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a leah to Hard us with three children? When they were not it it is heavy!

Svetlana Zhukovsky, the director the Center of Reproductive Medicine with children born from frozen embryos

After nine years of fruitless attempts to become by parents minchane Natalia and Alexander Lazarevy have found at once threefold parental happiness. The happiness which would be impossible without the aid of experts of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine

to Tell that the motherhood very much goes to Natasha - not to tell anything. From this to edges the overflowed sparkling pleasure, surprisingly womanly and thus very young woman it is impossible to look away! Perhaps all the matter is that it is not simply happy, and is happy in threefold degree? While our photographer removes the laughing Natasha and its three seven-mouth kids, I understand what to ask such pertinent question in these cases: And how you cope at once with three? I would not like

at all

I Think, would not began to ask this question and those who knows history of a family of Natalia and Alexander. History about which Natasha now tells easily and easy - though events of these nine years by lungs for it and the husband at all was not.

- Already in half a year after our wedding I have come on consultation to the Republican centre Marriage and family - simply to be convinced that at me that`s OK and I at any moment can become mother, - Natasha tells. - and me after numerous analyses make the diagnosis barreness . I was horrified simply! The reason of my barreness to reveal could not in any way, simply spoke - try still, suddenly it will turn out We tried again and again, and the first years not too worried - thought, means, God yet does not give. Again made tests, did tests for compatibility the Manager of the centre where I stood on the account, by Lilija Aleksandrovna Zhukovsky, has insisted on that I have made a picture of pipes. there is an adhesive process, but pipes are passed, - such diagnosis was put by doctors. - try further . Then I have made laparoskopicheskuju operation, and gynecologists have told - go and become pregnant. But has passed as early as two years And the whole nine years since that moment as I have heard for the first time the diagnosis barreness .

About a method ekstrakorporalnogo Natasha read fertilisations which gives chance to fruitless families in even the hopeless cases most, apparently, and heard time and again. And without long fluctuations it has decided to be converted to progressive achievements of medicine.

- I began to learn about our medical centres which work on this method, about doctors, about degree of probability of approach of pregnancy. children from a test tube frightened me, not the husband, native is all the same thy own, long-awaited children, irrespective of medical technologies which help today to fruitless steams. It has appeared that among my acquaintances already there were families which were converted into the Center of reproductive medicine to the doctor to Svetlana Zhukovsky and which safely became parents. So one and a half years ago I the first time have come to the Center of reproductive medicine. Having learnt about term of my barreness and the spent laparoscopy, experts of the Center did not begin to postpone - we with the husband have passed all inspections and necessary preparation for fertilisation on method EKO. And all has turned out, and from the very first attempt! I remember, how Svetlana Viktorovna Zhukovsky at podsadke three-day embryos has exclaimed: What beautiful! . I was so is proud, at once have believed: my embryos - most - most

And here there was not all so simply further. In four weeks of pregnancy at Natasha the bleeding has begun, it had to lay down in hospital. Doctors then managed to rescue its pregnancy, having lost only one of four got accustomed embryos. Then one more very difficult period laid ahead a family of Lazarevyh. About risk mnogoplodnoj pregnancy both for mother and for the child in the Center of reproductive medicine warn all women, recommending it is obligatory to do a reduction - that is to delete one of three embryos...

Lazarevy have gone to St.-Petersburg where in one of the medical centres perform operations on a reduction. But for an hour before operation at Natasha the bleeding has suddenly opened, and the reduction could not be spent under medical indications. To it have suggested to arrive in two weeks and have thus told that growing embryos should not exceed the size in 66 millimetres at all, will do differently operation dangerously. Before the second trip Natasha has made in ultrasonic hospital: exactly 66 millimetres. But next day in the Petersburg centre of ultrasonic has shown already 80 millimetres

- I do not know, what a difference was in equipment, whether something from above has not allowed to perform this operation the Doctor has gone to consult in the director of the medical centre, then has returned and has told: Too late . And the same has repeated to my husband. Sasha looked at me, without knowing, that to expect - when we the first time have returned from Peter, I have cried days from - that it is necessary to go on a reduction once again And I speak: Sasha, thank God! . I understood that very much I risk, almost half-term lay on preservation, but thanks to our doctors nevertheless became mum of three children. And now it is simply impossible to present that them could be only two!

it is valid, difficult even to admit thought that someone from these charming kids was not born - constantly ready to blur in a smile hitrjulja - Cyril, good-natured clodhopper Andrjusha and fragile bolsheglazaja Inga

- Despite all difficulties, on all our experiences, I all the same remember the pregnancy as unusually happy time. Around were surprised - as, at once three children, we here with one hardly go, and still to give birth, and to grow up By the way, on 29 - j to week I have arrived on ultrasonic to the Center of reproductive medicine, and Svetlana Viktorovna has told that I at them not one such having many children - a reduction have refused and its patients from Kamchatka wait trojnju. By the way, their kids safely were born soon after mine.

Children Natasha and Sashi were born in 36 weeks by means of Cesarean section: names to boys were thought up by mum, and a name to a daughter who now so is similar to the father, chose Sasha.

One of kids goes with the grandmother on walk, two others remain to have a rest with mum, and, leaving this hospitable and on - to the present the happy house where we have appeared on the eve of Day of mother, I all - taki ask - a leah hard at once with three?

- I as - how all little girls, went to guess, and to me then have told that at me will be three children, - Natasha remembers. - Troy, so three: At first one, a year or two from now another, then the third - I thought. And it has appeared - three at once! But I do not feel any threefold weight: when I look at the kids, the happiness outweighs all the rest. And my husband perfectly well copes with children, it even holiday for three months after their birth took there Has arrived from village mum so we look after kids all together. To tell the truth, and I am material yet I do not feel that at us three children - girlfriends, the neighbours, familiar have presented so much all for trojnjashek! The city has allocated material aid for purchase of prophetic first necessity, besides, to us have given the soft loan on building of four-room apartment. So I recommend to give birth to three children!

- I so waited for grandsons so dreamt of all of them these years, - on eyes of mum Natasha, Maria Vasilevny, navorachivajutsja tear. - so on a question, a leah to hard us, I will respond so: It is heavy, when children at us were not


- Trojnja is always event, this huge happiness, but also huge risk, - the director of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine Svetlana Viktorovna ZHUKOVSKY tells. - And on the statistican, it very much the unusual occurrence Is known that at use of method EKO trojni turn out is is connected by more often that we place to the woman at once some embryos to increase probability of approach of pregnancy. But as soon as physicians find out that all three embryos have got accustomed, they recommend to do reduction procedure - that is on term till 11 weeks to perform operation on removal of one of plodnyh eggs. Certainly, it is very heavy psychologically for that family which many long years a vein dream at least about one child But nevertheless the risk in a case mnogoplodnoj pregnancy is very high both for a fruit and for the woman. To take out trojnju to term is a rarity so the probability of approach of premature birth About all it we is high we tell to our patients. But nevertheless there are at us steams which for whatever reasons refuse a reduction. For us it is exclusive patients, we do not cease to be stirred for them until, yet we will not hear that three their kids safely were born. So, for last year at our patients was born 7 troen, from them three - in Minsk. Sometimes, as in a case with Natalia and Alexander, any forces from above interfered, sometimes, as it was with our patients from Kamchatka, the pair itself refuses a reduction, despite risk. I on - to the present am happy that for these families years of fruitless expectations of the child have ended so well, and would like to thank all doctors who so show consideration for these uneasy beremennostjam. By the way, all we trojni in Minsk were born by means of doctors 7 - j clinical hospital - giving thanks to their professionalism, knowledge, patience, keenness for mums and kids all has passed safely. I want to tell to these remarkable experts: without your participation of these unusual troen would not be on light! Today, in Day of mother, I on behalf of employees of the Center of reproductive medicine would like to congratulate all readers all mothers, all our patients with this perfect feast. I wish each woman to test happiness of motherhood, to give life to beautiful, healthy, clever children and to believe: miracles happen! After all each of 1610 children which were born by means of experts of our Center, is live to volume acknowledgement.

Life goes on!



Christmas history about a miracle births

For the woman which letter we publish today, the positive miracle as which usually consider as the God`s providence, has been created by doctors of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine

I know that before Christmas it is accepted to tell wonderful stories. I would like to tell such story about a positive miracle - a birth miracle. Who knows, maybe, it will turn something in life of those families which are deprived pleasure to have children.

We with the husband were beautiful, loving, well-founded pair. In pair, instead of a family because that it to be called, we did not have not enough the third - the little man, the son or a daughter. On fruitless attempts to become parents years, money, nerves, tears left. Annual treatment in the best clinics of Moscow, Germany, Belgium, laparoskopicheskie operations, expensive resorts, nonconventional vrachevateli, psychics seemed To us that we have passed all. I knew that in my situation (at me both pipes have been removed) to become mother the usual, bestowed God by me is never given. But why - that to us was not possible to make it and by means of a unique possible way - to become pregnant by means of a method ekstrakorporalnogo fertilisations. I tried not to run into despair, each time after unsuccessful attempt repeated to myself: Next time all will be obligatory well! . This phrase I had to say twenty times 20 unsuccessful attempts! you could buy one more apartment in Moscow - as - that one of my friends has told. I could give everything that I have hearing a word mum from the kid - I have responded then.

To me was for forty when on reception in one of the Russian centres the doctor has told to me: you have not enough time. There is one clinic which shows very much approach good results beremennostej . Then I have heard for the first time about Minsk the Center of reproductive medicine, about its director to Svetlana Zhukovsky and embriologe to Tatyana Ignatevoj. Now these names stand for me in the same row with names of the most close and expensive people.

40 % of percent of approach of pregnancy at carrying out EKO - the figure in the Center of reproductive medicine three years ago was such! Almost twice more than in those centres where I already was And I have again believed that this time all will be obligatory well.

the Point! - I joked, gathering to Minsk that in the twenty first time to try to become mother. Only the husband knew, how it was heavy to joke to me Time for preparation and for operation has flown by imperceptibly. I remember that after podsadki I simply did not want to leave the Center. It seemed to me, the longer I here will stay, the the sprout of new life will more reliably take roots in me. I do not know, my superstition but when I have felt for the first time in myself this new life has helped me, I have understood that my pregnancy should pass only under control of the Minsk doctors. pregnancy by fax - so spoke about me in the Center of reproductive medicine when I rolls sent results of the analyses made in Moscow to Minsk. On each ultrasonic I too came to Minsk though needs in that were not - the fruit developed normally, I felt well. But it was necessary for me to see and communicate with those people as whom I considered as kind wizards. It seemed to me that all goes well only giving thanks to their support and power.

So in 42 years I became mother. Now to my elder son two and a half a year. And on November, 26th, 2003 on light there were two my younger boys - twins Surprisingly, but they were born in birthday of the very first Belarus girls - twins from a test tube which were born in Minsk in 1995 too thanks to Svetlana Zhukovsky and Tatyana Ignatevoj. My favourite doctors say that if I and wanted to give for them the best gift it would be simply impossible.

In my Christmas history there is all - expectation, despair, belief in a miracle, unbounded happiness. I want, that this miracle has repeated. Know that? I want to arrive to Minsk again. For the girl .

Larissa, 45 years, Moscow.


We are ready to present a miracle everyone to a family dreaming of the child!

On the eve of Christmas we have met those people who have helped Muscovite Larissa after stolkih unsuccessful attempts to become mother. The director of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine responds to our questions Svetlana ZHUKOVSKY.

- Svetlana Viktorovna, your patient has arrived to you from Moscow, before having visited many Russian and western centres EKO. How it is possible to explain what help it experts of the Center of reproductive medicine could only?

- to explain it it will be necessary to tell about a skill level of experts which studied in leading centres EKO in the USA, about new technologies which we apply frequently before many centres of Russia and Europe, about the new equipment, analogues it is difficult to them to find even in the European centres the Center of reproductive medicine became unique medical institution in the country where the method predimplantatsionnoj diagnostics is applied - so patients have chance to be insured from physiognomiesdenija the child with chromosomal diseases, such, as a syndrome of Down, talassemija, a hemophilia and others as before carrying over to an organism of the woman embryos are carefully investigated.   we the first in the CIS have started to be engaged in treatment of man`s barreness by method IKSI: this method is used at presence at men individual and even motionless spermatozoidov. One of last acquisitions of the Minsk Center - program zamorazhivatel for kriokonservatsii embryos of man`s and female sexual cages - in the world is only at centres EKO in Great Britain and Belgium. This unique equipment allows to freeze embryos and provides their full safety beyond all bounds long time. This gives the chance to us to lower considerably cost of procedures at the repeated reference of our clients. By the way, for such clients we have constant discounts which can reach 30 %.

It is the objective reasons of our success. And subjective Perhaps it will sound is banal, but we want, that all our patients have tested happiness to be parents with the same force, as well as they.

- the Newest technologies, experts which trained in the leading centres of a reproduction of the world, unique embriolog, 65 % of approach beremennostej for today you have achieved the good results?

- you know, in such promptly developing science which the reproductive medicine is, constantly there are new opening. So that and we is not necessary on a place, we master new technologists, we train, we receive new knowledge. As to our high percent of approach beremennostej also this indicator for us is not a limit. Yes, 40 % of success in world practice are considered good result. In those centres where very strong scientists and doctors - for example work, to England or the USA - it reaches 65 %. But the good result of approach of pregnancy at use of method EKO - 70 percent - the clinic of the doctor of the Bean of Edwards, the founder of method EKO today has. So to us is where aspires to help those families which contrary to all diagnoses dream of own children. And such people becomes more and more: only for last one and a half month we have helped to be born to 78 children, from them 18 - twins And on the eve of Christmas I would like to congratulate all our patients, all Belarus families on feasts, to wish good luck, good, light, love and joyful children`s laughter. Believe that miracles happen not only on Christmas And let all births will be happy



the Letter which has come to edition the day before 8 Martha, is filled on - to the present by spring pleasure and happiness - happiness which was presented to heroes of this history by employees of the Minsk centre of reproductive medicine

I write this the letter in because this history has begun with your newspaper - the history with the happiest end of which only it was possible to dream It one year ago when I have arrived from the native city of Rostov-on-Don to Minsk to stay for a while to relatives. As - that went to the underground, has bought and on its pages has seen article about method EKO and doctors from the Minsk centre of reproductive medicine

About this method helping fruitless steams in the hard cases I knew firsthand. The Greatest grief in my family was that the daughter and her husband for 11 years and could not become parents. Unbounded inspections, trips to doctors hardly probable not across all Russia, disappointments have left Years on understanding - problems at the son-in-law, not at the daughter. Alas, but it has appeared that man`s barreness is treated much more difficult, than female. And at times it is not treated on a broader scale - as it doctors to my son-in-law after numerous inspections have told. He has not believed, has gone to one of centres EKO in Moscow, having decided that capital doctors can help. Could not your wife can become pregnant only in the event that you dare to use donor sperm - have told in Moscow. It sounded as a sentence - far not each man will dare on let even the most long-awaited, about nevertheless not the child. My son-in-law has not dared also. means, it is not fated - has told my daughter, making of its decision. Then it seemed to me that behind cares, work, friends children not so think often of this tragedy, as I. To know that at you never will be grandsons (the daughter at me one) that you will not see, how they grow, mature, please and afflict, how thy life proceeds in them But I was not right: both the daughter and the son-in-law have very much changed, from a family as it seemed to me, cunningly warmly which warmed them before when they lived in hope

So you understand, how much attentively I read article about the Minsk centre - and suddenly? And suddenly has really occurred, when I have reached the story about what good results experts of the Center of reproductive medicine in treatment of man`s barreness have reached. I have decided to go at once to the centre - without record, without a call. But despite it, me have accepted, have told that it is possible to make even in the most hopeless cases. I again began to live in hope. It was necessary to persuade children to arrive to Minsk. It is easy to tell - to persuade. The son-in-law disagreed in any. I ask you, suddenly it is our chance, - my daughter has told to the husband. - let even we once again will hear that in our case the medicine is powerless, but while there is at least the tiniest hope, it is necessary to try .

From Minsk my daughter came back the pregnant woman! Yes - yes, from own husband, and it has appeared later that children will be three. And though doctors urgently recommended to make a reduction, spoke about the big risk, the daughter and the son-in-law have solved are an award for years of despair, and it is necessary to save all three future kids.

And last week I became the grandmother at once a three vnuchat - two girls and the boy. Our first words of unbounded gratitude were to doctors of the Center of reproductive medicine, and then has decided to write the letter to you What for? To repeat words of my daughter for all those who has despaired: While there is at least the tiniest hope, it is necessary to try . Let and you will have this hope!

Natalia Aleksandrovna, Rostov-on-Don.


to Tell about this strange story we have asked the director of the Minsk centre of reproductive medicine Svetlana ZHUKOVSKY.

- Svetlana Viktorovna how it has appeared that employees of the Center of reproductive medicine could help with that case, when many physicians admitted what to help in the present state of affairs they not with forces?

- it is valid, our patient from Rostov-on-Don had very much a difficult situation - that was called as absolute man`s barreness earlier. In this case - that is at presence at the man individual and even motionless spermatozoidov - the method testikuljarnoj biposii is used. I will notice that the Minsk centre of reproductive medicine became the first in the CIS which was engaged in treatment of man`s barreness by this method. We do these procedure for a long time, the percent of success in our centre at its application makes 50 %. So when in the summer of last year this pair has arrived to us to the centre already from the first attempt we could receive spermatozoidy in enough, at once there was a pregnancy

- And unusual pregnancy

- Yes, we have found out trojnju and at once have warned about necessity to do a reduction - that is on term till 11 weeks to do operation on removal of one of plodnyh eggs. Certainly, at once three kids at pair. Which many long years dreamt at least of one child, this happiness. But very risky happiness - both for a fruit and for the woman. To take out to term of three children and safely to be resolved from burden - a rarity. But our patients have not wanted to go on a reduction Thank God that in this case all has ended safely! At use of method EKO it turns out about 20 % troen. But now all over the world in centres EKO aspire to reduce number of the transferred embryos to one, a maximum of two for the bill podsazhivanija them at later stages. On the same way there is also a Center of reproductive medicine as the risk in a case mnogoplodnoj pregnancy for a fruit and the woman nevertheless is very high.

- Then especially these three kids are very expensive to you

- As well as all our kids to whom for this week before the beginning of spring has increased at once six children EKO. It is Literally in some days after a birth of the Rostov kids on light there was one more trojnja at pair from Minsk. After 10 - summer barreness our patient became mum of two boys and girls Again huge happiness and the same big risk as this pair too has refused a reduction. Therefore I want to tell many thanks to all those doctors which have helped to be born to these uneasy children - and to doctors of female consultation where our patient was observed, and to doctors of a hospital where it lay on preservation, and to doctors of maternity hospital who accepted this difficult childbirth thanks to exclusive professionalism of these doctors, to their experience, patience, attention and keenness to children EKO our kids safely are born. And as in female consultations and maternity hospitals women work basically, I would like from name of our centre to congratulate them on a wonderful spring feast 8 Martha and to wish them and their relatives of happiness, good luck, work which brings only the pleasure, grateful patients. And all women to me would like to wish to test necessarily happiness of motherhood and to see in the children an embodiment of all of of what you dreamt.

Life goes on!



After 15 years of childless marriage we have stood in line on adoption were not in time - have given birth!

One and a half thousand kilometres were overcome by Svetlana and Alexander`s family that by means of doctors of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine to prove: even the most unrealizable desires can become a reality. It would be necessary to want very strongly only it

Usual like Svetlana and Alexander`s which have arrived to Minsk from New Urengoja the family, suddenly it became known all Belarus after one month ago about them have told in one of the releases of the program devoted to a family Contours on ONT. Behind shoulders at this pair - 15 years of childless marriage, 15 years of unsuccessful treatment. One and a half thousand kilometres have overcome Svetlana and Alexander, having arrived to Minsk from New Urengoja. And all to become parents

Light and Sasha have got married in 1987, and quite could be considered as an exemplary, happy and safe family, if not the terrible diagnosis impassability of pipes which those years practically gave up as a bad job desire of the woman to have children. Unsuccessful years of treatment, then some attempts to become pregnant with the help only the method which has extended in Russia ekstrakorporalnogo fertilisations - at first in Tyumen, then in Moscow. pregnancy has not come - how much time Svetlana heard these words, how much time tried to overcome despair to make a fresh start 15 years of barreness - such term can deprive of hope even the strongest, the most purposeful. Once have not sustained also Svetlana with Sashej. After the next unsuccessful attempt it wanted to me not to pass never any more this test, not to feel more than such disappointment, not to hear these words that pregnancy has not come, - Svetlana tells. - we have decided to adopt the kid, even have stood in line on adoption, but were not in time: have given birth ! .

it is surprising, but not for the first time foreign patients of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine tell that the trip to Minsk should become last attempt. And last hope.

About experts of the Center, that they can really create a miracle even in the hopeless cases most, apparently, Svetlana and Alexander have learnt from the acquaintances from New Urengoja which already became parents by means of the Minsk physicians.

For us it there was an uneasy case - though from Center history it is possible to name what cases simple? - The director of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine Svetlana Viktorovna ZHUKOVSKY remembers. - In - the first, Svetlana was that is called, 38 years were the age woman - to it. In - the second, it had very big fibromatous site on a uterus. It was the enormous risk. At us it has turned out not so many cages, but pregnancy has come at once, from the first attempt! I remember, how Svetlana practically half of term, till 17 weeks of pregnancy did not want to leave Minsk, remaining under supervision of experts of the centre And only when we of genetics have told that at it all in a full order what to be stirred any more does not cost, she has come back home .

Darya - so happy parents named the daughter presented by God - was born precisely in time, on November, 15th, 2003. Alexander itself has taken away the babe from rodzala to carry in chamber - so it would not be desirable to give it even to doctors the most important and most long-awaited gift in the life.

One month ago Svetlana and Alexander again have appeared in the Center of reproductive medicine. They have arrived for the son

Light now waits for results of analyses, and we hope that it will have all in a full order that we can present to it one more child, - Svetlana Zhukovsky tells. - it is surprising, but from Urengoja at us 25 steams have already visited And this with the fact that we anywhere in Russia do not declare ourselves, the information on the Center appears only in Belarus. Here also it turns out that the best advertising of the Center - our patients who have become contrary to all and all by parents, and, certainly, their kids Them at us - and all experts of the centre consider these children as ours - already 1526!

- Here the woman carry on hands, special, almost house conditions here reign, - so Alexander told about the Center of reproductive medicine in the teleinterview. - we feel sorry only about one: that have not arrived here earlier. And I, and Light - from large families, we dream of three, even four children, but we are afraid that we can not be in time All - taki too much time is missed in vain. But on the son we count precisely!


birth rate Lifting - a handwork of experts of the Center of reproductive medicine?

In Belarus last year 682 twins were born and one trojnja - informs on it information agency BelTa. According to management of statistics of the population, public health services and social security of the Ministry of statistics and the analysis, cases mnogoplodnoj pregnancy in Belarus meet not so more often. By the way, most fruitful on twins there was a March of last year - this month on light has appeared 76 twins and one trojnja. And Minsk is in the lead on number of the born twins: here 163 cases are registered past year. And it with an ulterior motive - experts of the Minsk centre of reproductive medicine are involved in many of these cases. That cases mnogoplodnoj pregnancy for patients of the Center not the rarity, proves such fact: 23 twins were born in March - - - - - - - year thanks to experts of the Center. No less than unique Minsk trojnja, born in March of this year, and more two trojni which should be born these days

History trojni, born in March, on - to the it is unique - as each history which carefully store in Center archive is unique. After long years of treatment and seven-year term of barreness of steam it was converted into the Center of reproductive medicine. To Irina have placed three embryos, and all three have got accustomed. When the pair has learnt that at them trojnja, it recommended to make a reduction - to remove one of embryos, poskolku mnogoplodnaja pregnancy always is the big risk both for mother and for the child. But hardly Irina transpassed a clinic threshold where it came on a reduction, at it the bleeding began. more I will not begin to try, - she has declared after the second attempt. - so it is necessary for god or the destiny is that, but at me will be three children . So on light have appeared absolutely healthy trojnjashki - two girls and the boy.

By the way when experts of the Center have learnt about the Program of demographic security accepted recently in Minsk on 2004 - 2005 where the primary goals are creation of conditions for improvement of protection of reproductive health at once have told: We under this program work from the date of the centre basis! .


That is necessary to become parents of the healthy child?

It is necessary, that parents were healthy. Doctors are not tired to repeat that reproductive health should be protected from the youth. It means, competently to approach to questions of contraception and family planning, in due time and competently to spend treatment of inflammatory diseases, to conduct a healthy way of life. By the way, many young pairs come to the Center of reproductive medicine without serious indications, and is simple competently to approach to questions of planning of pregnancy, to pass careful inspection and, in case of need, treatment.

It is necessary not to miss time. As though we did not try to stop time, but with each lived year the risk both for the woman and for a fruit increases. That is why it is better to plan pregnancy at normal reproductive age and to remember that for the woman after 35 - ti years danger nevynashivanija and risk of pathological syndromes at a fruit many times over increases.

If time is missed, necessarily correctly to survey a fruit . In this case to the aid of age mums diagnostics for age women comes predimplantatsionnaja. This method when at treatment EKO embriolog investigates embryos and chooses for carrying over to an organism of mother only healthy, allows to avoid a birth of children with chromosomal illnesses - a syndrome of Down, talassemiej, a hemophilia, fenilketonuriej, mukovistsidozom and etc. At treatment by method EKO at an embryo stage it is possible to reveal at the future child not only heavy hereditary diseases and a syndrome of Down, but also to avoid a Rhesus factor - incompatibility, and also not developing pregnancy - at women this anomaly is more senior 35 years meets often that is connected with a problem of ageing female jajtsekletki. Predimplantatsionnaja diagnostics is a perspective technology which is used since 1994 and to which posesses the future. Scientists are assured that with the help predimplantatsionnoj diagnostics it will be possible to define almost all genetic diseases.

it is not necessary to despair! Experts EKO prove many years that barreness has ceased to be a sentence, and each history of patients of the Center of reproductive medicine proves it. You should believe only in the chance to become happy parents, and for what not to miss it!

Experts of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine congratulate readers with Day of protection of children! Let this day becomes the real feast for each family. LIFE GOES ON!



I consist on the account on barreness, but to me have given out the certificate of mother having many children!

to Become mum of three kids and to prove that the definitive diagnosis barreness At all does not mean that life will be lived without children, minchanke Olga was helped by experts of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine

About the such speak: Ideal pair . Today they - also a perfect illustration of this word combination, on - to the present a happy family. They are minchane Olga with Paul and their children. The parents sparkling by pleasure, two-year Makar smiling to all which enthusiastically looks at four-monthly twins of Uljanu and Ustina Mine! - he exclaims, seeing a number of strangers, closes the brother and the sister itself and touchingly kisses. Looking at Olga`s beautiful, quiet, cheerful children and Paul acquaintances and neighbours exclaim: It is necessary, as has carried! And twins whence - at someone in a sort, probably, were?

- there were no in a sort at us twins. The medicine has helped us - Olga responds.

the Medicine - to be exact, experts of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine - has helped Olga not only with twins, but also with firstborn Makarom. After all the happiness to become mother for Oli was possible only by means of modern achievements of medicine - method EKO.

the Diagnosis barreness to Olga have put still when it was the teenager, after long treatment of inflammatory disease. children at you can be never! - doctors have declared. For those times this diagnosis really was a sentence. Later Olja has married. And trying to accept the diagnosis as the reality - well is also childless families! - in secret nevertheless hoped for a miracle. Read, collected the information on new methods of treatment of barreness. And when has learnt about ekstrakorporalnom fertilisation (EKO), has understood that the miracle exists.

- Me have supported both the husband and parents, have told at once: Do not postpone, try right now if doctors give you at least one chance from hundred! - tells Olja.

Alas, but attempts which have been made in other medical centres, have appeared unsuccessful and only have added sincere travails. Eventually Olga with Paul were converted into the Minsk centre EKO to Svetlana Zhukovsky where and Makara have helped to become them parents in the beginning, and then Uljany and Ustina

- the Second time we have come to centre EKO for the girl, and it has turned out at once two - Olga laughs. - now it is insulting to nobody - at everyone the kid, even at the grandmother, and earlier we in any way Makara could not divide that. When he was born, all were surprised: a miracle, instead of the child - always quiet, cheerful, opened, any problems for parents! Thought - well happens, to us has simply carried, the Lord so compensates all former travails But when twins same wonderful have appeared, I have solved: to all giving thanks EKO!

Olga never hid that its children - from a test tube :

- that that is strange not I about it I tell, and that others why - that it hide. After all the most important thing that these children were born. And thanks to what - any more has no value. Thank God that there is a method which helps to solve all problems of childless families. After all even Alena Apina does not hesitate to tell to journalists that at it the child from a test tube . And the Madonna has not become pregnant yet, and the whole world is already notified that its third child, probably, will be probirochnym . Why I should hesitate?

And on all questions, than children from a test tube differ from usual, Olga responds: They were so desired that could become only such - beautiful, healthy, cheerful .

- I here come, as to the most close people, - while we talk to Olej in a cosy hall of the Center of reproductive medicine, employees are nursed with kids of the former patient. - It was observed and during the beremennostej - though in it necessities were not, it proceeded without problems and was control in consultation in a residence enough. But the trust to the director to Svetlana Viktorovne Zhukovsky and all employees of the Center was so great what not to come here behind their support and advice I simply not could. Know, very remarkable detail - though here always is a lot of patients, employees by name remember everyone without dependence from that, how much years back they here came! It is pleasant to me to see at the stand among other photos of kids of a photo of my Makara, hardly twins will grow up - too I will bring here their cards. It seems to me, employees of the Center managed to create not easier medical institution - in few places it is possible to meet such benevolent relation, such sincere desire to help other person. By the way, here also our friends from Severomorsk recently have visited - we hope, what exactly in Minsk it after several years of unsuccessful treatment in the various medical centres and turns of failures necessarily will help to become parents. As have helped us

- Represent, - Olga exclaims, - to me give out in administration of the Soviet district executive committee the certificate of mother having many children at number 3, and I still consist in the polyclinic on the account on barreness! Unless it not a fantasy?


AS IT was

EKO is a fantasy?

, how contrary to the diagnosis barreness Olga and many other women could become happy mothers, we have asked to tell the director of the Minsk Center of reproductive medicine Svetlana ZHUKOVSKY.

- Svetlana Viktorovna, you are not tired to repeat that the diagnosis barreness which doctors in district clinics and female consultations even more often put, has ceased to be a sentence

- Yes, I can confirm it once again: today practically all kinds of barreness are most advantageously treated by means of EKO. And the most hopeless forms - not only when the woman does not have pipes (to treat such form of barreness, and the method ekstrakorporalnogo fertilisations was created), but also in such cases when, for example, the man at traditional techniques of treatment is doomed not to have own children. The medicine can help and to those women at whom are absent jaichniki, - donor programs in this case are used. We have learnt to help and to those patients who for any reasons have no possibility to bear the child - for this purpose there is a program of substitute motherhood In a word, at us enough techniques to give chance to all patients to find happiness to become parents.

To us it is possible to be converted not only when all methods of treatment are tried and there is only a hope on EKO. Only since January of this year 64 our patients who had many long years problems, have become pregnant without EKO exclusively thanks to correctly put diagnosis and qualitatively spent treatment

- By means of your experts on light there were already 1365 children - children who by definition of traditional medicine could be never born To you come not only from all Belarus, but also from Russia, Israel, America, Italy, Germany That, the Center of reproductive medicine has any special professional secrets?

- It is possible many and to speak long about professionalism of the personnel, the unique equipment, modern technologies, training abroad, scientific potential But there are indisputable facts - children born by means of our experts (by quantity is the population of a small town), and our pregnant patients, which today-. About our pregnant women know in all consultations and country maternity hospitals. Especially patients are involved also with that we do predimplantatsionnuju diagnostics, we have a unique equipment and we own technology of freezing and storage of embryos, female and man`s sexual cages. It is not done by anybody, except us, not only in Belarus, but also it is not enough in what centres in the world. Also that else is important are the prices. At smaller, than in other centres, cost EKO, at us much more above - today it makes efficiency, that is probability of approach of pregnancy about 60 %.

- and it is real?

- Criterion of true is practice - only for last one and a half year our patients have given birth to 455 kiddies.

- Cost of procedure EKO in the Center makes 1750000 roubles is more low, than at others, but nevertheless nedeshevo. What to do by what wants to have children, needs in EKO, but has no savings?

- Many banks under our programs offer credits under small percent. Half of patients uses this service.

- Tell, such steams, as Olga with the husband which, having given birth to one the child from a test tube come to you behind one more - a rarity?

- Lately it becomes already tradition.

- As you consider, a leah your patients when they say that the clever are right. Beautiful, healthy and cheerful their children turn out only thanks to method EKO?

- As to health it, first of all, depends on health of parents, therefore before to begin procedure EKO, we carry full complex investigation, and then treatment if it is necessary. Besides, at treatment by method EKO we at an embryo stage can reveal at the future child heavy hereditary diseases (for example, a hemophilia or a syndrome of Down). Such method when embriolog investigates embryos and chooses for carrying over to an organism of mother only healthy, is called predimplantatsionnoj as diagnostics. We successfully apply it and under medical indications and at will - in particular when the future mother has more 35 - ti years as after that age risk to give birth to the child with any anomalies increases in 2,5 times. Well and as to that by means of EKO all children turn out beautiful, clever and healthy Probably, yes, because these children - always very desired. After all their birth was waited by so much people - both their parents, and doctors with which help these kids were born.