechanical shops while translating them in Open Society Pechengastroj in the end of 2006.

the Salary of employees of other contract organisation - Open Company Kolabyt - with   on October, 1st, 2007 too has grown up for 15 percent at the expense of increase of operating tariff rates and icon settings.