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Whether probably to obtain the credit in the conditions of crisis

-   a leah crisis Has affected development of operations of crediting in Northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia?

- In financial crisis   the credit organisations have essentially changed approaches to consumer crediting. During the pre-crisis period in struggle for clients banks have generated democratic enough approach to crediting - a number of banks was given by credits without an estimation of solvency of the client, without maintenance of the credit and etc., from - for what, at times, borrowers who could not calculate the forces for debt payment suffered affliction. Crediting volumes increased year from a year in times.

In crisis rates of crediting in the country were slowed down, and it is clear - crisis displays, in particular, insufficient liquidity of banks, growth of non-payments and so forth,   dictate   more weighed approach to decision-making on delivery of credits. It is necessary to notice that the population also began more vzveshenno to concern   to the possibilities at decision-making on crediting.

the Savings Bank of Russia for one day did not stop operation of crediting of the population in crisis. The grocery ruler of the Savings Bank of Russia on - former is presented various   credit products for various categories of the population, on the most different purposes. To issue consumer or the Savings Bank mortgage loan quite really and during the period financially - an economic crisis, especially   that the bank undertakes certain efforts that burden of the credit for the borrower in crisis was not so heavy. We help clients to avoid acceptance on ourselves of excessive debt loading, having strengthened attention to individual solvency at delivery of credits.

On a site of Northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia you can receive all information under consumer credits and our partners, unpack a package of documents. Besides,   the detail information under credits can be received, having called on free number of consultation centre of bank - 8   800 1001 700 where your call is waited by the qualified advisers.

-   What credit conditions today?

- the Base credit product of the Savings Bank - the credit for urgent needs traditionally is the most popular among the population owing to the minimal requirements on its registration, a package of documents, target use of the credit. The borrower can spend the credit   on any personal purposes. For credit granting the passport and the inquiry on incomes is required only. The debts under the given no-purpose credits in the Savings Bank should not exceed 500 thousand rbl. The credit is given in roubles within 3 years under 19 % annual. At credit delivery the single tariff which size depending on the credit sum varies from 4 % to 2 % from the credit sum is raised. The basic maintenance under the credit is the guarantee of physical persons, thus on a credit to the amount to 300 thousand rbl. it is required not less than one guarantor, on a credit to the amount over 300 thousand rbl. -   not less than 2 guarantors.

more and more attractive   becomes the pension credit since the income in the form of pension is, perhaps, the stablest in crisis. The credit is given to the citizens who have reached of pension age, thus in calculation of the sum of the credit can be accepted as the income in the basic place of work and pension, and one pension. In the rest   credit conditions are similar to the credit for urgent needs.

-   On what to pay attention first of all at credit registration?

- At a credit choice it is necessary to mean the crediting purpose, since target credits much cheaper the no-purpose. So, if you get real estate, it is better to issue a mortgage loan, the car - the autocredit, get education - the educational credit. Also it is necessary to consider that are more favourable   credit programs for specific categories of citizens: for pensioners - the Pension credit for youth - the credit the Young family the credit for owners of personal part-time farms and so forth About all these nuances to you will prompt in bank.

the Important moment at a credit choice - a way of repayment of the credit. So, there is a difference between differentiated and annuitetnymi payments under the credit. Besides, specify, a leah it is possible to extinguish the credit ahead of schedule, a leah exists in bank the moratorium on preschedule repayment of the credit since preschedule repayment can entail penal sanctions . It is necessary to take an interest, what requirements of bank to   to the size of own means (an initial payment) on object of real estate, a vehicle.

And, at last, the important point - the credit price. It is important, in what sum to you loan will manage. After all on what conditions you issue the credit, finally and there is a price of this credit. Now the Bank of Russia has obliged the credit organisations to acquaint the future borrower with a credit overall cost which consolidates in itself all bank and accompanying   payments under the credit: the interest rate, tariffs and the commissions, the sum of the insurance and a pledge estimation, necessity of other kinds of insurance - lives, a title and so forth Search for itself for the best conditions, trust reliable and skilled banks.

-   How it is quickly possible to issue the credit? Probably, it is required to collect many papers, to find guarantors. A leah exists at you the facilitated procedure of reception of the credit?

- Procedure of reception of the credit in the Savings Bank actually is simple enough. The bank offers various categories of credit, including without maintenance. So, now credits without any maintenance can be issued in the sum to 500 thousand rbl. These credits are intended for borrowers with positive credit history. Without maintenance to 300 thousand rbl. participants of salary projects of the Savings Bank can issue credits. Such category of credit is called confidential. It can be received within 3 years under 20 % annual. The decision under the credit is accepted within 3 days. To issue the demand for the credit it is possible by phone, a fax.

For the clients who do not have a positive history, the Savings Bank offers consumer credits. Not less than 1 guarantor it is necessary under credits to 300 thousand rbl. Autocredits mortgage loans - on the security of financed object of real estate are given on the security of a financed vehicle, and.

the Package of documents for the borrower - minimum, for no-purpose credits: the statement - the questionnaire, the passport,   the inquiry on incomes   under the form 2 NDFL, a work record card copy.

-   From what and on what age it is possible to take the credit? A leah there are restrictions on a state of health and financial possibilities of the person?

- the Savings Bank of Russia gives credits to physical persons at the age from 21 years   before 75 years at the moment of the termination of term of the credit contract. Any restrictions on a state of health to borrowers it is not established. The credit sum is limited to financial possibilities of the borrower, t. e. Its solvency.

-   At what income it is possible to apply for the credit?

- the Savings Bank of Russia at calculation of the sum of the credit subtracts from the income payments under available credits and guarantees, other obligatory payments (taxes, the alimony and so forth) To the discretion of bank the sum on utility bills can be taken away, the quantity of dependents in a family is thus considered. The remained sum of the income (net profit) is used for calculation of the sum of the credit, that is   if any sum remained, already basically it is possible to obtain the credit, and its size will depend on the size of your net profit. To calculate the credit sum, proceeding from your net profit, you can with the help the credit calculator bank - on a site of Northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia.

-   By what principle credit repayment is made?

- In the Russian banks payments of two kinds annuitetnye (equal) and differentiated (reducing) are applied basically. The difference in ways of repayment of the credit consists that at the differentiated payments the size of monthly payment decreases each time (the credit is extinguished in regular intervals, and percent decrease), and at annuitete remains immutable during all term of using the credit (the sum of repayment of the credit increases with each month, and percent decreases). If the borrower takes the long-term credit,   that the difference between annuitetnymi and the differentiated payments becomes obvious - at annuitetnyh the overpayment will be more since in the first terms of crediting the credit is extinguished slightly. At credit repayment important also, a leah assumes the credit contract the moratorium (interdiction) on its preschedule repayment. Certainly, it is more preferable, when such moratorium is absent, since,   paying the credit in need of earlier terms and in great sums,   you considerably will save on percent. The Savings Bank does not use the moratorium on preschedule repayment at the differentiated payments.

-   Explain, what such bank of credit stories? As it use. A leah is such database at you? When the credit history is considered spoilt? A leah is any term, after which debtor can rehabilitate, so to say, and it again can take credits? Or it gets in the black list on all life?

- the Bureau of credit stories is a civilised practice of the account of the credit stories, extended all over the world. To the borrower who has proved as the diligent payer,   it is much easier to obtain the credit in bank, besides, he can obtain the credit for more favourable conditions. Each bank independently defines possibilities of work with unfair borrowers in the past.

the Good credit history in the Savings Bank considers, when payments under the credit are carried out by the borrower in due time and in full. Presence no more than 3 cases of delay, each of which no more in any annual interval for last five years` period, and also absence of the negative information on the borrower regarding granting of counterfeit documents and unreliable information is thus supposed than 5 calendar days.

- That such otlagatelnoe a condition?

is very convenient way of registration target housing or the autocredit. The bank makes the decision on delivery of credits without any documents on got real estate or the car. Within 3 months you can   to carry out habitation search, or to choose   the car. The bank decision will save the force before registration of all necessary documents by you on purchase and sale.

-   The girlfriend wants to take the credit and asks me to act as its guarantor. I will bear what responsibility, if I will agree?   I now pay the credit. A leah there can be thus I the guarantor at the husband?

- the Guarantee is for bank - a guarantee of maintenance of return of the credit. However, giving the guarantee under the credit, it is necessary to realise that you bear a joint liability under the credit in the same volume, as the borrower, and in case of difficulties with payments at the borrower a duty on credit return equally lays down and on guarantors. Therefore   you should be assured of whom guarantee. However and to be afraid to give the guarantee for good, reliable, from your point of view, the borrower it is not necessary. In turn, you too can use the help of the friends, relatives at credit reception. Yours   positive relations with bank as the guarantor   Will help you at reception of the credit as you have taken place certain procedures of check, have proved   positively. A leah

It is possible to obtain the credit, being the guarantor and a leah it is possible to give the guarantee, paying the credit? The answer positive. The bank will consider your available obligations at calculation of new obligations: if you have a credit (), from your income the sum of monthly payment under this credit, if the guarantee - 50 % of monthly payment on the credit for which you were charged will be taken away. The remained sum will be used for credit or guarantee calculation. As to spouses, their guarantee is usually made out, even if at the spouse - the guarantor   there are no incomes since the property anyway acquired in marriage, or the received obligations belong in common to both spouses if other is not provided by the wedded contract.

-   A leah Gives your bank credits without guarantors and for what sum? What documents are necessary for credit reception, and under what percent?

- At a retail grocery ruler of the Savings Bank of Russia for a long time already there is such product, as   Confidential the credit which is intended for constant, correct and reliable clients.

the Given category of credit does not demand any maintenance, it employees of the organisations which are on the salary project in bank can use as borrowers with positive credit history (duration of credit history should make not less than 6 months), and, is   those who receives a salary on plastic cards or the contribution of the Savings Bank of Russia.

the Credit is given in roubles, term of the credit till 3 years, the rate of 20 % annual. The maximum size of the credit for persons with positive credit history of 500 thousand roubles; For participants of salary projects - 300 thousand roubles. The decision under the credit is accepted within 3 days. To issue the demand for the credit it is possible by phone, a fax, electronic mail.

For credit reception it is necessary to present to bank following documents : the statement - the questionnaire, the passport, the identity card (men till 27 years inclusive), a work record card copy, the inquiry under the bill salary maps/ salary the contribution for last 6 months (for participants of salary projects), the inquiry 2 - NDFL, in case at the moment of the reference in bank behind the credit in comparison with earlier given   data the client had essential changes social and a property status (for borrowers to positive credit history).

-   I Want to take the credit, but to me speak,   That at present everywhere the big percent (an overpayment almost in 3 times), and it explain crisis: a pier,   money is not present, and to banks to exist on something it is necessary. A leah So it?

- the Savings Bank of Russia always was socially focused bank and the leader of financial branch of the country, all it leaves a certain mark on its activity and conditions of granting of financial services for the population, especially in a current situation in the financial market of the country.

the Savings Bank has saved all credit programs for physical persons and is one of few Russian banks, giving today loans to physical persons.

In connection with substantial growth of cost of monetary resources and an uneasy situation in the financial market the Savings Bank of Russia has raised interest rates on all categories of credit. New interest rates are applied only under again given out credits. Interest rates under earlier given credits remain without changes. Insignificant amendments have been made to other conditions of reception of credits, taking into account the crisis phenomena occurring in the country, but the Savings Bank has tried to save all primary benefits for clients of the credit programs. But even taking into account last increase of rates of the offer of the Savings Bank of Russia under retail credits remain most atvlekatelnymi in the market both on the size of interest rates, and on conditions of granting of credits.

-   I Come to bank to pay the credit, and each time it is necessary to stand in queues. It is possible as - that to change this situation?

- Payments under the credit are accepted by any branch of the Savings Bank. In credit repayment, certainly, owners of plastic cards of the Savings Bank use advantages. Owners of maps can extinguish the credit through is information - payment terminals of bank (71 IPTS -   in Yaroslavl, 23 IPTS - in Rybinsk) to which practically there are no turns, as repayment procedure very simple. In immediate prospects it is planned to equip these terminals with the device a cache in - acceptances of cash, hence, pay for the credit can not only owners of plastic cards.

-   During crisis many banks have suspended   Mortgage lending.   a leah gives the Savings Bank such credits?

- the Savings Bank offers   the thought over, effective program of mortgage lending about what speaks its popularity among the population which includes both mortgage loans, and housing credits without registration of financed object of real estate as a deposit. Such choice can give far not each bank. In this case the bank will issue the housing credit under other maintenance - the guarantee, any pledge, in t. ch. Pledge of available habitation. However the rate on a classical mortgage loan more low.

the Bank finances 70 % of a project cost of real estate. And for   a young family with the child (the age of one of spouses till 35 years) is enough only 20 percent of own means from cost of got habitation. Interest rates depend on term of crediting and the size of an initial payment on habitation (the less term and more size of own means, the more low the rate). The habitation got by means of the credit is made out as a deposit (mortgage) to bank, but the borrower becomes the proprietor of habitation. Having paid the credit, the bank will remove burdening from your habitation.

the Mortgage loan can be issued not only on apartment purchase, and also on such objects of real estate as a room, the apartment house, the ground area, garage, a summer residence, etc. Besides, the crediting purpose can be habitation building (both share, and individual), and also its reconstruction and repair.  

the Savings Bank - one of few banks who in crisis has not stopped individual share crediting in building. Till the moment of registration of the constructed object in the property it is necessary to give as a deposit to bank other premises: Available habitation of borrowers, their parents, any third parties.

For convenience of registration of mortgage loans in the Yaroslavl area two centres of mortgage lending   function; - in Yaroslavl (Freedom street, 71) and in Rybinsk (Gogol`s street, 10). Besides, the similar centres operate in Ivanovo (B.Hmelnitsky`s street, d. 73).   Kostroma (Ivan Susanin`s street d. 27).

. The given centres already are popular among the population. In them all conditions that not only to receive competent consultation under the credit are created and to issue the credit, in the centres realtors, insurance brokers, appraisers settle down. Here it is possible to carry out the transaction of all chain participating in purchase and sale of apartments by calculations in a special premise. It both is safe, and it is convenient: bill machines   are given; and checks of authenticity of denominations.   in the centres there is a base of real estate, in t. ch. On under construction objects. The bank closely co-operates with the basic builders and agencies of real estate of the regional market. At our partners the client can calculate the credit sum,   to obtain a package of documents on the housing credit, and also the help in full support of the transaction of purchase and sale by means of the Savings Bank credit.

-   Tell, please, about special housing programmes and   about use of means of grants?

- Special programs of mortgage lending are provided by the Savings Bank for young families, and also the citizens who have received grants and certificates of the state on habitation.

In 2006 the Administration of Yaroslavl region had been held competition on selection of bank for service of means of the grants allocated to young families. Credit conditions   in Northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia are recognised the most comprehensible as the bank has   Work wide experience on granting of credits for real estate acquisition, a wide filial network, and also a special credit product the Young family . At calculation   the sums   the credit the Young family the Savings Bank has possibility to consider not only incomes of young spouses, but also their parents. Besides, there are also other advantages of the program the Young family . After the federal program the Savings Bank has increased age of young spouses till 35 years. In comparison with other housing programmes of the Savings Bank for the young families having children,   the size of an initial payment is lowered to 80 % of cost of habitation, and at a birth in a family of the child the delay of repayment of the basic debt   is given; before achievement by the child of 3 years.   Besides,   under credits which stand out with use of the state grants, the Savings Bank establishes special, lower interest rates.

-   Heard that in the city of Syktyvkar have started to move the people, not capable to pay a mortgage from - for crisis. Here, I think, once and us it will concern, but I have paid already the most part. What to do to me?

- In the circumstances in the country many banks including the Savings Bank, are ready to meet the clients who have got to a difficult economic situation. Certainly, for a way out to search together with bank more correctly: the preliminary reference of the client at early stages of occurrence of problems can is frequently essential facilitate a situation, and the size of losses in many respects depends on competent behaviour of the borrower. The Savings Bank already develops special measures of the help to people who experience time financial difficulties, but they operate on all categories of credit except for the housing. With Agency on mortgage housing crediting (AIZHK) negotiations of a management of the Savings Bank of Russia are at the moment carried on for the joint program on re-structuring of the housing credits which have been given out by the Savings Bank.

to Some families to pay off for debts under the housing credit it will be possible by means of the parent capital, the decision on this question is already accepted the government.

the Request in due time to be converted into bank branch in which made out the credit, and experts of bank will help to find a way out of a current situation, as work with debtors always is under construction on an individual basis not to suppose a situation of the reference of collecting on the put object of real estate.

-   I Want to get the car. What credit the most favourable and what documents are necessary for its registration?

- the Savings Bank of Russia can offer the special program of autocrediting. It is the most favourable variant of purchase of the car on credit, since Under the given target credit interest rates much more low. The size of the interest rate depends on the size of own means for the car, besides,   on the new car the rate more low, than on the second-hand. The single tariff under the credit varies from 2 to 4 % from the sum of the credit depending on the size of the credit. The bank finances 70 % of cost of the car. The credit is listed directly on the motor show settlement account.

the Autocredit is given both on new, and on the second-hand cars got through motor shows - bank partners, or through any official autodealers. By northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia only in Yaroslavl region it is concluded more than 100 contracts with motor shows (the list on a site http:// www. seb. sbrf. ru/). You can meet with at first approval of the credit and then find the car, or, having chosen in a motor show the car, to be converted to the manager of a motor show (or in bank) behind a package of documents on the Savings Bank autocredit, and to you will help to fill a package of documents directly in a motor show. As maintenance of such credit the got car insured KASKO and the guarantee of the spouse () acts only.

Great popularity among jaroslavtsev uses   the autocrediting centre (Freedom, 52) where all complex of services of autocrediting is offered. The centre specialises only on delivery of autocredits, therefore procedure of registration of the credit terms of consideration of demands are unified, simplified, accelerated.

the Package of documents for registration of the autocredit you can take on a site of Northern bank of the Savings Bank of Russia, and also receive in a motor show - the partner of bank or in any branch of the Savings Bank of Russia. Also on a site there is a credit calculator with which help you can calculate the desirable sum of the credit taking into account your income, an initial payment and vehicle cost.

-   At me 16 - the summer daughter, in a year to it to enter the institute. To get on a budgetary place now it is difficult, and paid training to us independently not to pull. Heard that now there are credits for education. That they itself   represent   and who them can take?

- As all target credits of bank (i.e., given on a specific goal - training, habitation, motor transport, conducting a personal part-time farm) is much cheaper than the usual no-purpose credit (on them more low the interest rate), you correctly do that analyze variants of the target credit for education. The credit is interesting to that plus the five years` period after training can be given for all term of training. Thus to return the credit it is possible during the period when training is finished, and the former student   can pay off from the income under the credit. Percent will be necessary for bringing every month. Sozaemshchikami under the credit there can be except the pupil its representatives - parents and other physical persons who are taking part in reception of education. Their incomes will be considered at calculation of the sum of the credit. The educational credit gives bank both on training in the higher, and in the average special educational institutions which are carrying out training on a paid basis, thus mode of study can be any:   correspondence, vesper, day. The credit is given on the basis of the contract of the pupil with educational institution in a non-cash order and is transferred into account educational institution. Credit approval can be issued even before delivery of entrance examinations and to the contract conclusion on training.

-   Took the car on credit, has insured. Recently there has come insured event. To whom insurers will pay indemnifications: to me or bank - predostavitelju the credit?

- At insured event approach it is necessary to be converted into the insurance company in due time. Representatives of the insurance company should give you the letter to bank in which insured event is described, the sum of the caused damage is specified the vehicle for the purpose of definition of an order of payment of insurance compensation. From the insurance company the borrower gives the given letter in bank in which made out the credit. In the absence of the delayed debts under the autocredit   the bank tramples down the decision on a direction of money resources of insurance compensation on restoration of a subject of pledge. The given information contains in the tripartite agreement concluded between bank, the insurance company and the borrower.

-   Leah participates the Savings Bank in the program of support of domestic car industry?

- the Program of support of domestic car industry is at a working out stage in the Government of the Russian Federation: access key parametres to credits are not certain, there is no mechanism of granting of grants. Under the information received from mass-media, the order of indemnification under autocredits becomes known for the state of a part of the interest rate in the beginning of spring. Thus, use measures of state support borrowers can at once as soon as the mechanism of granting of grants will be defined.

the credits which have been given out in 2009 on acquisition of cars Will be subsidised, made in the Russian Federation which cost is made no more than 350 thousand rbl. by the Grant is established at a rate of 2/ 3 rates of refinancing of the Central Bank. Besides, the order of the Government of the Russian Federation about subsidising of autocredits defines the sum which will be directed from the federal budget on granting of grants in 2009, it makes 2 billion roubles. Today the list of cars which fall under interest rate subsidising is already known - the corresponding order is signed by the minister of the industry and trade of the Russian Federation. In particular, the list included 30 models from Open Society Autovases UAZ, General Motors - Autovases, Open Society Sollers Vsevolozhsk factory of Ford, Open Society IzhAvto Open Society avtoframos (joint venture of the French concern of Renault and the Moscow government), and also the Kaluga enterprise of Volkswagen.

At the moment the list of banks which will participate in the program on subsidising of autocredits, is not defined yet by the Government of the Russian Federation. As soon as the definitive mechanism of interaction of banks and motor-car manufacturers will be defined, the decision on participation of the Savings Bank of Russia in this program is accepted, you can receive the necessary information in Savings Bank branches.

-   a leah I Can obtain the credit if at the enterprise where I work, with me conclude only short-term contracts for three months, then dismiss, and then again make out for work on the same conditions?

- For credit registration in the Savings Bank of Russia as a part of a package of documents there should be a reference for last 6 months under the form 2 - NDFL and the copy of the work record card assured by the employer. In the present state of affairs, which you have stated in your question, above listed documents cannot be presented to bank for credit reception. On the basis of it the Savings Bank of Russia cannot grant your the loan on one of existing retail credit programs.

-   A leah Is any special procedure of registration of the credit for wedding? And how long it occurs?

- Special procedure of registration of the credit for wedding carrying out does not exist, also in the Savings Bank of Russia there is no special credit a program for reception of the credit for this purpose. In your case the Savings Bank can grant you the loan for urgent needs. In - the first, the borrower can spend proceeds of credit for any purposes and it is not required any report on target use of the credit. For credit reception it is necessary to give a package of documents in bank: the statement - the questionnaire, the inquiry on incomes, the passport. The maximum sum of the credit makes 500 thousand roubles, pays off proceeding from the income of the borrower and the given maintenance. Credit term as much as possible 3 years, the rate of 19 % annual, for service of the loan bill will make the single tariff from 4 % to 2 % depending on the credit sum. Presence of guarantors is obligatory. Term of consideration of the credit demand makes 7 working days. Take a package of documents on the credit you can on a site of bank or be converted into any division of the Savings Bank of Russia. For the borrowers having good history in the Savings Bank of Russia, and also for participants of salary projects the bank can suggest to issue the Confidential credit (on the given category of credit maintenance registration is not required).