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Divisionals have overtaken GAI officers on bribes

On Wednesday the head of department of own security (DSB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Yury Draguntsov has brought preliminary results of office activity of the division to which it was executed on the eve of 14 years. Chief DSB has cited the given statisticans, saying that only for the past year from 1 400 000 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia 77 000 offences have made. Criminals among them it has appeared about 5,5 percent. From them 47 000 militiamen have been involved to administrative and a disciplinary responsibility, and 3 428 - in a criminal liability (from them 2 280 for fulfilment of malfeasances).

- By all kinds of crimes in comparison with the same period of last year growth from 14 to 17 percent is observed, - Yury Draguntsov has told. - 6 629 heads of militian divisions are involved In various kinds of responsibility that for 22 percent exceeds a last year`s indicator. Among them 421 it has appeared the criminal, and 281 officer has committed a corruption crime. About these facts service DSB knew giving thanks including to citizens whom 35 000 times were personally converted this year behind the help. By results of these statements it is dismissed 1   268 employees, concerning 2 171 police officers are raised criminal cases. It is possible to write the statement now and on site DSB on the Internet. In day employees check more than 30 virtual and even anonymous references from fellow citizens.

- We have checked up each reference, - Yury Draguntsov has confirmed, - but 53-54 percent of statements have appeared non-credible. On one of cases we did not raise criminal cases against applicants for a false denunciation. Also we do not plan henceforth - call by phone (495 667 - 07 - 30.

Giving thanks including it to calls employees DSB managed to warn illegal activity of 7 637 more militiamen. They have incurred summary punishments, have been dismissed or translated in other divisions.

it is most of all revealed criminals by employees DSB among divisionals, then among inspectors, and on the third place there were employees of traffic police. GAI officers, to honour of their uniform, have managed for a year from the first place to get over on the third. They had chances even more to cause a stir, but it is literally one of these days in a city Visible Lenin area of Moscow suburbs deputy chief OGIBDD the Department of Internal Affairs on Lenin area of Moscow Region major Alexey Nazarov has been arrested. He was detained by employees DSB when it took from the trainee a bribe in 900 dollars for a post of the inspector. Possibly, the chief judged the trainee on itself. Same it is necessary - for the right to minister society to demand from the future subordinate dollars!

- At us the most open management for citizens, - was confirmed with Yury Draguntsov, - we fix all public and private complaints to employees in electronic base. It is twice strange that the same major Alexey Dymovsky tried to leave from a meeting with my assistant. Concerning the statement of the major office check has been spent. Against it criminal case under articles " can be soon brought; Plunder of money resources and Disclosure of the state secret .

It appears, the major Dymovsky not only has spent money which to it were allocated for the operative purposes (usually them give out to field investigators for recruitment of informers) but also where - that has put classified documents for office using.

recently main character the Internet - references has deigned to meet the deputy chief of department of own security of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Krasnodar territory. He and could not confirm the charges in the relation of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Novorossisk Vladimir Chernositova. That has brought an action against the major the claim for slander.

- Office check has revealed, - Yury Draguntsov has explained, - that earlier three times the married major on a broader scale seldom went on service, disappeared from duties, shifting them on necks of colleagues. Left from the sick-list - and in holiday. When came behind the next sick-list to polyclinic, frightened the medical personnel of a holster on a belt. Nurses even wrote to Vladimir Chernositovu the application to deprive of the Dymovsky pistol, being afraid for the life and mentioning a trick of the rascal of major Evsjukova.


Employees DSB of Russia have studied experience of foreign countries and have prepared own research with which we suggest to familiarise. Very curious analysis of a situation as a whole without which account it is impossible to change out-of-date system.

Police werewolves

Not so long ago in Italy the point in one resonant business is put. The Italian court has pronounced a sentence to the former policeman Luigi Spakkarotelle recognised guilty of unpremeditated murder of the popular DJ to Gabriela Sandri. The Police officer is denounced by six years of imprisonment.

the Sentence was preceded by that in November, 2007 Spakkarotella together with the workmate tried to stop fight of fans of football clubs Juventus and Latium on a gaz station near small town Arezzo. The policeman, threatening to use of the weapon to the raged fans, has made a shot, and the bullet has got to a nape of Sandri, when the DJ, sowing in one of cars of fans Latium tried to disappear from a scene.

the Police has operatively detained the colleague, however long reacted to a criminal conduct it: long and ambiguous office investigation was conducted, circumstances of incident were carefully studied. In this time the death of the known Roman DJ has lifted a protest wave in fan circles of football clubs Latium and Rums which have openly demanded from police to punish Spakkarotellu, having hung out a corresponding banner on the central bridge nearby to a police building.

In 2008 on the eve of commemorating of roman catholic Christmas in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas the employee of city police in a clinical clinic has made murder of own wife. According to the representative of the Kaunas city commissariat of police, 53 - the summer policeman has come to come to see the 48 - the summer wife in chamber nejrohirurgicheskogo branches and has soon made its murder, and then has shot to itself at a temple. Earlier the woman has been taken to hospital the day before with traces of a beating. According to preliminary data the consequences, the policeman who was in chamber has demanded from the wife to take away the statement for the beating put to it. When she has refused to obey, it has made a shot from a government-issue weapon.

in June of current year Europe was shaken by tragedy in a county Kent (Great Britain). The police employee in small town Sevenouks is literally among white day on bus conditions in city centre has shot the person. The official representative of police has refrained from comments. The only thing that became property of the British press, - the Independent police commission on complaints was engaged in investigation.

In the USA rather recently the jury takes out an accusatory verdict to police officers, involved in fulfilment of several grave crimes.

Apparently, even in the conditions of the developed legal system of the states of Europe and America, the problem of observance of legality among employees of police departments costs sufficiently actually.

Thus the information on how policemen struggle for cleanliness Own numbers it becomes extremely rare property of the wide public. However, those facts which become known, bear that in structure of any police department there is the special service which employees are engaged in investigation of offences of the colleagues.

the Information on how the system of maintenance of own security in police of the foreign states functions, in comparison with its Russian analogue, is given and commented by Department of own security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (DSB).

Within the limits of studying of experience of maintenance of legality in police activity abroad, within three last years experts DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia spend a number of working meetings and briefings with a management of police departments of Germany, Finland, France, the USA, Canada, Spain, China, Israel and Poland. Besides, close contacts of business partnership are adjusted with services of own security of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and also Police of Armenia.

Experience of colleagues

the Main output of studying of practice of construction of departmental systems of maintenance of legality is that at structure of police departments of the above-stated countries immutably there is a structure which is vested by powers on carrying out internal investigations .

Thus, national features and traditions have defining influence on organizational construction of the given services, volume of powers realised by them, and also number of divisions.

it is necessary to notice especially that the general tendency for police formations is process of gradual centralisation of services and the divisions which are carrying out checks of the information on offences of police officers. And, world practice is submission and the accountability of heads of services internal investigations personally to the head of police department (or to the Minister of Internal Affairs). The given system is realised and in the Russian militia: chiefs of territorial divisions of own security submit only to the chief of law-enforcement body who bears personal responsibility for actions of all subordinated employees. The department of own security is subordinated directly to the Minister.

Thus, in a number of the states, for example, the next Belarus and Poland, not so long ago at the state level the transformations providing vertical submission and independence of heads of territorial services of own security from any local politsejsko - militian heads have been spent.

So, heads of territorial divisions of Bureau internal sprav polices of Poland (analogue DSB the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia) are independent of heads of bodies of police voevodstv and are subordinated only to chief BSV. Thus Service financing is carried out exclusively from the republican budget. The given principle of the organisation operatively - office activity of divisions of Bureau allows to provide independence for heads of territorial divisions at realisation of powers by them on operative service of territorial bodies of police.

Thus distribution of zone control by a principle of division of served territory on equal zones and a concentration of operative control over them within the limits of managements BVS (i.e. principle generalisations administratively - territorial division) gives the chance to provide control over a status of maintenance of own security and to reduce time for development and acceptance of necessary administrative decisions.

DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has informed that the similar measure is partially realised in Russia: the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs in Ministry system creates special division - Operatively - search bureau 16 Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia which is subordinated DSB. The Bureau structure included all divisions of own security of law-enforcement bodies on transport and closed administratively - territorial educations (and since last year - on federal districts), earlier were in submission of local chiefs of militia.

And, according to analysts DSB, the given measure already brings certain results. First of all, productivity of check of the information on offences of employees of transport militia and BUT, arriving from citizens and operative sources every year raises.

World practice unequivocally bears: professionalism and competence of police, and, finally, cleanliness of numbers Directly depend on quality of selection of candidates on service in police. Thus, a primary factor influencing success of spent work, maintenance of high level of prestige of a trade of the policeman in a society is.

Besides, stable and worthy level of material maintenance and social protection of the police officer is important. So, for example, in France faultless service (in particular, absence of disciplinary punishments for corruption behaviour) grants the right to the raised provision of pensions. In turn, as a measure of disciplinary influence to the offender the exception (full or partial) the service experience in police is applied at calculation of the pension grant.

Police sounds is more proud, than militia ?

In the same France, and also Germany the principle " is realised; a transparency of a career ladder Services in the police, providing for the person arriving on service possibility to estimate financial (level of a monetary contentment, pension size) and status (prestigiousness of a post, social privileges and preferences to members of a family of the employee) the aspects represented to police officers.

However the particular interest represents experience of China and Israel.

Acquisition of divisions of the Chinese police is carried out only on a competitive basis. And, quantity of applicants for local posts the greatest in the world - more than 3000 persons into place. The reason: payment and high professional requirements (education presence, knowledge of a foreign language, the faultless biography of the candidate and its relatives, high degree of stressful stability) is worthy.

At the heart of acquisition of police of Israel the same principle - prestige lies. In the state with difficult conditions work on protection of fellow citizens is honourable. Thus the requirements shown to candidates, also are high (besides education, the biography and psychological readiness, the excellent physical data, presence of preparation for weapon handling and knowledge of norms of the legislation of the country) are required. Competition is more than 100 candidates into place.

Selection of shots in divisions of police of Spain is carried out on a competitive basis. Criteria of selection minister: presence of citizenship of Kingdom, restriction on age (from 18 till 30 years), absence of an outstanding previous conviction, presence of the permission to driving by vehicles of categories And and In .

practice of carrying out of special psychophysiological testing of candidates on service in police is On a global scale realised. And, application the lie detector is usual procedure. The questions set by the expert, mention all spheres of life of the applicant for service in police. That fact bears to carefulness that, for example, in FBI of Ministry of Justice of the USA procedure of check of one candidate lasts on the average 3-4 hours. Thus refusal of polygraph passage, and also of answers to questionnaire individual questions attracts unequivocal refusal in reception on service.

the Separate condition is a transparency material well-being of the candidate. In the majority of police departments representation of special declarations is provided. Thus presented information accumulates and is a subject of periodic check throughout all service life of the police officer. For example, carrying out of similar researches actively practises police of France as means of revealing of corruption communications of policemen.

In Canada personnel check of the applicant for a police post is accented on information collection about the subject since the moment of achievement by it 12 - summer age (the period of formation of the person of the person), about its contacts in a place of former and present residing, work or service. DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has informed that in the Russian Federation the world experience of the acquisition which have been turned out politsejs is to the full realisedkimi departments. For today the system of psychophysiological testing functions, for civil servants the system of declaring movable and real estate, and also obligations of property character (since January, 1st, 2010 it becomes a duty of employees and candidates on a post in militia) is entered.

And it not all. As informs DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, at acquisition of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation the system of the coordination which does not have world analogues operates. Its feature that candidates pass not only personnel check, but also the coordination with corresponding division of own security. Only for the first half of the year of current year by divisions SB it is spent more than 60 thousand coordination - on more than to 2 thousand to candidates negative recommendations are made. Annually the number of such persons makes 5-6 percent.

Conformable with the Russian model practice of publication applied in the Peoples Republic of China in mass-media and in a network the Internet of the information on forthcoming purpose of this or that employee for a supervising post is represented. Owing to what citizens or other police officers (since these data take place and in internal electronic network MOB the Peoples Republics of China) in fortnight term the subsequent to the announcement can act with an official statement about presence at them the data, able to prevent the forthcoming personnel decision.

the Aspect of work providing efficiency of reaction to offences of employees, and also moving of employees on service, is conducting a special information file.

And, foreign experience bears that the great value is given to information work. And in polices of Canada, Spain and FBI of Ministry of Justice of the USA possibilities the Internet - the technologies, providing concentration and processing of data from various sources, and also high speed access to necessary information resources are actively used.

According to DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, within the limits of perfection of departmental level of maintenance of legality, the information system " is created; Analytics - DSB in which frameworks all information on offences of employees of law-enforcement bodies concentrates. These data are actively used at carrying out of coordination.

Simultaneously, in system of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation vedena in action modern system of the account of the offences made by employees. As a result, there was a trustworthy information about a real state of affairs on places that in geographical scales of Russia is a basis for orgvyvodov Concerning the heads who are not giving proper attention to a state of affairs in subordinated collective.

it is necessary to note, in the USA attempts of introduction of similar system for an estimation of a real picture of affairs on places were repeatedly undertaken. However it has not brought success.

the Most significant aspect of maintenance of own security in police is carrying out of office investigations on the revealed offences of policemen.

the General order of carrying out of office trial is represented equally formalized practice and is regulated by departmental statutory acts. At the same time, studying of foreign experience allows to allocate some nuances, characteristic for the separate countries.

First of all, terms and the status of made office investigation. The general term of investigation makes about one year. However, for example, in the USA and Germany term of carrying out of check of the information on illegal activity of the police officer is not established. It means that the competent service can collect and check the information on employees during all time of a finding of the figurant in a field of vision forming the corresponding file. Realisation of materials occurs when weightiness of proofs of the file will be recognised by sufficient for criminal prosecution.

It is necessary to underline also that unlike the remedial legislation of the Russian Federation, office investigation is as though the form of a consequence and is spent by police department. Thus the Office of Public Prosecutor supports official charge in court.

the Important element of office investigation is moral influence on the suspected employee.

For example, in the Peoples Republic of China an initial stage of check is poll of the employee. And, the employee is obliged to offer written explanations on the act made by it. For this purpose term is given three days to it, and the employee is located a separate premise, to it access of extraneous persons is closed. For taken away time the policeman should state all circumstances of incident, the reason which contributed in it, and to estimate degree of the fault. The received report is checked by the expert - the psychologist.

In the USA carrying out of check concerning the policeman begins by it which obliges him fairly with acceptance of the special oath to inform all known. Thus false witnessess attracts oath violation and automatic dismissal of the employee without the right to pension purpose (which sum of the USA is very considerable - to 100 % of an average salary of the policeman).

They too beat arrested persons and steal

the Subject of office investigation in police departments of the foreign states in bolshej parts of cases the facts of infringement of office instructions, cases of excess of powers are at detention of offenders.

For example, in Spain the most widespread kinds of illegal activity of policemen are storage and sale of narcotics (34 of 115, or 30,9 % from total number of the crimes made by policemen), assistance to infringements of the migratory legislation (9,6 %). Crimes of a corruption orientation make an insignificant share from total of the crimes made by employees of police (approximately 3,4 %) in this connection specially developed actions for struggle against such displays are not spent. In 2007 in France 3318 policemen (on this indicator the police wins first place among all state structures) have been involved in responsibility. The Most widespread offences:

- unreasonable application of force at detention;

- an alcohol intoxication and thefts.

With a view of a non-admission of fulfilment police officers of offences, at level of departments organise work on preventive maintenance of official wrongdoings.

This work is concentrated in realisation of system of the departmental control which basis is made by two elements.

the First - monitoring of material well-being of employees and their relatives which includes:

- declaring of incomes, expenses and property of employees (the USA, Finland);

- control of balance of a credit card of any employee and the employee (USA);

- reception in the credit organisations of data on the employees who are debtors (USA).

the Second - daily control over office activity of the employee which includes:

- stimulation of observance of legality by the employee: increase in term of the contract at service in police in the absence of offences (Israel), transfer into more prestigious site in work (USA);

- carrying out of special psychophysiological researches with polygraph use on the admission to the data making office secret, and also within the limits of spent office check (the USA, Israel, Spain, Canada);

- an obligatory order of a summer residence the employee of explanations (official report) on circumstances of office check spent concerning it (the USA, Finland, Israel).

experience of Royal mounted police of Canada Merits separate attention. With a view of preventive maintenance of official offences the specialised system " now is entered; early anticorruption intervention (EIS) which, will allow to define individual predisposition of concrete employees to fulfilment of malfeasances, in due time and competently to influence the begun negative process, rendering thus the necessary moral help to potential offenders. The system should on the special indicators reflecting a psychophysiological status, to trace dynamics of behaviour of employees of police during all their career, presence of complaints to their actions, the information on perfect minor offences, infringements of instructions for use by vehicles, results of work, a standard of well-being and a number of others.

As it there eradicate?

the Important factor interfering corruption in police divisions of the USA, Israel and Finland, high degree of legal security of the employee is. So, indications of the police officer are remedially equal to indications of two civil persons. False witnessess attracts reduction of term of the contract on service in polices (Israel).

besides, world practice is the system of rotation of shots. So, the employee who has arrived on service during certain time (in FBI of Ministry of Justice of the USA till 3 years) should fulfil at territorial office of service. Then it is translated in other territorial division (for work on the same line) with possible increase. After that the employee can be translated for work in head division and further can be appointed by the head in territorial divisions of service.

One of the conditions constraining distribution of corruption in police systems, the obligation of police officers to give become known the information on the facts of illegal activity of the colleagues is. Thus, in the USA gathering of the given information is carried out at inspection during individual conversations with employees of territorial divisions of FBI.

the Special attention is given to maintenance of high level of trust of police from citizens at the expense of mode maintenance opennesses polices for the population: the accountability of police to the population and possibility to appeal against in supervising and supervising authorities any decision of police, demonstration in mass media of examples of carrying out of successful police special operations.

For example, publicity of work of police of France is realised in system of auditor police checks. The specified actions experts which come to light within the limits of traditional inspections or checks provide elimination of complexities pravoprimenitelnoj. Auditor police check is spent in that case when the increase in number of complaints of citizens at actions of policemen is fixed; the revealed infringements and professional errors cause a damage to prestige of police, get widespread character, including in activity of different services (for example, new methods of concealment of crimes or carrying out of a consequence with use of illegal methods of pressure on participating in business of persons).

Thus the plan of auditor checks after working out and the statement takes place for the general access on the Internet - a site where heads of various services, legal experts, representatives of local authorities can familiarise, learn with it terms of carrying out of check, the basic key moments to which the attention of the auditor will be paid.

It is necessary to notice that the factor positively influencing level of legality of work of police abroad, the high level of payment of employees is. So, in Finland police charges in 2005 have made 661,9 million euro. About 76 % from this sum it is spent for payment of a monetary contentment to employees. The senior command structure of police receives on 4 130 euros a month (on 5 % more than in 2004), sergeants - 3 252 euros, ordinary - 2 775, cadets - 1986 (for comparison - salary middle tier on the country 2 372 euros a month).

In polices of France, the USA and Israel the high level of pension for the employees having a faultless track record is established.

At the same time, experience of carrying out DSB of working meetings and briefings with foreign colleagues has shown that in police departments system of maintenance of own security as that is absent. Carried out actions are directed on the decision of a concrete problem and seldom become object of the deep analysis from profile police service.

As the result, in police practically is absent analogue of the departmental level of responsibility developed in the Russian militia on the basis of the Concept of maintenance of own security of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation and FMS of Russia. Moreover, the similar document is developed only in police of China.


Taking into account those problems which arise in the course of office activity, and also studied world experience, DSB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is offered to staticize standard - legal base of activity of law-enforcement bodies the advanced anticorruption levers and barriers.

In - the first to establish a competitive basis of acquisition of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. Candidates for purpose for posts should pass special psychophysiological check (polygraph) with a view of definition of their suitability to service in law-enforcement bodies, presence of possible illegal motivating.

In - the second to enter passage by employees of service under the contract with automatic dismissal from law-enforcement bodies upon termination of the term established in it if two months prior to the termination of term the contract is not renewed for the term defined by the parties.

In - the third, it is necessary to fix a duty of employees of law-enforcement bodies to offer written explanations on the questions carried to execution by them of official duties.

In - the fourth, it is expedient to simplify procedure and to staticize the bases of dismissal from law-enforcement bodies of the employees who have compromised, including in an attestative order for:

- refusal of passage of psychophysiological researches, including with polygraph use;

- the message of obviously false biographical particulars;

- occurrence on service in a drunken state;

- infringement of the interdictions connected with service in OVD;

- nepredstavlenie declarations on incomes and on the property belonging to the employee and its relatives on the property right, and concealment of incomes is equal.

In - the fifth, introduction of additional social guarantees for employees and members of their families, increase of level of a salary of employees is required.

Besides, for increase of overall performance with the managerial personnel in system of law-enforcement bodies it is planned to fix standard:

1. An order of competitive selection of candidates on supervising posts in systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and FMS Russia with a view of an exception of protectionism and not merited promotion.

2. Order of complex carrying out of verifying actions concerning employees of law-enforcement bodies and FMS Russia, applying for supervising posts.

3. Compulsion and periodicity of carrying out of psychophysiological researches of candidates on supervising posts in systems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and FMS Russia.

4. An order of service by employees of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and FMS Russia, appointed to administrative board posts, having established for the drawn category of persons compulsion of the conclusion of the urgent contract for the term which is not exceeding one year, with the subsequent possibility of its renewal under condition of complex carrying out of verifying actions concerning the specified heads.

the Basic efforts of work DSB the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Russia are concentrated to creation of really functioning departmental, two-level system of maintenance of own security consisting in balance and vzaimodopolnenii of activity USB - OSB (showingsja first of all toolkit) and works of heads OVD on formation of complex security of the entrusted divisions from external and internal threats.