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Vladimir Putin: I never aspired to this post

Vladimir Putin in a past week-end has met heads of the main TV channels of the country - « Russia » the First and NTV. It was a question of what the prime minister sees political future, and also the further development of the country after recent congress « an United Russia » on which the main was resolved is watered - an intrigue of last time: who from a tandem will go in presidents? We will remind, Vladimir Putin will stand. Here about what he has told the main television chief without five minutes the candidate for presidents.


On a question on that, what for Putin comes back to the Kremlin, the prime minister has started to respond from apart.

« In - the first, - and all well know it, I spoke about it, and in due time Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin too mentioned it, – I never aspired to this post, - the prime minister has declared. - moreover, in due time, when it was offered to me, even expressed doubts, a leah it is necessary to me to these to be engaged, meaning huge volume of work and enormous responsibility for destinies of the country. But, if I undertake something, I try to bring matters or to logic end, or, at least, to lead this business to the maximum effect.

<... > Our critics – and mine, and Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev – Which say that if your obedient servant goes on elections elections and will not be absolutely. Well, it for them, maybe, will not be, and for the ordinary citizen always there is a choice. For those who speaks in a similar way, maybe, for them will not be, but to it – to these people, our opponents – it is necessary then to offer the program and that the most important thing, not simply to offer the program, and to prove practical work that they can make better.

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< … > For our opponents from the left political spectrum – Communist Party, Left-wing radical our citizens – I can remind the end 1980 - h years. Remember, was jokes in this respect much? Friends to friends on a visit come and ask: « you will wash hands with soap? – yes. – Well, then tea will drink without sugar ». Because both that, and another – it is too much, too fatly. And why? That is why that not only the basic foodstuff, and on a broader scale all the most necessary was distributed exclusively by cards, I any more do not speak about monopoly in ideology, in the politician. And, as a matter of fact, here this political force has brought the country to crash and disorder, has generated all conditions for country disorder.

People have lost an instinct of self-preservation and understanding of consequences of occurring events, and we together with dirty water of insolvent political system and inefficient system of managing have splashed out also the child. We have allowed to collapse to the state. And then too spoke: well, any more will not be worse. And bats! – 1990 - e years: full disorder of social sphere, a stop not the separate enterprises, and the whole branches of manufacture, nonpayment of pensions, grants, salaries (months – on pension half a year did not pay, both salaries, and a contentment the military man), criminality revelry. Has put cunningly actually – it is necessary to tell directly it – before civil war. All caucasus with blood have filled in, applied aircraft, heavy machinery, tanks … And till now there at us it is a lot of problems, and on a broader scale as a whole with criminality and terrorism, but, thank God, – such is not present. So to say that any more will not be worse, I poosteryogsja. It is Enough to make of two - three wrong moves, and everything that was earlier, can cover us so quickly that we even will not have time to look back. At all of us it is made hastily both in the politician, and in economy ».


« Speak, soon Brezhnev`s times, stagnant will return, - Putin has reminded of recent discussion in a society, supported and a press - the secretary of the prime minister Dmitry Peskovym, - about, a leah there was productive a Brezhnev`s period in national history. - In - the first, and in Soviet period, and even in the beginning 1990 - h - I do not want, that it looked, as the groundless criticism - was much and positive, but I something will not remember, that a post-war Soviet management, leaders Soviet post-war as intensively worked, as it is done by me or working president Medvedev Dmitry Anatolevich. Something I will not remember. <... > they also could not – and owing to a physical status, and owing to misunderstanding that it is necessary to do: can be, and would move, only did not understand … Also there was no will that it to do.

At last, it is necessary to look at experience of other countries. I in due time, and you well know it, I did not cling to this post. Though could, easily!   - I mean the constitutional majority of party in power « an United Russia » – to change the Constitution. But did not begin to do it. Did not begin to do it under the concrete person – Under itself. That, in - the first, people have understood that there is no tragedy in change, in natural change of the power.

After all look that occurred in other countries. In the United States up to the Second World War termination there were no restrictions by quantity of terms of election of the president.

- Yes, Roosevelt was selected three times, - head « has screwed a remark; the First channel » Ernest.

- Four times, - the head of NTV Kulistikov has specified already.

- Before some US presidents tried to be selected in the third time. And, on - to mine to anybody it was impossible, and Roosevelt was selected four times. It supervised over the country in the difficult years of economic depression and during the Second World War and was selected four times because operated effectively. And matter is not in quantity of terms and the years spent in power. Kohl in Germany too was 16 years in power. Yes, it was not the president, but it actually the first person in the state, in executive power. One of the former prime ministers of Canada – the same. And in France after the Second World War? There presidential term was seven years without restriction by quantity of times of election. And here only have more recently made changes to the constitution – till five years and two terms successively. They have made basically, as at us. About what it speaks? That when the country is in difficult, severe conditions, is on an overcoming the crisis, becomes independent, here these elements of stability including in political sphere, are extremely important.

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And we too, we have endured, as a matter of fact, state disorder: Soviet Union has broken up. And what such Soviet Union? It is Russia and is, only was called on - to another. We have endured very difficult period 1990 - h years and only with 2000 - h have started more or to rise less on feet, have established an inner life, we stabilise a situation. And, of course, this period of stable development is necessary to us here. If to say that we plan to do and that I personally plan to do in the future, here we need for these to be engaged – We need to strengthen fundamental bases of our political system and democratic institutes, it is necessary to create conditions for forward development and an economy diversification on new, modern base, it is necessary to create conditions for increase of a standard of living of our citizens. Here in it also we will be engaged.

As to conversations concerning that here now your obedient servant can come back – it yet the fact, still is necessary, that people have voted. One business when I hear where - that positive maxims in this respect and offers from citizens in concrete regions, and another matter when all country will come on voting. It is necessary, that citizens have come and have expressed the relation to that we did till now.

But one of essential elements – it, of course, the most active part of a political spectrum which speaks about democracy processes in the country, about democratic institutes: There are fears that they as - that will be betrayed to oblivion. Is not present, of course, because I do not think to myself of development of the country without development of democratic institutes.

All it also will be, certainly, what I and intend, I will be engaged in the future, once again I will tell, I want to underline, – strengthening of political system of the country, its base bases, development of democratic institutes and market economy development with a stress on its social orientation ».


Vladimir Putin was defined has told also volume how and when they with Dmitry Medvedev have agreed about the castling « the prime minister - the president ».

is basically absolutely natural business, it not any small party and any arrangement of two or three persons (in this case two), - is considered by Putin. Is absolutely normal business in political life and practice when people create any political alliances, the political unions, agree about teamwork and behaviour principles. And we many years ago – still four years, have agreed that such variant of events is quite possible if we together take place here this period enough heartrending experiences.

We, of course, did not know that we will face crisis, but we already understood that in world economy there are certain processes which can lead to this crisis, we then already understood it, felt it … Well and so, we recognised that following chetyryohletku, four years, we will pass, and if we pass it successfully then I will have the right to show to a society our offers on a power configuration: who will than be engaged, by what principles we will be guided and where we are going to conduct our country and our state. And when corresponding time has approached, we and have shown it, and we have shown it not as the solved question solved between us, but absolutely yet not solved by our citizens: we offer here such configuration, and citizens of the country on polling districts will tell, they agree with this offer or not. Elections solve all!

According to Putin, no circumstances of conversation before September, 24th existing.

- We told about it all four years, well three and a half, - Putin has told. - we regularly met, had together a rest, skied, simply went in for sports or engaged in current operative work – political or economic. We always meant it and, anyhow, is frequent enough to it came back, spoke about any details conformable to developing conditions, but essentially we for ourselves have changed nothing.


According to Putin, they with Medvedev are uniform on strategichekskim to questions of development of the country.

- But we not the same person, we different people, - Putin notices. - and at any stage Dmitry Anatolevich has considered that it is more expedient to take steps towards a humanisation of some spheres of our public life. Its this right as heads of the state. If the variant of a configuration of the power offered by us is voters, citizens, by our people is accepted, I, for example, I am not going to do any sharp changes of that is made already by Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev as the President of the country. It will be necessary to look, as it is all will work. But also here I, to tell the truth, anything revolutionary do not see. After all Dmitry Anatolevich as the President operated in conformity and to own representations that such is good that such is bad, and in compliance with a situation which develops in the country. But, I will repeat, here again I of anything such revolutionary do not see.

Here dear Vladimir Mihajlovich (Putin was converted to the head of NTV Vladimir Kulistikovu - the Comment «») . Here you now supervise over one of the largest mass media – a national television channel of NTV. In due time, if to me does not change memory, you worked on radio « Freedom ».

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- the Black episode of its biography, - someone from the present has inserted.

- Anyway, you there worked, - the prime minister has continued. - and when I worked in bodies of KGB of the USSR, radio « Freedom » it was considered by us as division of CIA of the USA. Propaganda, truth. And it had under itself the certain bases. Not only that it was financed on CIA channels,   actually was engaged even in secret-service work in territory of the former USSR. Now the situation has changed, but radio « Freedom » – these mass media which anyhow express opinion foreign, in this case American, the states. Here you there worked, and now head (and when have started to head? – for a long time) the national channel of the Russian television. Unless it not a sign liberalismAnd? That is it is impossible to tell that at us on a broader scale was nothing … liberalism. Yes, on the certain period of development of our state when, I repeat, we have faced huge threats, and these threats were such that in the agenda even the attention to the question on existence of the most Russian state then, of course, it was necessary to us « has been brought; to twist nuts » directly speaking, and to enter certain rigid mechanisms of regulation, in political sphere first of all. And as differently if at us in subjects of the Russian Federation, in their charters and constitutions was anything you like, only there was no one – what is the subjects of Federation those are that they – a part of the Russian Federation. Certainly, we have been urged to operate rigidly. Now a situation a little bit another, and Dmitry Anatolevich has made here these decisions on liberalisation as you have told, public life, including in sphere of criminal prosecution and criminal legal proceedings. We together also will look, as it will work. I consider that it is simple steps on development sew political system.


Dmitry Medvedev, according to Putin « from paper and room activity » has transferred « in sphere of public consciousness » the theses stated in the program of development of the country « the Program - 2020 ».

- After all there too it is told and about development of democratic institutes, there it is told and about an economy diversification, there it is told and about economy upgrade, - Putin has reminded. - but it is all was up to standard of papers and conversations, and President Medvedev it from colloquial sphere, from the unofficial and room has transferred to sphere of public consciousness and practical activities. And it is very important to have in hands tools for continuation of this work. I will remind you that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Government of Russia – it is the basic executive office. There the basic levers and mechanisms, tools of a real, daily policy – and in economy sphere, and in social policy sphere. Therefore it – natural business if Dmitry Anatolevich heads the list « an United Russia » if voters vote for this list and we will manage to generate capable parliament, where « an United Russia » will save the leading positions and then, leaning against this parliament and leaning against this victory, Dmitry Anatolevich can form the capable Government together to realise that program which it has put in the practical agenda.


- Through tools of the All-Russian popular front we have tried to involve in the list « an United Russia » New people with the fresh ideas, capable these ideas to realise. What has turned out? From 600 surnames in this list more than half – they are people who never accepted participations in obshchefederalnyh elections earlier, - Putin has told. - that is we have updated this list more than on 50 %. Moreover, third (I spoke about 20 – 25 %, and here third) people who have got to the list « an United Russia » at all are not party members « an United Russia » it is non-party people. People who have been delegated to the list « an United Russia » various public organisations, youth, female, trade-union, professional, – and here they have appeared in this list. I simply know: many of them are in the first part of this list and many of them have every chance to pass in the State Duma. Also I think that this problem (and it was the main task) will be solved: The updating, essential updating of Parliament within the limits of fraction « an United Russia ». As to directing bodies of party I think, as here there will be changes. But at first it is necessary to pass elections.


Putin have asked about why so long in the White house there are ministers, at which « a train of failures ». A leah stagnation it?

- In - the first, it is necessary to understand that such a failure and that such a train of failures. Yes, in separate branches can and there are failures. But not always, and sometimes and ministers are guilty, but no means always, - has supported ministers of premieres. - it is frequent very much result of this or that negative event it is connected at all with activity of concrete branch though, of course, in branch occur, and to the general status, say, economy or social sphere. And here so simply without grounds to take and hang on the person all responsibility – Incorrectly. This the first. Though, of course, if the person is guilty, personally it is guilty, it should bear this responsibility. Here this the first.

the Second. You know, ministerial leapfrog – this display of weakness of the sovereign management. It means that people or not in a status, or do not want to incur a private responsibility, and all time dump it on someone. Petrov, Ivans, Sidorov and more someone there &ndash is guilty; Gurevich, I do not know who. Here you are guilty, and I was not present. No, it there should be solidary always a responsibility. And if we in something are guilty, yes – well, then people should know that we are guilty. And all command should draw corresponding conclusions.

And at last, the last. Here this leapfrog and attempt to hide for a back to the first persons, for someone`s back, – it, as a rule, does not conduct to improvement of activity of administrative bodies. And before someone to expel, dismiss, it is necessary to make all to force the person to work. But also, at last, when we select people for corresponding work, all - taki we recognise that we certain selection we spend, elections. There are, of course, failures. Well, then it is necessary to get rid of such people. It is truth.


- You see there is such concept, and I partly divide it. It is connected not by that it is necessary to dismiss someone or of someone to get rid, because if you have dismissed someone, yes, this person hardly will fall in love with you, but you and have appointed at once someone, - means, there are new friends, - reflected during interview Putin. - the loneliness of politicians of the first echelon is not connected with this circumstance, not connected with purpose or dismissal, it is connected with another. It is present, such phenomenon is, but it is connected, know with what? It is connected by that people of the first echelons of power should not to themselves of anybody close admit, on a broader scale anybody. There should not be favourites, and final decisions should not be accepted on the basis of sympathies or personal antipathies, and should be accepted on the basis of professional and impartial analysis and readiness to incur responsibility for these made decisions. Well and then all - taki that sin to conceal, all of us people, and all want from first persons something to receive. It is necessary to tell directly, unfortunately, it so. But not everything, certainly. Is, especially among people personally familiar, what for themselves too certain rules of behaviour have fulfilled and never with any requests simply are not converted, lead the life and solve problems and questions. But basically tempting to be converted behind the help to the big chief always exists at someone and consequently here too it is necessary to type a certain distance. And it all here also conducts to that loneliness about which you have told.

As to readiness to get rid of those who works inefficiently (here about it only it is necessary to tell), here, of course, a duty of each head - it is not obligatory to be the President or the Chairman of the Government: and the minister should do the same, the head of any enterprise should do the same... If we want, that the system functioned effectively, – yes, then it is necessary to do it, but, as a matter of fact, we now and speak about it – that, say, and the parliament should be updated in the considerable image, and the Government.

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At the same time it is impossible any to be started up in an extreme measure. And the continuity should be any, it is impossible to play here childish sports only because on your channels or in printing mass media someone has told that it is necessary to disperse all and it is necessary there and then and to arrive. It would be lightly simple! It is necessary to look, what people already begin on the third, on the fourth time same to be engaged, and they already were tired, but if they worked adequately – it is necessary to find a worthy place of the application of their talents, forces, experience. On vacant places it is necessary to result other people as I already spoke, with fresh ideas and readiness these ideas to realise. We on this way also are going to move.

As to here those outstanding statesmen about whom you have told, at them really is to that to learn – and the big state experience … They were both statesmen, and philosophers, I even would tell. At de Gaulle – I like this politician – many any statements. You are engaged in France professionally, at it one of expressions is very good: « Choose the difficult way and then you can be assured at least of one: you will not have there competitors ».

About China

Heads of broadcasting companies have asked the prime minister, a leah are right « political gourmets »: Both Medvedev, and Putin, being candidates for presidents, have made the first visits to China which proceeding from it becomes the basic foreign policy partner?

- Is not present, this coincidence, - Putin has assured. - if you look (it not at the classified document) the schedule of work of the Government will see that we regularly hold intergovernmental meetings between the Government of Russia and the Government of China, and to the previous period of time to us there came the Chairman of the Government of China mister Ven Tszjabao. My turn Now has come, I needed to go there. It is a planned trip. That at us such intense schedule of work and meetings at high level speaks about that – and we more recently, in June, had a Chairman of the Peoples Republic of China mister Hu Jintao – It means that China, certainly, is one of our very serious partners whom we without any exaggeration, with good reason can consider and we name the strategic partner. And business not only that between our countries the greatest, extended border in the world. The matter is that goods turnover grows very big rates. The matter is that China develops very big rates and becomes for us very good partner and a commodity market of our goods and investments into our economy.

... I that who us tries to frighten of the Chinese threat, many times spoke (and it, as a rule, our western partners): after all in the modern world how mineral resources of Eastern Siberia and the Far East were attractive, all - taki the main struggle goes not for them. The main struggle follows world leadership, here again we with China are not going to argue. Here at China other competitors. Here let they among themselves also understand. For us China – the partner, the partner reliable. And we see readiness and desire of the Chinese management and the Chinese people to build with us friendly, good-neighbourhood and to search for compromises on the complicated questions most, apparently. We see this readiness, from its part we operate in the same way, and, as a rule, these things in common we find. And, it is assured, we will find them and in the future.


- It is just necessary to take the calculator (such there was earlier a machine schyotnaja, « Felix » was called – has twisted the handle and tsifirki drop out) or easier to take and count the handle: all of us together will receive what economic exhaust, what economic dividends from addition of our possibilities, - Putin has told. - by the way, here those processes which now develop and about which I wrote (means Putin`s article in « News » About the Euroasian union - the Comment «».) – the real author of these offers and plans was far not only I. And not only Russia. Actually the first push in this direction has been made by the President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev. It has arrived here here again, in Is new - Ogaryovo, has come to me home and speaks: listen, I have thought, give we will do so, and so. We already moved in this direction. It was in 2002 – if to me memory does not change. Approximately so. And we at my place, here here, near absolutely, in the next building, talked four together in this respect. I, Nazarbayev, Lukashenko and the President of Ukraine of that time Kuchma. I have suggested to wait for it specially, we it have waited and four together talked. Well and so, it is not necessary to be the large expert to understand: from addition of our possibilities – Technological, infrastructural, on transport, on power, on mineral resources, on labour, by territorial possibilities, even on language that too is very important for development of the general economy, – if all of us combine it, our competitiveness will sharply increase. Will sharply increase! We use those competitive possibilities which have got to us from former generations, and we can translate them to modern, new base. We will remove various restrictions between the states, connected with customs, with rates of exchange, with plurality of approaches in technical regulation. And so on, and so on, and so on. Razbjurokratim economy, we will make uniform, practically a common market where the goods will freely move, people and capitals, we will enter uniform norms of regulation in economy, we will provide security of outline borders here this space, first of all economic character, and we will develop – More effective we become, more attractive even for our partners from - for a boundary. And if we introduce in our internal procedures of norm and the World Trade Organization rule we become more transparent for our external partners.

We, as a matter of fact, and do, but, of course, always it is a sovereign choice of each state. And we do not speak about any political association, about revival of Soviet Union, yes Russia even is not interested in it today. She is not interested in incurring superfluous risks, to bear superfluous loading for those countries which for whatever reasons for the present a little bit at us behind the back are in those or other areas. But any part of loading, meaning interest of everything including Russia, in expansion of this economic space, we, having counted it, we will be ready to take today on themselves. It - as to our partners within the limits of the CIS.

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As to our critics from - for a boundary – critics who speak about our imperial ambitions. Well it is possible to tell here? We see that occurs, say, in Europe: there integration has reached such level which even in Soviet Union sometimes did not dream. After all, probably, you know, and if are not present, I can tell about it: quantity obligatory for execution of decisions of EuroParliament more than quantity of obligatory decisions which were accepted by the Supreme body of the USSR for the Soviet republics. And already speak about the uniform government literally this word, about a uniform regulator in sphere of intercurrency relations in economy – and there it is normal, nobody speaks about imperial aspirations. And in America? In the North America there are active integration processes between the USA, Canada, Mexico, the same occurs in Latin America, the same occurs in Africa. There at all of them it is possible and that`s OK, and at us – imperial ambitions. Here to these critics, and they obviously unfair critics, I can tell: know that, be engaged in the affairs – struggle with increasing inflation, with a growing public debt, with adiposity eventually, – be engaged in business.

« the HAWK - the GOOD BIRDIE »

- Reaction of the West to your decision to go on elections outwardly was enough indifferent. A pier, say, this domestic concern of Russia, we will work, as Angela Merkel, with any duly elected president has told. But you understand, what the West considers you as a hawk? - Head « has asked; the first channel » Konstantin Ernest.

- the Hawk, in - the first, a good birdie, - has noticed Putin.

- But you it is exact not a pigeon, - Ernest has noticed.

- I on a broader scale the person. But I against any cliches, - have declared the prime minister. - we and during former times, and today, and in the future spent and we will carry out weighed to the policy, directed creating favorable conditions for country development. And it means that we want to have good-neighbourhood, friendly relations with all our partners. Naturally, we protected also in the most active image we will protect our national interests, but we always did it correctly and it we will do as correctly in the future. We will always search for the compromises comprehensible to our partners and for our country at occurrence any sharp and questions at issue. We are not interested in confronting. On the contrary, we are interested in cooperation, in association of efforts. I many times said that … And not only I, say, our European partners and friends. At me it is a lot of in Europe friends, good friends, companions literally this word which work – worked earlier and continue to work at the highest state level. They consider that Europe does not have steady future without Russia.

Europe – this not only geographical concept, it first of all cultural concept, cultural urological. We are united with Europe by the general values in which basis, truth, Christian values, but not only it lie first of all. Even people who consider itself as atheists, are all the same nurtured on Christian values. But at us mnogokonfessionalnaja the country Russia, and at us Islam is very strongly presented, at us the Judaism is presented, at us the fourth our traditional religion is presented. Understand, we such country, the country of such culture which allows us to develop very harmoniously relations practically with all countries of the world, leaning against our own historical cultural base and traditions. We in such direction also will operate.


- First of all would like to warn you against scornfully to concern somebody, including to the small states. The scornful relation, say, to Andorra (one of these days the Russian national team on football has won against modular this country 4 - 0 - the Comment «».) Or to any other small country for us it is inadmissible, - Putin considers. - I all life am engaged in oriental combat sports, and I already have a certain philosophy of the relation to the partner: whatever it was, it is necessary to be respectful to it. Here there are also simply such universal reasons, but is also purely pragmatic. If to consider that round us any trifle to which it is not necessary to pay attention it is possible to pass also blows unexpectedly, and very sensitive. Well and on a broader scale it is better to be respectful to partners without dependence from territory, economic power and state of the economy.

In due time, remember, even more recently China was in such disorganised status in a cultural revolution. And here has passed very few time: in what China turns today? Remember the beginning 90 - h the years, after all many in the same Europe (many!) Many have started to treat with contempt on a broader scale to Russia, but clever, thinking and capable to look in the future people and politicians were respectful to us always. And I know these people by name, and I am very grateful to them, because they and in me installed certain confidence. And here we should operate and think such categories. As to those who where - that tries to push today Russia, they are mistaken: Russia not that country which it is possible where - that to push. But we anywhere also are not torn - if someone does not want us where - that to see, well and it is not necessary. What for? At us the main task to provide development of the own country and to lift a standard of life of our people, our people – here that the most important thing. And then, on this base, having created the steady political situation effectively developing economy, having provided defensibility on the basis of growing economy and on the basis of maintenance of rates of increase of this economy, we priobretyom by definition such weight and such status that will call us, can, still we where - nibud will not go.

But, of course, much depends on us, first of all, I repeat, in economy sphere, in social sphere. But, of course, and in foreign policy we should feel confidently and always should understand, where there is our national interest. Russia such country which on - another exist, of course, cannot, here I with you agree. At us is, our people have a certain spirit in this sense, but repeat once again: would be the big error to pull now to us on itself a caftan of any superpower and to try to dictate to someone our requirements, the rights if it us does not concern. Here that us concerns, here we will defend, of course, to the last everything that us everything interests also that enters into sphere of our interests. But to pose from itself(himself) the world gendarme to us to what if it is pleasant to someone, let someone is engaged in it another. We now see that in the world occurs and in a status it to analyse. I think that anything, except a damage for these countries, there will not be.


is a region of traditional our interests and at us there steady, deep communications, contacts, - Putin has declared. - and in many these countries there are forces political and in sphere of economy which would like to develop relations with the Russian Federation. But anything new there does not occur. Take Egypt former decades. Unless you do not know that there was a period when there was such Renaissance of development of relations with Soviet Union, and then – boom! – Suddenly Egypt has made a serious list towards the West, the United States? It is all was.

« the MAIN THING - NOT the OFFICE And NOT the POST »

- you know, of course, in so-called elite always there are people who are ready to be engaged, forgive for moveton, any distributings, something to stir up and in this troubled water something for itself to receive, an additional any small fish to catch in this troubled water, - Putin has told. - but I cannot note, that it was as - that here so considerably and seriously. And furthermore was nothing among my colleagues, among my close people, any decrease as you have told, respect, the relation human, deterioration in this sense. Was nothing. But I believe and is assured that the main thing, on a broader scale the main thing in the today`s world and for those people who politicise, here is how I do today it, the main thing – it not an office and not a post, the main thing – This trust of people. And here it is that basis, a basis, the base which allowed me to work effectively, and I consider that the Government of Russia these years, despite crisis, worked effectively enough. Here it is all it allowed me to work and feel confident. But it felt both others. And I am very grateful to our citizens and our people here for this support, such, maybe, not always strongly pronounced, can, silent, but absolutely clearly formulated thus. I felt it this support. And I am very grateful for it. It, by the way, has allowed to spend consecutive enough and, I repeat, as a whole the effective policy on crisis overcoming. Yes, probably, much could be made on - to another, something could be made more effectively, but all of us - taki operated much more effectively and more in due time, than in other countries. We not only have saved the separate enterprises, but also the whole branches of manufacture which stood on the verge of a full collapse – for example, as car industry, as a financial system, bank system. We have not allowed to repeat to crisis of 1998 when people have lost suddenly all accumulation. I promised that we will not admit it, and we have not admitted it. We have restored a labour market to pre-crisis level. Even it is more than that, today we have less than unemployed, than was before crisis. Yes, there too there were minuses and the negative sides, but all - taki as a whole we effectively enough worked on a labour market and decisions accepted quickly enough. I repeat once again: all it on the basis of the relation of the ordinary citizen... Tops - too it is very important, but I repeat once again: these tops fine understood and felt here this base of support, and it is solving.


- Again after all shtormit world economy, all falls at stock exchanges that only can fall, even, speak, the potentiality of stockbrokers too droops, capital outflow is observed from emerging markets, including from Russia; Here I where - that have read that to confront with such calls of a new wave of crisis, the special program is necessary to the Government. It should be short as female skirt, and to open attractive prospects then people of business will believe, and crisis will stop, - has figuratively begun the question the head of NTV. - here tell, your Government has such program? And by the way, as the budget at us is calculated 100 dollars for oil barrel, and the price for oil falls, a leah will be reconsidered the budget?

- Well know, if all time to say that all falls anything and will not rise never, - Putin has declared. - And at us growth of 4 % will be this year – it is satisfactory, and here in China there will be 9 % – it is already good. And we need to aspire to that and at us growth of rates of economy was 6 – 7 % as we also provided it in previous years before crisis. And we will aspire to it, I already told it.

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As to an economy openness we will aspire to it, of course. However, there are such fears, especially with possible joining of our country to the WTO that this excessive openness can even do much harm to us. Therefore about a female skirt – it is good to someone to have a short skirt, and it is better to someone to use other clothes. Here we and a negotiating process course on the WTO, I consider, have insured myself from possible unexpectedness. At us, as a matter of fact, long enough transient period on the whole branches of economy. But nevertheless we will aspire to that our enterprises, our whole branches worked in the competitive environment that they operated more effectively and that finally were more competitive. And our citizens could receive the goods, services in the comprehensible prices and high quality. As a matter of fact, in it and an overall objective of joining to the World Trade Organization. But I repeat once again: we will make for ourselves definitively this decision only in the event that all parametres connected with necessity at any stage of protection of our economic interests, will be discussed and put on a paper.

I and my colleagues, we fine see these threats, is valid them much, they are generated not at us again – they are generated in the so-called developed economy. Well it is possible to tell? We as a whole have not bad appeared prepared for crisis of the end 2008 - go – the beginnings of 2009. What our situation today? We attentively look that occurs in world economy and on leading platforms. Clearly that level of a diversification of our economy still the insufficient. We directly and openly speak about it to feel more confident. After all in what a problem? When the markets western are narrowed, decrease sales volumes of our traditional goods and the prices for them fall. And their all there 4 – 5 – 7 branches. And consequently blow for us such essential and heavy: if at us was not 7 – 8 branches, and 50 – 100 the situation would be more balanced and then we could pass and to a floating rate of national currency. And today we, the Central bank, are urged to regulate there a little bit. Therefore we can cardinally tell that are ready to any changes of an internal conjuncture, only in the event that we will cardinally change here this internal state of our economy, it we diversify.

But today at us is both some pluses, and some minuses in comparison with the end of 2008. Minuses in what consist? Certainly, I speak absolutely frankly, we a little bit during crisis « have set fire » our resources and reserve funds. But nevertheless for this year we not only have not eaten them, and to the contrary, have started to increase. At us the Reserve fund of the Government will be 1,7 trln roubles, the Fund of national welfare will be 2,8 trln roubles approximately. These are two reserve funds, plus Central Bank gold and exchange currency reserves – 550 mlrd dollars. At us a security pillow big enough. I repeat, reserve funds of the Government hardly - hardly it is less, than were in the beginning, than were before that crisis, and, of course, we should mean it.

But in what pluses? All of us - taki have fulfilled mechanisms, we know that in a certain situation it is necessary to do – have fulfilled these mechanisms, have improved standard - legal base, and we will not need even to leave once again in Parliament. We know, as as it is necessary to do, what tools to apply to provide stability of a financial system, various sectors of production of goods, social sphere, and it, of course, plus. In general, meaning presence and reserves, and here This experience of passage of crisis 2008 - go - 2010, all - taki at me is confidence that we as a whole are ready to meet any unexpectedness fully armed.

As to the budget, we imposed it, and you know it, these are the open data, from calculation of 100 dollars for barrel. Really, dependence big: 40 % with superfluous at us a profitable part of the budget are formed at the expense of oil and gas incomes, but here in structure of additional incomes of this year more than two thirds of incomes are provided for the bill of not oil and gas incomes. It means that all - taki certain structural changes in economy occur in the direction necessary to us. I repeat, we started with 100 dollars for barrel at calculations of the budget of next year, and in it is that to year average size will be 110. We consider that sharp depreciation of oil next year will not be, but we count not from 110, as today, and from 100, that is pragmatic enough approach. But even if will decrease still, there to 95, we will not need to leave with the big loans and to burden our financial system.

By the way, here if to return to additional incomes of current year we from above 320 mlrd direct on repayment of a budgeted deficit and we do not leave with additional loans on a foreign market so, all these resources remain at the disposal of financial institutions and in national economy. And it too very important factor of positive character. By the way, and the inflation, the saved up inflation for today of 4,7 % – the lowest for all history of modern Russia. Yes, at us in the end of the year the greatest expenditure will be (in the end of October, in November, in December), of course, it will grow up, but I think that the saved up inflation even by results bodily all year, will be the lowest for all history of Russia.

In Europe

- I about it spoke ABOUT GAZPROM SEARCHES many times publicly: all who sell the goods, want to sell more expensively, and all who buys, want to receive it more cheaply, and it is better on a broader scale on a freebie as at us in the people speak, for free, - the prime minister considers. - for free, clear, anybody will give nothing, but want more cheaply. Here, undertake any decisions unilaterally – the third power package, and in absolutely unprecedented order give it a retroactive effect that in the modern, civilised world, apparently, on a broader scale it is inadmissible, but nevertheless it becomes. We consider that the purpose here one – to lower goods cost, to tear off quite market way of pricing, and it at us is fastened today on the price for oil. We do not dictate administratively this price, we are adhered to oil: oil raises – gas cost raises, oil falls – Gas cost falls. It seems to me that it is not so far-sighted on a broader scale the approach because, yes, let us assume, today the price decent enough on oil, but tomorrow it can fall and then « Gazprom » will incur losses, and, to the contrary, those who buys, will receive preferences. I do not think that it obosnovanno. Besides, the gas market all - taki very original, it is adhered substantially to the concrete supplier. To enter there the third link as our partners now offer, or to put the third buyer and the seller … That is on border our gas has come to the West European countries, to us speak: sell it at a stock exchange to the third party, legal, it will buy and then will sell further. But it, know, can result in what? It will be simple someone to receive an additional margin. It is absolutely unessential that the price will go downwards. This the first.

the Second innovation: It is offered to divide the proprietor of pipeline systems of pipeline transport and the proprietor of the product of gas. Here give pipeline systems! And already in some Baltic countries the national government puts so questions and tries to take away from us, at our German partners, by the way, that belongs to us, by right belongs, under the law, all is bought for money. In what it can result in gas sphere? When there is no structure which owns a product, extracts it, and then sells, when it is separated from transport there can be a situation of degradation of transport system because transport system, as a rule, unprofitable in the modern world or then it will be necessary to lift up sharply tariffs for prorolling, and it finally will lead not to falling of the price for the end user, and to the contrary, to its increase or degradation of transport system.

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It is possible to make so that for the end user in Europe gas was cheaper, than today, and at the same time was delivered under long-term contracts? It is possible. How it to make? It is necessary to clean intermediaries who are present today. Here there are large companies, our European partners, they buy our gas, and then deliver it on the power stations, removing already at the first stage a margin. Admit « Gazprom » before, that « Gazprom » at once delivered on power station then there will be no one intermediary, there will be no additional margin, already the product price will fall. Admit « Gazprom » to the end user – will take off still how much intermediaries. And, at last, there is one more component: social tax loading on power resources, including on our gas which arrives in budgets of our countries - partners is very great. Well and who forces to hold such high tax loading? Lower it. Why only we should bear corresponding loading unilaterally? But all is questions of current character - as though they sharply looked at first sight, I very much count on that we during such partner dialogue will manage to find an outcome of these uneasy problems and questions.

« very much it WOULD be desirable, THAT « UNIFORM Russia » ON ELECTIONS HAS defeated »

- Certainly, I very much would like, that « an United Russia » on elections has defeated,   - the prime minister admitted. - in - the first, because the list « an United Russia » the working president and if our citizens - voters in appropriate way positively react to our offer on a power configuration as I already spoke heads then we will have an opportunity on base here these elections to generate the steady and capable government led by Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. This the first. And in - the second, our purpose (and mine including) at creation of the All-Russian popular front was not only strengthening « an United Russia » though it is very important, because the capable Parliament is necessary to us. It is the extremely important, but it is important not only it. It is important, that at us elements of direct national democracy have earned, that people felt the communication with governing bodies. We on a broader scale have got used to hang out since Petrovsky times any goods of the western manufacture and samples and to point a finger, that people followed them an example. It, by the way, where - that is good, and where - that and not so because if all of us time will point a finger that there, and to say that there all is always better, we can be ambushed and make mistakes. In this sense, from the point of view of development of democratic processes, we speak about an economic crisis in the West, but today it has already even political character. Today many western experts speak about crisis of the power and trust of citizens here to this multi-party western system. It is said that this multi-party western parliamentary democracy cannot offer the people of the countries of such people which would enjoy confidence of the overwhelming majority of citizens of the country. Here the All-Russian popular front, preliminary voting by a choice of the most worthy people – here this all those tools which as a whole, in my opinion, should operate in a direction of expansion of base of democracy in our country – real direct national democracy, and, in my opinion, it will strengthen as a whole political system of Russia.

<... > Struggle will get more acuity, and as a whole it is quite good, to the contrary, it well. A question only in how us to develop here these democratic institutes. We need to be in search constantly. We need to look: That, say, is necessary for us in Parliament 10 – 15 parties? It is necessary to clean on a broader scale a threshold of passage to Parliament or not? But we know an example of our neighbours in Ukraine. Unless the Ukrainization of our Parliament where it is impossible to discuss practically anything is necessary to us? Look that in States. There it is a lot of parties? There the barrier is not present? But there it is a lot of tools, applying which the state achieves that at the Congress there are only two large parties, there is a big struggle within the limits of these parties in the beginning. And there really democracy develops, including with the help here this preliminary voting. And on a surface there are people most effective and most accepted by a society, they among themselves struggle. And the same in parliaments occurs.

Our political system is in process of formation. We will not accept any forcible decisions. We will be always in dialogue with the public, with a society to be. Let`s search for such forms at which our political system would be steady. Here it is one of problems for me (I repeat, of course, if on elections people vote for my nominee), one of problems will be. The government if normally there pass votings and people will support the list « an United Russia » led by Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, and then we will manage to generate the capable Government. One of problems – this creation of steady political system which would develop on own base, instead of on the basis of advice or hails from - for a boundary. Our state cannot exist as the satellite. To us it is necessary steady, internally steady political – modern, flexible, reflecting requirements of today, but political system leaning against our national traditions. We cannot, as some countries of former so-called East block, the Soviet block, the country of the Warsaw contract - and I know such countries - to exist, when they cannot appoint even the Minister of Defence or the chief of the Joint Staff without advice with the ambassador of the foreign state. We so cannot exist. But to be independent and to save the sovereignty, to us it is necessary both effectively developing economy, and steady political system, - and it can be steady only in the event that people will feel that they influence formation of governing bodies. On formation and on a policy of these governing bodies. And, of course, we need to find optimum political structures and mechanisms of formation of authorities. We will look, as those tools which Dmitry Anatolevich has offered will function. We do it together – that it was clear. But, of course, Dmitry Anatolevich was the President, and the definitive word in these questions, of course, always was behind it. I yours faithfully concern it. They are accepted, will be implementirovany, will work. And we will look together – and within the limits of party « an United Russia » and within the limits of the All-Russian popular front we will look, how it is all functions, as works. If it is necessary, we will introduce any corrective amendments.

- And that you would find for « an United Russia » worthy result of these elections? - Editors have asked.

- you know, you now try to move me in a plane of any political predictions, - Putin has left from the answer.

- Is not present, no. Any figures. I have asked - worthy result, - Dobrodeyev has specified.

- « an United Russia » should remain leading political force in the country and in the State Duma. It would be worthy result, - Putin has declared.