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Leah will burst petrol crisis?

the head a press - the centre a political observer
- Today the publishing house greets at itself on a visit the chairman of the council of the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov the Russian Federation Yury Konstantinovicha Shafranika. A subject today`s a press - conferences - the World and Russian fuel markets. Forecasts and prospects. On gasoline how much will rise in price?

-   Here weeks two, especially last days, from different information sources go   in our structures of the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov references on these subjects. At first we were surprised, because any sharp jump of the prices, at least, in the Central region,   it is not visible. And first tried not to react it is information. But when before us the extremely dear newspaper Has raised the question, day two we posomnevalis and all - taki   have agreed to talk on this heavy subject.
  the prices   - an ungrateful subject. It -   not a policy on whom it is possible to argue easily.
  I do specially such introduction, because from you   I wait   complicated questions correctly to orient. That   occurs on an information field? After all it is not too sharp this year, in comparison with that year,   the prices have grown. In total for 2,5 percent.   but the background is created.
we take,   2005 - 2006. The world prices for oil have grown in 3 times. On oil products - in 2 times. And, oil products began to grow in America sharply only lately. Their more flexible tax system in previous years allowed them to mix a rise in prices. And growth was in percent, but here now they have reached to razov too.
About the prices for gasoline were made even - in Moscow and New York. They hardly have more if to translate in roubles.
in 2005 - 2006 extraction at us on 2 with small percent has increased. Export has increased only officially by 5 %. It is already certain rupture between home market and external.
  as a whole, if to take the general figures, this half-year by that half-year growth roznitsy 2,5 %.
  It is small growth. But if to take wholesale prices, the prices of holiday of manufacturers of oil products, factories there growth has occurred for 18 percent.
Here there can be already a sensation at those who it understands and is closer to the market that   wholesale prices have grown, and retail restrained, it can when - that to play, and retail will jump up. This quite powerful expectation. And it real.
and more two factors. One - world. It is now reached   a maximum when the prices for oil have left for 75 dollars.   it is a serious step. There are to that historical reasons. I think that in the course of answers to your questions I will concern this subject.
and the second factor - the Near East. There it is more, certainly, factors political. And only in the fifth, maybe, in the seventh turn   it is possible to speak about the power factor.
but, considering how events in the Near East develop, they are obviously set not locally, and on conflict distribution. Right now, time it so creeps away, it is possible to speak firmly about danger and influence of this conflict already on world economy and the world prices. Naturally, it will affect us.
TV channel Russia :
- It would be desirable to hear about the forecasts declared in a subject. Including across Moscow. How the prices for fuel will grow?

- I   I will try not to take on myself such responsibility to name roubles, copecks and litres. I can tell only about tendencies and I think that their characteristic will be enough full.
if to take on tendencies, that, certainly, within a half-year - year that in the world that in Russia there has come an effect limit when the world prices grew, and our prices grew the oil. And the economy revived that world that the Russian. Probably, it is paradox.
to that there are reasons and explanations.
in my opinion, this situation approaches to safety factor exhaustion. To expect in a half-year - year of the crisis connected as with the world prices and their influence on us, and with ours on our economy it is necessary, in the worst variant.
one succession of events -   the price for oil in 75 dollars and above, will stand half a year. It will be possible to tell confidently, as in Europe at first, then and as a whole in the developed world, and at us, here is how time crisis of exhaustion of adaptable possibilities to growth of the high prices, the limit will come and there will be a failure.
Failure in world economy growth, failure in consumption. Failure in the prices. It at once a chain and a domino effect. If the price oil is 60 dollars and more low it is all will be softer. Also can move for a year, can even ones and a half.
  suddenly the prices for oil will be 45 - 55. All is possible. Then it is all will be softer, term will move.   because both the world economy, and Russian at a rise in prices already all used adaptable effects.
what adaptable? Present, the USA - the rise in prices goes, and their economy grows. And we just talked on this subject and so has sounded: look, as to hard American economy and Bush. The economy grows, develops, the prices high, taxes gather. One problems - consumers concrete which fill the car with gasoline, are dissatisfied particularly with the president of the country. And by and large effect positive. At the expense of what?
  At the expense of many factors and because America has possibility more rigidly to influence the world prices, not for one day, but levers at them more than at all of us together taken. And in - the second, there are orders for the highly technological equipment. There was money. The oil industry workers connected with them of structure, branch reserve the huge equipment. And it is now so hi-tech, the same space. There is an effect geometrical. Because highly technological orders are at once workplaces and money of absolutely other order, not raw money. Certainly, the economy develops. And only the concrete consumer on refuelling, of course, suffers affliction. And where - that at it will be a limit, at this concrete consumer.

- a leah this limit Is calculated? The price for gasoline litre that there has come a consumer limit how much should make? Now on the country from 18 to 22 in the Far East there is a gasoline. And how much it is necessary, that it cost, that there has come a limit?

- I named before 20 roubles, and I think that about it. Roubles 20 - 22 for gasoline litre. As soon as we approach to it then all we will feel. We and now feel it, certainly. Only let`s divide. Economy of Russia and the consumer which particularly refuels gasoline.
  from the high prices   in the world, and from the high prices in Russia, of course, wins the state first of all. A society as that in the second. Also win mechanical engineering and oil industry workers, especially oil industry workers.
who obviously loses? The concrete consumer, the concrete inhabitant. And if to take branch, agriculture, certainly. Probably, it is possible still on - to a miscellaneous to argue. But here prizes and losses. For the best five-years period of Soviet Union is 1979 - 1984 - the USSR has received from oil and gas 108 or 109 billion dollars.
If to count for the today`s prices, it is 188 billion. We - 2001 - - have received 2005 for the last five-years period more than 400 billion dollars. But then we   Angola, SEV, military - an industrial complex and republics of Soviet Union contained.
today it is good that   we do not contain, and financial resources have appeared the huge. It is a prize? A prize. And as the internal prices. They have grown, the state has received the, but there has come a limit.
- And the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov Russia can agree with oligarchical community what in spite of the fact that there is a war in the Near East, the world prices fly up, and at us in the country for the consumer we will release gasoline at the fixed prices?
- the Serious question, of course, a word to agree I would throw out. Also I can tell, not including myself the direct lobbyist precisely, I try   to be above a situation, at least, as the expert that the oil companies behave a year two responsibly enough. At that situation that around.
I to you have told about retail, about wholesale. About a rise in prices in the world and   about that all - taki constrains an oil complex or, say, holds on the minimum limit of the profitability home market. Certainly, the complex has received the big financial resources for these years a rise in prices of the world.
but when speak, about home market, it is a separate bill. I consider that responsibility sufficient. And influence was and is. And the companies in dialogue with the Ministry of Economics. And much was possible and it is possible. Another matter that and differentiations, and on rupture of this direct communication between the world prices and in-Russian have not gone on radical changes in a part of tax changes, and. And have not gone. Therefore not arrangements, and responsibility sufficient are, it is possible to speak about it.
and dialogue of the government and the companies oil, including with our professional public organisation, is possible. And I think that will be again renewed in the autumn. At us such offers are prepared. And we on the commission of the chairman of the government their Fradkov have brought one of these days.

TV channel Russia :
- Yesterday in a press there were such forecasts that on the Central district by September gasoline will cost 25 roubles for litre. A leah can occur it? A leah there will be any consultations of the government to avoid it?

- If to tell on the main thing, has ripened time, and we at ourselves have already discussed it that the thesis of so-called social partnership of the big business and the government not only has become obsolete, and is unhealthy the Russian nation.
  I   Has turned it to huge responsibility   large Russian business. And thereupon business certain realises reaction and operates. And the government took measures all year. I consider, not in all directions sufficient measures. We on some question in the commission have made the offers. We - on behalf of the Union. I hope that in September - October, God grant, that there would be no jumps, of course, which suddenly have forced to begin on a broader scale these days dialogue, dialogue of the government and an oil and gas complex will proceed.
now it is, it goes, in different directions. Within a half-year - year the limit adaptable, our including, the Russian economy especially, to that the rise in prices world pulls behind itself growth internal, will be settled. And it just 20 - 21 rouble.

- We just say that a limit 20 - 21 rouble. But if we overcome this limit what can occur?

JU. SHafranik:
- Crisis. 98 - j year, of course,   will not repeat. It is not necessary to frighten each other. Because, when you frighten, this superfluous. Never speak never. Therefore it is not necessary so rigidly. You now so influence people, you read, look. You really huge force. And not because I try to soften. Because there are also decisions which can affect it.
they are. A part they become. Who can deny that responsibility defined by oil industry workers is realised also the prices not too grow. But at the same time measures should be more radical and joint - the government and business.
to set a lath 20 - 21 roubles for gasoline litre it is impossible. Adaptable possibilities on this limit   will be settled. Money a heap have received, in Stabfonde they lie, still where - that. To people are defined by the government through pensions, medicine, education. Same all these financial resources, they go a bull a standard of living. But this positive effect can be settled, and there can be a crisis. Our problem - it not to admit. To affect, push, probably, to prompt any steps and to the government, and a society, which it smikshirovali. After all and the oil and gas complex does orders not how I have told about America. Orders have gone to Russia. It is bad that not only to Russia. The economy of Germany revives last two years, in opinion even inhabitants in Germany, from - for orders of the Russian business. These are oil and gas orders for the highly technological equipment.  

  the Newspaper the Tribune :
- That is more probable after exhaustion of these adaptable possibilities - jump upwards or downwards? A leah can the state through the state companies, such as Gazprom, Rosneft, to influence the fuel market, to keep the prices?

JU. SHafranik:
- If the state will influence outright through the state companies, it any more the market. Because the market, it when the state, not state companies, all are in enough equal conditions. And it is undesirable to us to be rolled away back, it will be also the big costs. And that levers are at the government straight lines, it is good. However, one of ten measures which we recommend, not in figure, this sharp increase of responsibility and public authorities, and bodies of corporate governance of the oil companies for results of activity. Because the oil, gas companies at us or completely, or are adequately under control to the state. About what it speaks? About sharp increase of responsibility of board of directors. And board of directors - who at us? Ministers or officials of high level.

Magazine Oil of Russia :
- you met recently Alekperov and have agreed about coordination council creation. What for it was required? In what an essence? In what a difference of approaches?

- RSPP endures the transformation. In the end of 90 - h, especially where - that on a joint of a century there was obviously a turn to so-called large, I would tell to the oligarchical capital which has moved RSPP the road. And it is represented to me that now there is other transformation. And certain signs in it are visible. Not absolutely considerable, but are visible. And time this shade is, I have agreed to enter into board, to strengthen these tendencies. But in the same way, being in other, independent bodies as the Higher mountain advice, the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov, TPP as the structure which has already taken an official place in national economy is enough, all the same here it demands even not conciliatory, and strengthenings of positions. Strengthenings of tendencies, more correctly.
  Because reference points, especially now, at us change. And normally change. They should be fixed in consciousness, in decisions, in recommendations to the government. One RSPP conducted not there earlier. Remember statements of the beginning 2000 - h. All at us is excellent, we the most effective. It on behalf of large oil industry workers. To us only give pipes. As in the beginning 90 - h, so especially and to 2000 and further Transneft and other elements of transport have closed all problems, there is no after all a dramatic spectrum in export. Means, there was a false desire.
also as well as with efficiency. It is impossible to compare Russia   with Saudi Arabia. There 3 thousand, and at us 145 thousand chinks. We speak about what efficiency? They different it is simple, as two worlds.

- Thanks, Yury Konstantinovich. I ask you.

the Program the City the Third channel:
-   The discontent of consumers too grows together with the prices. You spoke about a measure of responsibility of the state and your union. As though you have in percentage terms defined it? 50 on 50 or more?

- We are in a transient period both politically, and economically. However, after all? Under one system we move and we create another. Therefore I always put and I put the state in this plan the main thing. But also the main thing responsible.
have a look, 82 - m and 83 - m to year - the price read off scale, but average was to 40 dollars for barrel. If to count for the today`s prices, these are 75 dollars, by the way.   That is we have actually approached to that level, 82 - go and 83 - go year.
  in 86 - m - the oil price has fallen to 9 dollars for barrel. In Soviet Union tendencies, to put it mildly, the unhealthy have begun. A parallel not good, but it a straight line.
in 98 - m and 99 - m   to year - 8 dollars for barrel. And in 2000 - 75. Why I have told that 75 and above if will hold on more half a year, of course, adaptable possibilities, as western economy,   and ours will run low?
  after 70 - 80 - h years of crisis both tax system, and technological aspects, of course, at them others. They are more adapted. But even at them will approach to a limit, at us especially. The weight financial which we have received which gives the blessings, will be, as koromyslo, is moved by the negative elements connected with 20 - 21, whether 22 roubles for gasoline litre.
  it is simply visible piece. It influences all parties of economy.   the weight the financial received will not block, in my opinion, negative effects which we will receive as a whole from possible crisis.

the Newspaper the Tribune :
- It would be desirable to understand, when you speak about sharp increase of responsibility,   in what this responsibility should be reflected? And what particularly steps can be undertaken the state to avoid crisis?

- Even an oil and gas complex, having received the huge finance not for a year, and for long already the period, but we except separate examples of reconstruction of petrogas-processing factories serious have no anything.
  a vivid example, otritsatelnejshy, anything else you will not tell. We are based and we live on everything that have created. And consequently efficiency at us not such bad because all is created. These are two huge factors, and the third factor is the major, the most important. I think that year 4 we so try to treat it. Our community and I personally.
this opposition - raw and not raw branches. The awful opposition which has been not qualified, any, withdrawing a subject on a broader scale anywhere. The raw sector is so technologically prepared today for high technologies, so it in the world is hi-tech that there is no opposition.
there is an opposition, to take money and through the state to someone to give. Passed, it is the most negative variant. Means, that is absolutely correctly intoned and repeatedly by the president, transition to an innovative way lies only in area innovatively - resource technologies, is innovative - - resource development.
  what it is understood? Service, only oil and gas, is estimated by me in 22 billion a year, orders. Present, absolutely correct step, a stock exchange the Russian oil. Through similar tools these 22 billion in a greater degree should go through the Russian manufacturers of the equipment, frequently not the competitive.   but then it is necessary to oil industry workers on behalf of the state to stimulate, whether to reduce the prices, whether preferences to give. But then, having reserved the equipment, the oil industry worker in a year - two will force also the machine tool to do on - to another, and chisel to do on - to another, and to involve the western technologies on our factories.
other way simply is not present. Perhaps, you will not like my answer because I named base, large positions: the new projects, new money in new direct projects. And, certainly, absolutely correctly the accent is put by the president, the country leaders, realisation, mechanisms.
as speak: the dog is buried now not in laws, some years I speak: yes on a broader scale laws can to be accepted. Business in realisation mechanisms. And here we not only slip, and we argue - we argue, and steps real we do very little. It is impossible to tell that they are not present. But it is not enough.

- Yury Konstantinovich, means, social responsibility of business consists in opening new deposits, innovative technologies to introduce, and not just to live at the expense of already opened.

- Just RSPP has made very much an ill turn to a society when has intoned: the big business and social partnership. How can be, even in the West, I in several boards of directors of the western companies what partnership with the state can be? It simply is not present. Through shareholders means, there people, shareholders enclosed, voting for Blair. Only responsibility of large business. I consider that it is absolutely correct and timely. However, oil and gas sector, I consider, enough already responsible.

the Voice of Russia the Arabian edition:
- Yury Konstantinovich, I would like to pass   to the international aspect. You have told that the Near-Eastern conflict can tend to raspolzaniju. Dangerous tendencies, than are fraught for region and for America? As you well know Iraq, I wanted to learn your opinion on potential and about role this country?

- the Near East the next 25 years, truth, with Iran together,   this certainly power texture of the world. It most, the vulnerable area, also will be most astable. I so feel. At least, all tendencies are set so. And this factor will influence very sharply the prices power. Though I am absolute, and even in Iraq, giving interview, underlined what outright to say that there war and all other things from - for oil absolutely is impossible. There other tendencies, more difficult order both historical, and political, and geopolitical.
Iraq, the next 5 years it is exact, and I think, 10 years to wait for stability there it is not necessary. All it is foretold by us, both the president before an aggravation and occurrence there military forces, has been told, I mean our president, here such estimation. Now you have told: can tend to raspolzaniju. To me sharper business sees.
  we will tell, Israel, Hezbollah Lebanon, Syria, what further? Iran. Do not result the Lord. I am deeply convinced that a word can have raspolzanie it is necessary to forget, it is necessary to put more sharply for itself, not to us personally, and that who is engaged in it, questions that cannot be, and on a broader scale tendencies such firm. There is a world community problem to stop these tendencies. But all of them are tracked.
if a tendency sharply not to stop that capture, not capture even territorial, and capture by the conflict of Lebanon which already in the conflict, also do not result the Lord, Syria and further, it   will not seem for decades a little.
  Here to you and all influence on the world prices, because stocks and concrete things there. The Greatest real danger economic is Saudi Arabia. If this aggravation which goes, natural war, not outright even, and through the third forces concerns Saudi Arabia to us faster will not seem to everything as the prices will rise a little.
we have agreed that the world prices for Russia are good, and it is necessary to use. But they there will be a negative effect. Because we do not quicken real sector, we do not do projects and etc. we Rest on laurels. It is very bad.

- Yury Konstantinovich, and about what the president spoke in the Message, about creation of a stock exchange rouble for energy carriers for sale. And in this connection also convertibility of rouble. Since July, 1st, we know that attempt is, it is already introduced. How you think, it will affect in any image rise in prices for fuel in the state and in the world? If there will be a stock exchange directly in Moscow.

- the Stock exchange is one of tools with which Russia, a stock exchange Russian for roubles, we will underline, could   more teleologically to influence the world prices. And by that to come back to ourselves because we depend on them considerably enough. From the world prices for oil today. Unfortunately. And it not the fact main, but very important. I absolutely support this initiative. Also I consider that it owes a life is realised.
  at the American economy and at America as that immeasurably is more than such mechanisms, because their stock markets, and economy and as the consumer they to 30 % consume the made.
and the consumer, as it is known, is always right.   But I would tell that for internal revival it is necessary to pass and to that I named conditionally an equipment stock exchange. Because without revival of branches of economy of others, we are waited by large failure.
  the largest danger to Russia is a technological backlog. For 70 - 80 - e   years the world has made jump after effect of shock growth of the power prices. Russia or Soviet Union whereas time have stood, have frozen and technologically began to lag behind. Here present, and it already now goes that highly technological elements are claimed, actions of the companies which are engaged in these things including over new sources of power grow on months at stock exchanges. About what it speaks? The Western world has again gone to a technological separation. We will still be taken year - two on the high prices.
we can technologically lag behind so that business already it in tens years, and we will already catch up with hundreds years. It is the largest danger.

- And that means: not to lag behind technologically?

- to Pass from a stock exchange oil to an equipment stock exchange. And on a broader scale to be engaged in home market.

- And if to other energy carriers, it too new technologies. To a wind, the sun the world will pass. How it is all will affect?

- I consider that tendencies already in the world are typed, They such, as green rostochki. How much the world economy will allow to these sprouts to develop, this business already of next days and years. But all sprouts proizrosli from bioresources to hydrogen power.
  to your data, in Germany now buy up everything that wind in power. And everything that from light and from other different elements. Grinned earlier, and today go and buy up all. And actions of these companies grow. Here is how time is an indicator that the world will survive, it will find all the same other elements. However, a hydrocarbonic cycle in the nearest 30 - 50 years all the same - main, But 30 years it not so already and much. Means, in this time will appear   what we already know also will become stronger, and there will be the new elements connected with other power sources.

the Newspaper the Tribune :
- Yury Konstantinovich, last years rates of increase of oil recovery were slowed down. And you said that the next 3 years they will make 1 - 2 %. A leah It is possible in this connection to expect deficiency of oil products in our market? And a leah it is possible to avoid it?

- it is unconditional, rupture between export and internal consumption is very important. I consider that levers at the government will suffice. But power consumption of Russia is low. Does not meet requirements of revival of economy and problems which the country leaders, are intoned by the president. That is consumption needs to be increased obviously.

the Newspaper the Tribune :
- Why rates of increase of power consumption are low?

- Because revival of other branches still occurs small or any. I have arrived to Tyumen, I regularly go on the native land, half of field is ploughed, half - is not present. I ask the proprietor. He speaks: there was no diesel fuel. Strangely enough, knowing this family, I understand that he could not buy. It not any populism or a bluff, or that the person could not make it for other reasons. It is the fact.

the Newspaper the Tribune :
- you named 18 % growth of wholesale prices and 2,5 roznitsy. A leah says it it is necessary what to overestimate in retail?

- It means that oil industry workers approached to the consumer and from that as early as a year more responsibly and even one and a half years ago the methods mixed growth of street prices. But wholesale collect, they will prop up when - that. When? Today? In half a year?

- They work at a loss?

- I would not tell, if is fair, so, but with very small profitability in home market. Because covers the basic problems with export.

is a social responsibility such?

is only the beginning of that I name social responsibility. Certainly, the state should tell more firmly that will suffice to speak about partnership. The state is responsible for the country and the people. Including for large business

- In Moscow pricing as - that differs from Russia?

- It more konkurentno. Because here were present and there are different companies. We when - that have entered them, have made the big blessing. And from the end 90 - h there   warps did not become, adaptation has passed. It is necessary to continue not to suppose monopolism in Moscow. A minimum five large players, and hundreds small let will be, should be. That is a minimum three, and even five large companies should have on 15 at least market percent everyone. So it is conditional, of course, between 10 and 20.
It, of course, Moscow differs. In other regions monopolism big, considerable, sometimes the dramatic. And I from the face even the union, and from myself personally recommended to the state to speak for a long time not much about laws, and to take and publish podzakonnye certificates and in practice to look that it is necessary to do with monopolism there. It should about 30 % of factories on capacities be given averages and small enterprises. And, on the same parametres, as well as that there was no voluntarism. And, certainly, to take measures firm, rigid.

Magazine Oil of Russia :
- National   IPO Rosneft in your opinion, that   has shown? And a leah will be   it to have influence on stock market?

- Certainly, I on a word national has stumbled.

Magazine Oil of Russia :
is the standard term.

- Yes, at us as, and we tell the first sprout: all already, communism, and here. IPO Rosneft I consider as sign event. It is an outstanding success, not for effect, an outstanding success

- Rosneft or the states?

- it is concrete, the president. Because its authority has provided attraction of those shareholders which it is necessary, at such price. Because to collect for such short term, and for such volume of the thrown out actions, such money, it is tremendous success.
  at once we take whom? Those who prosecuted technical subjects, management of the companies. And, certainly, practically one, it is the president. And the second The factor. It is the hugest responsibility of a management and management for the further events.
to take - that took, success have provided. And how to keep? And how growth to provide further? Here, as the oil industry worker and as the person who supervised over similar structures, I can tell that I shudder from such responsibility. I would shudder from such responsibility. Both worked day and night and has told still that would involve from any tens assistants and experts from others it is perfect spheres, not only in the company.
and the third factor, the so-called national. For the first time something has gone, we speak about the market and about so-called capitalism, and we hold the large companies in personally oligarchical property. It is impossible, it is impossible, it not capitalism. In the world such is not present.
And in this connection also management in the world the companies, and work with investment resources, and interaction with the state - a miscellaneous. Not because Blair is great or John Brown is greater, both great in the different worlds. At John Brown only one thousand percent of shares, but it the great head. At the same time behind it of ten, millions shareholders. It is responsible for their money. The same shareholders - voters partially in this case at Tony Blair.
  and another personifies that, other management system of large business and large economy. I many times told it.
Tony Blair and John Brown, maybe, will move to Moscow, from it will change nothing. The company English, the capital natsionalen   through millions people.
at us the proprietor of the company will move with the passport border, where the capital? Where the company? With the passport has left, because a controlling stock at it. Certainly, it is the heaviest position politiko - economic about which did not want to speak. It is good that a considerable quantity of journalists and chambers because I tried and try to give answers   on a professional estimation. Perhaps, not all of them are pleasant to you. You from me pull all: Rouble, dollar.

- about two factors, which, actually, both rouble, and dollar. A leah depends a dollar rate decrease now on rise in prices for gasoline how it is interconnected at us in the country? And the second moment, inflation, you have told nothing about it. How it influences rise in prices?

- In the world the world prices for oil and a status of a world financial system of a thing it is difficult, but connected. Also is not so many publications on this subject because it is very difficult, but extremely important part of world life, world economy. And that sometimes we argue, rates in America what, and at that time why the dollar falls? And here it is favourable to someone and how? And at that time what prices for oil?. Things connected, very much against each other influencing. But, truth, not rectilinearly, through different mechanisms and not the simple. Knowingly speak, Uoll - strit in New York is a thing such, in many respects and through these elements, not through any person, not any gathering, and through elements of the mechanism it occurs. To us it is necessary to watch it, we depend on it. Including our internal economic situation is natural. And through the price for oil. And it is natural through a parity rouble - dollar.
we Will return besides to one of elements, but for the first time offered, it is an oil stock exchange for roubles. It as one of elementikov. Them it is necessary to create hundreds. Communication - mediated, soft.
- And more aspect - inflation in the country.

is all the same. If wholesale prices have risen on 15,5 by that half-year I would not like to open other statistics. I would tell - yes, for 15 percent precisely inflation. It is the fact for me. For those who considers on - to another, that is another matter, they experts of other profile.
  I - energetik, economy - energetik, we will tell so.

- Yury Konstantinovich, I would like, that you have listed factors which all have already been named,   influencing rise in prices for gasoline for the consumer in nazyvnom an order.

- Not all are, of course, named.   believe: dogs are buried there, where I   has told. These are projects straight lines if we did not do them 15 years. We speak about what? Factories oil refining,   in total units have made reconstruction.
and where new factories, where new technologies? At us of 70 % an exit of oil products, there - 93.
That it is possible to repeat? Certainly, tax system which is adhered to the prices world, there grows, at us the automatic machine. Differentiation. Well, spoke - spoke, have started to operate. But differentiation to spend without production schedules as the professional I will tell, it so, I would add a rough word. The nonsense is full. Because it is necessary to define at first production schedules, then under them to do differentiation tax, rather the reverse. Yes, certainly, though it is that and that is fine. From stocks, from east projects to which should give clearing. But where we will shift? What, on other highly effective sites? After all can give there anything, a zero. It is all at once it will be counted. And therefore many - many factors. By and large, it so.
  Overall performance of the companies, is the main thing. The second - efficiency of use of bowels. We have dropped efficiency of use of bowels even by the Soviet period.
the world leaves. It is purely state problem. It should demand. It - demands. But is more system, it is necessary to demand more rigidly. Direct investments in direct projects. On them it is necessary to judge, if there is no revival. All other is stories, about portfelnyh, neportfelnyh the investments, all it influences. But it let as speak, influences in the fifth turn.
  certainly, structural reforms. And in the government more rigid. I would recommend, to enter the oil ministry. And federal districts to reach, agencies there are necessary.
  I - not the spitpoison, also have sustained many investigations, official investigations of a stock exchange on activity of this or that board of directors, in which I the participant. I know it, what responsibility. When at us will pass the investigations, the first councillors of directors will publicly respond, I will tell - yes, responsibility starts to rise. And so while it is all from crafty.
where all - taki we go? When we speak, from the raw state to the hi-tech.   so, does not happen, it again from feudalism in communism. So does not happen, and so will not be.
  And here the mechanism which we offer. All is sincerely limiting. In Perm, having held session about 3 years ago, we there already have groped these mechanisms and have sounded. It through an innovative way of development which is now firmly intoned. But through a resource component, through the order of the equipment Russian, let with the western technology.
  let it will be on 90 % at first. But if in a year through the oil industry worker, through servisnika, especially servisnikov it is necessary to allocate it now, immediately. In the country there should be expensive service. I mean, of course, service oil and gas. There will be expensive service, you will see that expensive orders have gone on expensive equipment. Here an exit. Here revival of other branches of economy.
and it is already primitive, it is dialogue of the government and the companies, which effect gave and gives. It should go in a constant mode. But for this purpose now and the thermal power station commission is created by the government, and elements of coordination of interests and discussions at Ministry of Economics are. I consider that platforms are, means, if the society considers that obviously is late or not it is necessary a voice not only from me, and that I still will appear the most extreme oracle. Both 21 roubles, and crisis. I do not want it. I consider that it is not necessary to frighten each other. We should have nerves as it should be.

- Yury Konstantinovich, thanks you that you have given us such comfort that if the critical moment will come - 20 - 21 rouble for gasoline litre, all - taki is platforms where it is possible to agree. I believe, except the above-stated commissions also a press - the centre .

- It is impossible to suppose, it is necessary to prevent crisis.

- it is unconditional. Thanks that were at us.