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The order of Ministry of Fisheries

the ORDER 79
on February, 24th, 1969
About the statement of Rules of fishery in Obsky pool
According to the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR from December, 10th, 1965 1060 to confirm on with -
lasovaniju with Ministerial council of RSFSR applied Rules of fishery in Obsky pool.
to instal the specified Rules since March, 1st, 1969.
the minister of a fish economy of the USSR A.Ishkov.
Article 1 are confirmed
by the Order of Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR
From February, 24th, 1969 79
fisheries in Obsky pool
General provisions of Rules. Protection of fish stocks, fishery regulation, tap of fishery sites, delivery of permissions to extraction of fish and other water animals and plants,
control   for   Position observance   about   to protection   fish   Stocks and   about   regulation   fisheries   in   reservoirs of the USSR   and   the present Rules,   control   for   carrying out of actions   on   to reproduction of fish stocks and land improvement in rybohozjajstvennyh reservoirs it is carried out by bodies ryboohrany.
Article 2. Extraction   fishes   it is made   the enterprises,   the organisations,   collective farms   on
the fishery sites which are taken away by bodies ryboohrany under contracts, and outside of
fishery   sites and on   sites   the general using - under tickets,   given out
bodies ryboohrany on each vessel, a brigade a link or the trade tool lova.
Article 3. The enterprises, collective farms and other organisations which are engaged in extraction of fish,
are obliged:
  the   forces   and   for   The bill   the   means   on   to the coordination   with   bodies   ryboohrany
to make clearing given by it tonej, plavov and other places lova fishes, fish-breeding and meliorative works (improvement of conditions of reproduction, struggle with zamorami,
vykos vegetation, rescue molodi food fishes, etc.);
to contain in an appropriate sanitary status the fixed coastal sites and
not to suppose Position infringements about protection fish   stocks and on regulation
fisheries in reservoirs of the USSR and operating rules of fishery on the fishery sites fixed to them (tonjah, plavah, installation areas stavnyh tools lova and t.
the item) :
not to make on fishery sites without the permission of bodies ryboohrany
the works changing natural conditions in a reservoir;
to designate coastal frontiers of fishery sites signs on the sample established by bodies ryboohrany;
to conduct on each fishery site or a vessel trade magazine under the established form, to show to its bodies ryboohrany under their requirement;
  to give   to workers   bodies   ryboohrany   for   acquaintance   registration   materials on extraction of fish;
  to give   to inspectors   bodies   ryboohrany   possibility   free of charge   to use at office trips passing courts and other types of transport;
free to suppose inspectors of bodies ryboohrany on places lova, on a sou -
yes   and   others   Floating   means,   on   warehouses,   receptions   points   and   fish factories   for   checks
tools and ways lova and survey of the extracted fish;
to give to the fish-breeding enterprises and kontrolno - to observant icthyological points of manufacturers of fishes on a contract basis;
not to exceed limits (it is maximum - admissible norms), established on vylov
fish and the tool lova.
Article 4. ryboohrany the right when due hereunder is given to bassejnovym managements of bodies:
to transfer in coordination with scientific rybohozjajstvennymn the organisations terms
an interdiction for 10 days to this or that party, depending on hydroweather conditions, without change of the general duration of an interdiction.
interdiction terms on lov the fishes established by the present Rules, extend
on the first and last numbers of an interdiction inclusive;
) in coordination with scientific, rybohozjajstvennymi the organisations to define borders of spawning sites and zimovalnyh fish holes, and also date ledostava and raspadenija
ice on hydrometeorological service materials;
to resolve in necessary cases catching of fish in zamornyh reservoirs all tools lova and at any time to the enterprises, the organisations and collective farms, and at occurrence zamorov to sports societies in reservoirs not used by the industry;
to resolve lov fishes for scientifically - the research purposes, fish culture, acclimatisation,   zaryblenija and   control   lova   all   tools   lova   in   all   reservoirs and   in   any
a season;
to resolve trade lov invaluable, tugoroslyh, weed and predatory kinds of fishes,
for   an exception   forbidden places   and   terms,   tools   lova,   Not   provided   for   a craft of the fishes protected by rules of fishery;.
to resolve lov fishes   networks   with application botanija (shelter) on separate   zakorjazhennyh and overgrown sites of reservoirs;
to resolve sports and amateur lov fishes in forbidden for trade extraction of fish places and terms a limited number of tools lova, resolved for amateur fishery, out of places of spawning, wintering and mass concentration of fishes on the sites allocated with bodies ryboohrany in coordination with local Soviet bodies and rybohozjajstvennymi by the organisations;
  to resolve   rybodobyvajushchim   to the enterprises,   voluntary   and   sports   to societies to make   in the centralised order a limited number of tools lova catching zhivtsa for nazhivki in specified by bodies ryboohrany places and terms lova;
) free to visit   hydraulic engineering constructions and   reserves on rybohozjajstvennyh reservoirs, and also the enterprises and the organisations dumping sewage
and production wastes in rybohozjajstvennye reservoirs.
article 5. It is forbidden:
to stop to rafts, fishery, transport and other courts in limits   forbidden places for fishery,   except for stops   at   settlements, for installation
beacons and emergency cases (a storm, a fog, failure, etc.) ;
to make without   coordination with bodies ryboohrany obvalovanie and restoration of the destroyed shaft on polojnyh the sites which are places of spawning of fishes;
  to arrange   blockages   and   continuous `   obstacles   the rivers,   channels   and   channels,   to lower   from
estuaries, ilmenej and lakes water, except for cases when in coordination with bodies
ryboohrany sanitary, hydraulic engineering or meliorative actions are carried out;
) to make without the coordination with bodies ryboohrany   a fence of water from rybohozjajstvennyh reservoirs for needs of the industrial enterprises and an irrigation;
to choose gravel and sand on places of natural spawning of food fishes and the sites of coast important for fishery;
) to make without the coordination with bodies ryboohrany preparation of a cane, a reed
and other water plants in forbidden zones for fishery;
to dump a ground chosen at carrying out dnouglubitelnyh and dnoochistitelnyh of works in places of spawning areas, zimovalnyh fish holes and on fishing tonjah;  
  to make   in   rybohozjajstvennyh   reservoirs   a lobe   flax,   hemp,   basts,   skin;
a sink of wine container, container from - under jadohimikatov and etc., reservoirs negatively influencing a hydrochemical mode;
to dump in rybohozjajstvennye reservoirs, on coast and on ice of these reservoirs crude   and   not neutralised   waste   pody   industrial   and   municipal   the enterprises,
shchepu, a bark, sawdust, and also other production wastes harmful to fish;
) to make wood preparation on coast of the rivers, their inflows and the lakes which are places of spawning of sturgeon and salmon fishes, on distance less than one kilometre from coast, and around an arrangement of factories and economy on cultivation of sturgeon and salmon fishes on distance less than three kilometres;
  to use   without   coordination   with   bodies   ryboohrany   for   an alloy   woods   the rivers,   being places of Spawning of salmon and sturgeon fishes;
  to make   without   permissions   bodies   ryboohrany   in   rybohozjajstvennyh   reservoirs
explosive   works,   for   an exception   carrying out   urgent   dnouglubitelnyh   works   For navigation and timber rafting maintenance on the shoaled sites of the rivers, works on compulsory opening of the floatable rivers and on accident precaution.
bodies immediately are informed of carrying out of explosive works in the specified cases ryboohrany.
Article 6. It is forbidden at rybohozjajstvennom use of reservoirs:
to make without the permission of bodies ryboohrany acclimatisation and cultivation of new kinds of fishes.
until further notice akklimatiziruemye vily fishes at hit in tools lova should be issued and a reservoir in a live kind, and. The facts of their capture to be registered in trade magazine;
to throw any tools lova from reservoirs in which the centres
parasitic and infectious diseases of fishes, in other reservoirs without preliminary disinfection of these tools lova are found out;
) to be on a reservoir or in immediate proximity from it with tools lova which application in the given area and is forbidden at present by operating rules   fisheries,   and   also   with   explosive   and   poisoning   substances,   for   an exception
carrying out cases on reservoirs but to the coordination with bodies ryboohrany the works connected with application of these substances;
  everyone   fishery   in   again   obrazuemyh   reservoirs   and   water basins   to   the special order, and also lov fishes on zimovalnyh holes;
any fishery within all year at dams, sluices and bridges on distance is closer than 500 metres;
) to occupy with tools lova and other constructions for lova fishes more than 2/ 3 width
channels, the rivers, a stream or channels, and also simultaneous or serial   zamet seines from opposite coast in the lock;
to establish stavnye tools lova in chessboard order;
extraction of fish with application explosive and poison gases, an electrocurrent, pricking tools lova, and also the fire and pneumatic weapon;
lov fishes, gonom, way bagrenija, with the help clanked and botanija;
to apply without the permission of bodies ryboohrany new tools and ways lova.
Article 7. Sports and amateur lov fishes for personal consumption it is authorised to all workers in strict conformity with article 6 of Position about protection of fish stocks and about fishery regulation in reservoirs of the USSR confirmed by the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR from 15. 1 - 1958.
1045, it is free in all reservoirs, behind an exception
fishery sites (tonej, plavov, installation areas stavnyh the tool lova and etc.)
reserves, rybopitomnikov and other cultural fish economy, with observance established by rules of fishery of places, terms, tools and ways lova, and also interdictions on vylov separate kinds of fishes. For the specified purposes with bodies ryboohrany reservoirs or separate sites can be allocated.
sports and amateur lov fishes in the reservoirs allocated and the established order with a voluntary sports society for the organisation of cultural fish economy,
it is made provided for sports and amateur fishery by tools lova.
Skin diving on fishes with application of harpoons and garpunnyh guns is authorised without use   aqualungs   and   others   independent   respiratory   devices   on   sites,   taken away by bodies ryboohrany -
Article 8. The vessels of trade and amateur fishery which are not subject to supervision of the register   the USSR,   Are registered   in   an order,   established   executive committees   regional,   regional, city and regional councils of deputies of workers.
article 9. It is forbidden lov, reception, sale, processing and storage of fish less established by rules of fishery of a trade measure (in a fresh kind, in centimetres).
Trade   a measure   fishes   it is defined   measurement   from   tops   snouts (at   closed
a mouth) to the basis of average beams of a tail fin.
at measurement   fishes   in   processed   a kind (salty,   dried,   smoked and   vjalenom)
the established measure decreases on. 4 percents
Are forbidden   also   to accept   protected   fishes   one   a kind   under   the name   Another,
or under the name other and a trifle .
Article 1. 0. Prizes of fish of not trade measure it is supposed   for pritonenie or a partition according to the norms established by rules of fishery.
in case of excess of the established norm prilova fishes of not trade measure, lov
fishes in the given place stops or tools lova are replaced with others, with larger
jacheej. Forbidden for vylova kinds of fishes should be let out in a reservoir in a live kind.
article 11. It is forbidden to apply at extraction of fish tools lova with jacheej below the sizes provided by rules of fishery.
the size jachei with tools lova is defined by measurement of distance between 11 sites on a plait and divisions of the received number on 10.
At measurement jachei in wet tools lova, made of vegetative fibres,
decrease in the established sizes on 5 percents
Article 12 is supposed. Ulovy with the maintenance of fish of not trade Measure over established
quantities, and also the fish caught with infringement of the present Rules of fishery, ` irrespective of where they will be found out (on places lova, in points of acceptance, processing and
realisations),   bodies   ryboohrany   are selected   and   surrender   on   fish factories   or   trading
to the organisations at the operating adoptive prices.
selected   ulovy   in   the plan   vylova   not   are set off,   but   join   in   the bill   the limits established for given trade objects.
article 13. Sample of water of tools lova, rules of fishery applied with infringement, and delivery of the selected tools lova, plavsredstv and ulovov fishes to delivery places about -
gets exhausted the infringer on request of bodies ryboohrany.
Article 14. V a case of regular infringement of rules of fishery and the contract on
using a fishery site the organisation to which the site is given, to -
the dialect can be racestorgnut when due hereunder, and before cancellation of the contract action
it can be suspended bodies ryboohrany.
the Fishing ticket at regular or rough infringements of rules of fishery
can be selected bodies ryboohrany.
Article 15. According to the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR from March, 27th
1964   year About   strengthening   administrative   responsibility   for   infringement   rules   fishery and protection of fish stocks in reservoirs of the USSR the persons who have broken the present Rules,
are exposed administratively to penalties in size: citizens - to 10 roubles and
officials - to 50 roubles, and for rough infringement of the specified Rules if it but for -
to a game does not involve a criminal liability, guilty persons are fined in
the size: citizens - to 50 roubles and officials - to 100 roubles.
In necessary cases materials about infringers go to bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor or in bodies of militia for attraction guilty to a criminal liability.
the damage caused illegal vylovom valuable trade kinds of fishes, is compensated by the infringer and conformity with the established rate.
Article 16. Action of the present Rules extends:
) on the rivers Obs, Irtysh (in borders of RSFSR) with their inflows, staritsami, sorami, lakes mi and water basins;
on Obsky, Tazovsky, Gydansky, Bajdaratsky and Juratsky lips with gulfs and
on others rybohozjajstvennye reservoirs Tyumen, Kurgan, Omsk, Tomsk,
the Kemerovo, Novosibirsk areas and Altay territory, including * collective farms, state farms and other agricultural enterprises and the organisations, being the calling places on spawning of fishes of valuable breeds.
places, terms, tools and ways lova
Article 17. Any fishery within all year is forbidden:
  in   sorah: Shuryshkarsky, Vojkarsky, Hunts - Pitljar - skom and   in   sorah,   located in pojme the rivers Synja (Shurysh - karsky area), Vonzsvatsky and Samutnslsky (Berezovsky area).
the Note.   It is authorised   lov   chastikovyh   fishes   in   specified   sorah   to   the approach   in   them
sigovyh fishes. Places and bosom terms are established by bodies ryboohrany;  
- in a channel Siman (river Ob) from village Voronovo to village Baturino in the river Ob from a dam of Novosibirsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION down to a mouth of the river Inja and from village Talitsa before merge of the rivers Bija and Katun, in the river Charysh from village Sentelek to village Bestuzhevo, and also in the river Irtysh on sites
the Cheredovsky pebble, the Nortinsky pebble and Ust the Tamaksky hole;
) in gulf of Ob and river Ob delta (to cape Salemal), and also until further notice   in Tazovskon   to a lip,   in river delta ` Gas (to settlement Tibej - Fat) and   in river Pur delta (from a mouth upwards on 30 km).
the Note: 1. The New Port, within annually established limits Is authorised lov rjapushki, except for a bay.
2. With a view of carrying out of biological land improvement in coordination with bodies ryboohrany and the scientific organisations catching of a ruff, a smelt and nalima is authorised.
Article 18. Any fishery in following terms is forbidden:
)   In the rivers Synja (except inflows of Lesmi - Jugan also Bore - Jugan), Vojkar, Hudosej, Ratta,
Pokulka, Karalka, Tolka, Pechalka, Chaselka, Hadutta (the first, bottom left inflow re -
ki Pur), Tob - Jaga, Evo - Jaga with their inflows and sorami, Northern Sosva with inflow Lyapin - from August, 1st till November, 5th, and in the rivers Synja (above Jurt Ovolyngort), Lyapin (above Yurtas of Hashlog)
and in inflows of the river Lyapin: Hulga, Shchekurja, Manja and the People - since August, 1st to raspadenija ice.
the note. In an interdiction it is authorised lov:
chastikovyh fishes coastal traps in the river Synja - below cape Sacred - since September, 15th, in the river Northern Sosva - on a site of Sartynja - Nimkjasuj - since September, 20th; in the river
Vojkar - below settlement Top of Vojkar - since September, 25th;
nalima acquirable krjuchkovoj tackle and coastal venterjami in the rivers Northern Sosva, Lyapin, Sov, Pike - since September, 20th, in the river Hudosej - since September, 1st;
a ruff in the places which have been taken away by bodies ryboohrany; tuguna in the river Northern Sosva more low
Jurt Sartynja;
  in   to the river Messo (Tazovsky   a lip)   above   top   fishery   a site   Sarev -
It is necessary to sources and in a sleeve From August, 1st till October, 15th;
on the basic reach of the rivers the Big Ob and Small Ob from village Persgrebnoe to cape Salemal-from ledostava to raspadenija ice.
the note. In an interdiction it is authorised lov chastikovyh fishes venterjami, rjuzhamn and nalima acquirable krjuchkovoj to happiness;
in the river Konda from a confluence of the river Irtysh to Kondinsky rubbish and in Kondinsky copy-from raspadenija ice till June, 30th;
in channels Shuryshkarsky, Mountain (river Ob) and in the river Small Ob from the top mouth
channels Mountain to the point located on two kilometres above a mouth of the river Synja - from July, 15th till September, 30th;
  and   channels Vanzevatsky (from   rubbish   to   Top   a mouth), Samutnelsky   and   in   a channel Hunts - Pitljarsky rubbish, and also a pas a river site the Big Ob from a mouth of these a channel on two
kilometre upstream from July, 15th till August, 30th;
) in prideltovoj parts of the river Ob from cape Salemal to cape Angelic (Salekhard)
before the termination mass vonzevogo a course of fish in June. The craft date started is annually defined by bodies ryboohrany but to the coordination with the scientific organisations.
the note. In an interdiction it is authorised lov nalima acquirable krjuchkovoj tackle
and others chastikovyh fishes matches and rjuzhami:
in the rivers Obs and Irtysh with their inflows and inundated systems to limits Hunts -
Mansijsky national district - from May, 1 till May, 31st; In Kondinsky area Hunts - Mansijsky national district and in other areas of the Tyumen region located to the south
of Kondinsky area, in Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Kurgan areas and in It is scarlet -
Thai edge - from April, 20th till May, 20th; in a river basin Ob within the Tomsk region, in
Kargasoksky area and the areas located to the north of it is from May, 1 till May, 31st, and in areas,
located to the south of Kargasoksky area, and   in   a water basin of Novosibirsk HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION -   from April, 25th till May, 25th; in lakes the Big Tubs, Small Tubs, Sartlan, Sargul, Urjum, Ubnnsky, Ik, Saltaim - Tenis, Karasuksky, Burlinsky systems and the rivers running into them, and also kopantsah, uniters of lake with fields - from April, 25th till May, 25th.
the note. In an interdiction catching of weed and invaluable kinds of fishes in lakes and the small small rivers which do not have values for reproduction krupnochastikovyh of fishes is authorised.,
on   To the list,   confirmed   bodies   ryboohrany   on   to the coordination   with   scientific   the organisations.
on zimovalnyh fish holes Ob - Irtysh pool under the list confirmed
by bodies ryboohrany in coordination with the scientific organisations, - since September, 1st to races -
ice falling.
article 19. It is forbidden within all year lov:
muksuna   and   a curd cake   in   to the river Ob   from New Ilinsky   zatona   upwards   to   sources,   in   the rivers
Tom`, Chulym and their inflows;
a sturgeon and nelmy specialised tools lova everywhere.
the Note. Prilov a sturgeon and nelmy it is supposed   only at strszhsvom and smooth
love within annually established limits;
nelmy in the river Ob above a river Chulym mouth, in pools of inflows of the river Ob: Chulym,
Tom`, Chumysh, Akui, Charysh, Bija, Katun, Is more scarlet, in Novosibirsk a water basin and in the rivers:
Irtysh (above Tobolsk), Tobol, Tour and Tavda;
a sturgeon and a sterlet in the river Ob above a river Chulym confluence, in inflows of the river Ob of a pas this extent, in the river Chulym and p Novosibirsk a water basin.
the note; In the river Ob above the Novosibirsk water basin, in a water basin, and
also it is authorised to the river Chulym lov to a sterlet within the confirmed limits,   except for the period from raspadenija ice till July, 15th;
a curd cake in opax Endyr and Long rubbish Hunts - mansijskogo national district, except for catching of manufacturers for the fish-breeding purposes when due hereunder;
a walrus in Kara sea;
shchucherechenskoj rjapushki.
Article 20. It is forbidden in following terms lov:
) a sturgeon and a sterlet in the river Ob (from a mouth of the river Irtysh to a river Chulym mouth) and in the river
Irtysh and also their inflows - from raspadenija ice till July, 15th;
leshcha in lakes Ubinsky both Ik with kopantsami and all inundated system, in Novosibirsk a water basin and in the river Ob-with on April, 25th on June, 10th;
Article 21. Application is forbidden:
stavnyh networks on the basic highway of the river Ob in limits Hunts - Mansijsky on -
tsionalnogo districts - from December, 15th till February, 1st and in the rivers Tobols (within Tyumen about -
lasti) and Tavda-from ledostava till February, 15th;
wind seines, attics, drifternyh networks and trawls everywhere;
smooth networks within the Tomsk region;
river atarm, saipov p tools similar to them lova, magai, khans, etc. in the rivers Obs and
Irtysh and their additional system in limits Hunts - Mansijsky national district and
the Tomsk region.
the note. Application atarm without installation continuous zaboek in Ob kept away from a highway and Irtysh small small rivers is authorised in the quantity, established body -
mi ryboohrany in coordination with the scientific organisations;
  bliznetsovyh   seines   in   lakes Small Tubs, Urjum, Sargul,   channels of Kozhurla   and Koltojachka;
samolovnoj krjuchkovoj to rescue, including shashkovoj tackles.
the note.   Lov   nalima   samolovnoj   krjuchkovoj   tackle   it is authorised   on   sites,
taken away   bodies   ryboohrany.   In   a case   prilova   a sturgeon,   sterlets,   nelmy   and   others
valuable kinds of fishes should be immediately stopped.
article 22.   it is authorised   continuous   peregorazhivanie   locks   Small   non-navigable
the rivers into which do not come salmon both sigovye fishes and sorov: in the Tyumen region, for is -
kljucheniem listed in point and articles 17, in Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk areas and the Altay edge-ambassador of calling of fish in rubbish also I will understand, at observance following
- in a case prilova molodi food fishes over the quantity established by the present Rules locks should act in film immediately;
- the size   jachei   in share   zaveskah, applied on   sorah the rivers Obs more low   lines   villages
Ustrem - Yurtas Chuelsky is supposed not less than 45 m   above   this   lines and   in other areas
the rivers Obs   and Irtysh,   located   for   limits   Tyumen   areas, - not   less than 18   mm   And
gleams between prozhilinami - 15 mm;
- upon termination of a craft all obstacles should be immediately removed and spent works on clearing of installation sites of obstacles.
article 23. To the collective farms located in regions of the Far North and in districts, equal   to   to regions of the Far North,   it is authorised   lov   fishes   with   observance   present
Rules for own needs and delivery to collective farmers for personal consumption.
article 24. Extraction of a sturgeon, a sterlet, nelmy and sigovyh is authorised only state   to the enterprises   fish   the industries,   fishing   and   another   to collective farms,   to the state enterprises of fishing industry handing over fish.
article 25. Sports and amateur lov fishes it is authorised:
- manual fishing tackles of all kinds and names;
- a spinning, a path and blesnami;
- zherlitsami and mugs no more than 10 pieces on the fisher.
in reservoirs or on the sites which have been taken away by bodies ryboohrany for sports and amateur fishery in regions of the Far North and districts, equal to areas
the Far North, lov fishes, besides, it is authorised to one stavnoj or a smooth network dli -
ache to 25 metres or brednem in the length to 20 metres, or one venterem on a boat since the size -
mi jachei in the specified tools lova, the provided present Rules.
Vylov   fishes,   fishers - fans   for   one   departure (exit)   on   a reservoir   not   should
exceed 10 kg. In regions of the Far North and the districts equal to them and 5 kg - in
other areas.
the note: It is forbidden sports and amateur lov:
) a sturgeon, a sterlet, nelmy and muksuna everywhere;
) peljadi in the Tomsk region.
2. In the river Ob   from landing stage Ogurtsovo to a mouth   the rivers Inja   sports and   amateur
lov fishes it is authorised only a fishing tackle from coast from raspadenija ice to ledostava on sites,
taken away by bodies ryboohrany.
the Trade measure on fish
Article 26. The minimum sizes of the fishes supposed to vylovu (in a fresh kind, in centimetres):
a sturgeon 82   Omul 32
a sterlet 31   JAz 25
Nelma 59   Leshch in Novosibirsk vodohranali -  
Muksun 43   shche and the river Ob 30
Shchokur (chir) 40   Leshch in reservoirs of the Kurgan region 26
Peljad (curd cake) 26   Leshch in all other areas 28
Pyzhjan (sig) 25   a smelt 17
Rjapushka (obskaja a herring) 17   Navaga 19
  ripus 22
the Note. In kept away, not mastered by the industry ozerno - river reservoirs Tyumen   and Tomsk   areas,   not   having   values   for   reproduction   valuable
trade kinds of fishes and not connected with the basic fishery pools, time -
dares lov fishes without restriction of a trade measure by tools lova, provided
the present Rules, under condition of the statement bodies ryboohrany in coordination with
interested scientific and rybodobyvajushchimi the organisations of the list of such reservoirs
and a drawing of their periodicity oblova.
Article 27. As much as possible admissible prilov fishes of not trade measure-10 of percents on
to the bill   from   the general   ulova   protected   fishes   for   pritonenie/ plav   or   a partition.   All   prilov
sturgeon fishes of not trade measure is subject to release in a reservoir in a live kind.
the sizes jachei in tools lova
Article 28. Is minimum admissible sizes jachei in tools lova (in millimetres):
  motnja (copper)   drives   wings
strezhevye 22 35 40
polustrezhevye 22 23 30
river and ozerno - kureinye 20 22 30
zakidnye sorovye for lova chastikovyh in sorah, located above Berezovsky of area   18 20 22
zakidnye winter a seine, mutniki:  
on lakes Chany, Sartlan 18 20 26
for lova a crucian everywhere 30 32 36
for lova rjapushki (obskoj a herring) 18 22 26
for lova smelts 16 - -
for lova tuguna 12 16 20
stavnye for lova rjapushki and smelts 16 - -
stavnye for lova sigovyh fishes 30 - 45
stavnye for lova chastikovyh fishes   24   -   30
peljadi (curd cake) 45   eltsa (megdyma) 22
rjapushki (obskoj a herring) 22   muksuna and chira (shchokura):  
a crucian 36   to Angalsky cape 70
jazja 45   above Angalsky cape 65
the Note.   after   performance   a limit   vylova   valuable   kinds   fishes   a craft   the others
fishes   it is authorised   only   specialised   tools   lova   with   minimum   in the size
jachei, established by the present article for the given kind of fishes;
kottsov, sleeves, muzzles, gimg and other wooden traps with a gleam between berdami less than 15, sterlet muzzles with a gleam between berdami less than 35, matches river: in
to a butt - 26, in wings - 40, matches sorovyh and lake: in a butt - 30, in wings - 40;
bliznetsovyh seines:
on lakes Chano - Barabinsk and Burlinsky systems: in kutke - 20, motne - 22, square - 26.
the Note: the Length of each of drives seines of all kinds should not exceed
113 lengths of a corresponding wing,
the Deputy chief of office