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Where krasnodartsam to have a rest this summer?

Claudia ZANGIEVA, the chief of department of tourism of Federal customs service of Joint-Stock Company Rostek - Novorossisk :

- Carrying out of summer children`s camps and programs of active travel for children of schoolboys - the basic and favourite line of activity of our company. You can choose the travel for children program on summer vacations in Moscow suburbs, on Volga, on Valdai, in Bulgaria, Czechia, Italy, on Ladoga and on Altai. The main thing that the camp program has approached on age and interests to your child. Cost of vacation packages from 12 thousand roubles.

rest in Bulgaria is very popular. It is the beautiful nature, the extensive excursion program, the warm sea, kindliness and hospitality of the local residents, saved from Soviet period. And here that has really changed, so it is repaired and freshened up the hotels, the improved service and, of course, grown up prices. But all - taki not so that this country became expensive direction inaccessible mass to the tourist. So Bulgaria and remains today to one of the best variants of rather inexpensive family rest - especially with children. Cost of ten-day tour in this country - from 10 thousand roubles.

the Weight of indelible impressions will be presented to you by rest in Kareliya. As it is known, at each medal two parties, and that circumstance that tourism in Kareliya till now has not risen on a stream has allowed this edge to save ecology, beauty and protogenic wildness the nature.   and it now the expensive costs. Therefore it is no wonder that every year here comes more and more the Russian travellers. Working in the tourist market, our company became not only the witness, but also the participant of growth of this popularity.   vacation package cost to Kareliya - from 5 thousand roubles.

Tatyana the FROST, the head of student`s travel agency STAR Travel   in Krasnodar:    

- the Russian tourist branch actively develops. Various tourist packages on training and rest both on territory of Russia, and behind its limits are ready to get the increasing quantity of parents for the children. Safety issues children`s and youth travel stand very sharply. How this problem dares?

Our company - the leader of branch of youth travel of Russia - initiated creation in Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Committee on educational tours and children`s tourism. The main thing in activity of new committee is assistance to safety children`s and youth travel, and also protection of the rights and interests of Russian children and youth according to the Federal law About tourism .

At direct participation of committee the list of the companies giving financial guarantees at the organisation of nurseries and educational tours is prepared. It is important to remember that if you go abroad, using the firm registered in the Uniform federal register of VEILS of the Russian Federation, what with you happens abroad - an emergency situation, problems with a receiving party or quality of services, - always there is a possibility to come back home and thus to have guarantees of indemnification of means, thanks to the insurance financial deposit. It is very important component of security, but that the majority of the companies which are engaged in children`s and educational tourism in Russia, do not provide it very few people is informed.   now our basic efforts are directed on legalisation of activity of the companies which will organise travel for children and educational tours. In the latent form of tourist`s camera activity now are engaged to 70 % of the largest companies on which share it is necessary more than 65 % in the given segment of the market. And it means that under the threat there can be a security of rest more than 65 % of Russian children and youth.


Not casually STAR Travel has declared problems of security of granting of children`s tourist services.

STAR Travel - leading youth travel agency of Russia which is the general representative of the largest network of the international agencies STAR Travel in territory of Russia. The company in 1995 is based. Has representation in 14 cities of the Russian Federation and contracts about cooperation with more than 50 leading high schools of Russia. Representations of our partner STAR Travel are located on all continents of a planet: the company has over 2000 offices more than in 80 countries of the world.

the basic lines of activity and company services concern:

* sale of special air tickets on exclusive youth fares, students and teachers;
* development of the market of electronic tickets in Russia;
* development student`s and youth travel in the Russian Federation;
* distribution international student`s (ISIC) and teaching (ITIC) certificates;
* the training organisation on various language and to educational programs worldwide;
* the organisation of student`s rest under program Work and Travel USA.

Choose financial guarantees, planning training and vacation abroad

That it is necessary to know about educational tour programs? Where to receive the information and how is better to dispose and receive to it guarantees of what all conditions promised by the operator will be met and all services are rendered, and you save the finance and nervous cages?

is more detailed about the basic problems of the organisation of educational tour     Boris Samarjanov and the head of the Krasnodar division STAR Travel Tatyana Moroz have told the general director of Youth travel agency STAR Travel , the head of Committee ATOR of educational tours and children`s tourism.

- What companies are engaged today in the organisation of training and training abroad?

- Historically so has developed that in Russia, as well as in the majority of the countries of the world, in this market two types of the companies work. The first - large enough organisations, representations of the foreign language and educational centres or the domestic companies, whose efficiency and reliability it is checked up by time. Such structures specialise on work with schoolboys and youth, and, as a rule, have branched out enough network of representations.  

the Second type of the organisations - the small companies created by in most cases former employees of large structures or the family companies. A parity of a market share for these two types of the companies in each country a miscellaneous. In the western market the small family companies, with small staff and the turn, rendering specialised services, for example, prevail. In Russia trust large firms though judging by quantity of the small firms offering educational tourist services, demand while exceeds the offer more.

  - that it is necessary to learn about agency before to use its services?

- Until recently recommendations of friends were the most exact criterion of a choice of the company. But since last year there was one more starting point: Have entered the new form of company registration in Federal agency on tourism of the Russian Federation (VEILS of the Russian Federation), replacing licensing in the given kind of enterprise activity. Each company,   independently organising a trip for citizens of Russia or the foreign states, including visa support, purchase of tickets, the organisation of residing and other, with ANY purposes, including education, - to be obliged it to is brought in the Uniform federal register of VEILS of the Russian Federation. For such check in the company should provide presence of a financial guarantee of the state by means of bank or the insurance company which makes today 5 million roubles, and since June, 1st, 2008 will be estimated in the sum of 10 million roubles. In this case, clients of such organisations can be assured in   to protection of the rights and qualities of given services at the state level.

it is important to remember that educational tours - a version of tourist business. By new rules if you go abroad, using the firm brought in   the Uniform federal register that with you does not happen abroad   (the company was ruined, there were problems with a receiving party or quality of services), always there is a possibility   to come back home, having guarantees of that to you compensate means for not rendered or poor-quality services thanks to the insurance financial deposit. It is very important component of security. Unfortunately, now in the market of educational tourism only about 30 % of the companies are registered in the Uniform federal register, and all the others work with transgression, masking the activity under educational and consulting services. Thus they, upon, carry out tourist`s camera activity, but any guarantees it is not given to clients of these organisations.

- How much travel agencies in Russia offer today education abroad?

- By our calculations, in Russia now an order 60 - 70 companies on which share it is necessary about 95 % of the market and which independently make and sell educational programs as to clients directly, and by means of subagencies. Thus, only nearby 20 from them while are registered in the Uniform federal register and give financial guarantees to the clients.

But now in our market the positive tendency was outlined and actively there is a legalisation process: the state checks the companies, forcing to leave them a shade. That, undoubtedly, gives to the Russian tourists, students and schoolboys additional guarantees both own security, and quality of the services, after all not any small firm is capable to provide annually a financial guarantee in such large size.

- Exists   Leah an obligatory package deal which the agency is obliged to give to the client?

- At the educational tour organisation all rendered services can be divided into two types conditionally: standard services which the travel agency at the organisation of any tour (renders the air ticket order, medical insurance in a trip, visa registration, the organisation of a transfer and etc.) And specific services and procedures. They are diverse: all depends that of what purposes are pursued by the student or his parents and on what the accent - on rest, education will be put first of all and etc.

Depending on these requirements for large agency to you will recommend the suitable country, the program, residing variants, an educational program, national structure of groups, the list of additional excursions, playing sports and etc. But anyway, of course, it is necessary to read attentively the contract before its signing that there were no vain expectations and possibilities for unfair work.

- On what cost of services of the agencies offering education and training abroad depends?

-   Cost is defined first of all professionalnostju the companies. More often, if the company gives financial guarantees, the material aspect of their work is transparent enough. As they are obliged to correspond to the law completely. From the text of the contract with similar firm it is accurately visible, what sum goes on payment of school, the centre or camp, on agency compensation, how much is the ticket and etc.

And the small companies as we already spoke with you above, do not name more often themselves travel agencies, officially do not register the activity, and mask under masks of the firms rendering consulting or educational services.   such firms will suggest you to pay very often any consulting gathering, then will ask to go to bank and to pay school services directly .   Probably, will sell the air ticket, or will simply recommend to be converted into the next agency where the organizer of a trip also will receive subsequently the commission for the air ticket redeemed by you. At last, such companies can have arrangements with language schools that the client translates school the sum considerably exceeding cost of training, and the difference remains on a certain offshore abacus in favour of the company - the organizer of a trip. But even if training cost in the same language centre will be comparable at the different companies, think, a leah it is necessary to subject itself to such risks.

to be protected from similar firms, it is necessary to observe two major corrected. The first - attentively to read the contract. If it is made on consulting service, instead of on rendering of tourist services, speech, most likely, will go about the latent form of tourist`s camera activity, and will track structure of your expenses very difficult. The second - check, a leah enters the company to which you were converted, in the Uniform Federal register of Federal Agency on tourism - this list actively replenishes today, and its actual variant is accessible on a site of VEILS to the address: http:// www. russiatourism. ru/. If the company in the Register does not appear, it is possible, without refusing its services, to demand for the organisation of your training to involve officially registered tour operator, to have confidence of observance of all treaty provisions and financial guarantees of a trip. However, in this case, cost of your travel, most likely will increase.

- How correctly to be prepared for educational tour? What reefs it is possible to expect?

- By experience of the child and our clients I can tell that the most difficult trip - the first. The young man and furthermore, the child, feels powerful cultural shock. More often, in this situation to it not before serious training. And in this situation it is very important, that nearby there were professional teachers who will manage to reduce to a minimum of a consequence of a shock. Better for the first time to choose not so sated program, for example language & rest and it is exact at well checked up school.   thus,   the schoolboy   or the student can easily accept new mode of study and understand it,   and then further it will be already possible to plan effectively and serious educational   projects.

Natalia LOGINOV, the director of travel agency   Natalia - tour :

- Here and   there has come long-awaited summer, and together with it and it is time holidays. Every year more and more inhabitants of Kuban prefer rest in Abkhazia. After all where still you will find the such it is crystal - the pure emerald sea, coast with a snow-white pebble, box and evkaliptovye groves! There is no the best place for family rest, than this   the cosy and solar country.

the Pearl of Black sea magnificent Abkhazia -   a favourite direction of work of our firm. Wishing to have a rest in this blest edge so it is a lot of that   vacation packages in the same   sanatorium   Amra   or boarding house Litfond   practically   are bought up. But in Abkhazia there are many places where it is possible perfectly   to have a rest and nasyshchenno to spend time.   to take, for example,   Gagru where we can place our tourists in Rest house Apsny - Abazashta new boarding houses Gagripsh Mamzishchha and also   in private hostels   Sea and   At the sea .   It is possible to have great time and in the city of Gudauta. Though this place not untwisted from the point of view of tourism, but here too is also magnificent transparent   the sea, and perfect beaches.   with residing too problems will not be. To services having a rest new private hostels Gudou Edward Inar . In Gudautsky area have capitally repaired   boarding house Gold coast which waits having a rest. Being in these edges, it makes sense   to visit a source Seaside where you can pass a course of improving procedures with use of thermal waters and a medical dirt which will provide   to you a vivacity charge for the whole year. At having a rest the boarding house " uses great popularity also; Mjussera .

New Athos, well-known   the   a monastery and a cave, it is traditionally conceived as excursion object. And after all it also   Magnificent vacation spot! One of variants which we offer the tourists, - mini - hostel Anakopija . Affable owners of this cosy place with pleasure will treat you with magnificent dishes of Caucasian cuisine.

Despite antipropagation from Georgia, rest in Abkhazia all becomes more popular. And differently cannot be, after all not without reason this blest edge name paradise particle on the guilty earth .

One more of lines of activity of ours   firms are daily trips on the sea. You will not have problems how to reach vacation spot, after all every day   in a direction of a bay of Inal, Arhipo - Osipovki, Dzhubgi, Lermontov, New Mihajlovsky go   fixed-route taxis. In a bay of Inal we offer bases of rest the house-keeper - klasa on 1 - m, 2 - m and 3 - m sites. A cost of residence - from 320 rbl./ days. In   settlement Arhipo - Osipovka   At us in realisation base of rest Aquarius .   the Base is on planted trees and shrubs, beautiful   territories where there is a children`s playground, a rest room, a sun deck. Aquarius it is located on river bank Teshebs, in ten minutes of walking from the sea. In June cost   residing of only 220 roubles for days. In Arhipo - Osipovke also many private hostels with different level of comfort - from the house-keeper - a class to elite. We offer arrivals for 2, 5, 7 and more days.

And on a broader scale, our firm works at all coast from Anapa to Adler.

we Offer and rest abroad. It   all fallen in love Turkey   with Antalia, which is famous for the   by the azure sea, the majestic mounts covered with emerald wood, picturesque natural bays and   a soft steady climate and a pearl of Egejsky coast - Marmaris.   Departure from Krasnodar and Rostov. There is at us and tours in such countries, as Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus.

But also, our firm realises   vacation packages in DOTS the Kuban Field . It is unique children`s camp with sanatorno - resort treatment. It is necessary to small gourmets to liking various   a buffet where they can choose dishes on the taste, and also cosy numbers with   split - systems. Your children will receive weight of indelible impressions from   rest in to the Kuban Field after all here children`s leisure is perfectly well organised.

If you want to have a rest comfortably for reasonable prices, be converted into our firm!  

Diana HADIPASH, the director of travel agency Aquamarine - tour :  

- Summer -   it is time holidays. After winter colds people with the great pleasure   are glad to go to bathe in the sea, to get warm in beams of the tender sun, to sunbathe and simply to have a rest. One of the most popular resorts are Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and Montenegro in this summer.

Turkey. Cities of this east country allure many years foreign tourists and travellers. Level of hotels and the low prices - the main advantage of local resorts.   Thanks to such parity of a vacation package to Turkey are bought up long before treasured date. Than rest in this country is still attractive? Healing waters of sources and aroma of the south of such cities, as Alanija, Kemer and Antalia. Excellent weather and magnificent service will help to relax and take pleasure in rest perfectly.

Cyprus. All summer months can be spent safely in this country as the local climate is considered the most moderate and healthy all over the world. Cyprus is famous for the wild-growing colours (one only orchids is more than 38 kinds), in the spring covering the earth a continuous fragrant carpet, plantations of oranges, lemons and the grapefruits filling air by the exotic aromas.

Spain. It is considerably allocated among other countries of Europe. Than the native land of bullfight of tourists involves? Basically ancient cities and solar beaches of Barcelona, Tenerife, Ibiza, Majorca, Gran - Kanarii, Andalusia, Kosta - Are gallant, Kosta - Giltheads, Kosta - Forms. And after all it not all for the sake of what it is necessary to visit this surprising country. Summer here roast - from +23 to 29. On Canary Islands a climate mainly tropical, average temperature in the summer +26 - 28 (water - 22 - 23). One   from the best vacation spots in Spain are   villay Kosta - Forms. The velvet climate of this unique resort will present to you possibility to take pleasure in heat and a sea surf. Here there are no sharp differences of temperatures, and in air aroma of the sun, oranges and almonds is immutably felt. ... If when - nibud also there was paradise on the earth it should be in kingdom Valenisija - one of writers admired. It really one of exclusive corners of the world.

Montenegro. For the last years tours in this surprisingly beautiful country have received great popularity in the Russian market. And it is not casual: here the magnificent beaches, four national parks, the magnificent nature, the cleanest sea, the best hotels, the most interesting excursion program including possibility without the visa to visit Dubrovnik, vkusnejshaja inexpensive meal, remarkable wines and surprisingly hospitable people - a word everything to make rest in Montenegro pleasant and indelible.

And fantastic Croatia!   It is the country, which it is necessary to visit to take pleasure in its rare and unique beauty. Tours here not only extend every year, but also become more and more attractive and interesting. One of the most non-polluting in Europe, Croatia is the present champion on number of national parks (them here seven!) . In Croatia there is all: in radius of 100 km you can see the sea, rocks, lakes, porosshie wood hills, fertile plains and very original ancient cities. Having got tours to Croatia, you we will get the new world which remains in your memory for ever!


Tatyana ZHURAVLYOV, the director of travel company Alex :

- Our travel agency this year is ready to offer you as the old, known directions fallen in love by all - Turkey, Cyprus, Greece Czechia, and new: these are islands   Malta and   Crete, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro,   and also beach rest in Italy, Spain and France in French riviera. Every year at our citizens   the increasing popularity is got by excursion tours over Russia and Europe.

This summer we are ready to please you both variety of offers, and a variety of the prices for all presented directions.

For today Turkey occupies one of priority directions from our citizens. We are convinced that in this country there will be a place for all tastes - and for those who already very close sign with this country, and for those who has decided to have a rest here for the first time. Come to us! We always   are ready to please our clients with more democratic prices and offers!

One of leaders turoperatov is also the travel agency the Carnival . She offers educational tour, excursion tours. we will help you to make a correct choice!