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Vladimir Kolganov: I Hope and believe, 2010 will be year of the executed problems

Good afternoon.

Dear governor!

Dear deputies!

Dear Barnaul citizens!

delivering your attention the report on city administration work in 2009 and plans for 2010, I want to note two circumstances which, in my opinion, have rendered and will make the major impact on development of city district and to define our plans for prospect.

the First circumstance positive.

It is necessary to recognise that 2009 was one of most not successful for development of municipal economy of our city and its economy for last six years.

But I cannot name its year of disappointments.

Even at all difficulties to us, dear deputies, it was possible to avoid adverse consequences in municipal economy economy, and on some indicators even to improve the positions.

For example, for the last year on the integrated indicator RBC. A rating Barnaul occupies 21 place among 63 large Russian cities (for a year the city has risen in a rating on 10 points).

We occupy prize-winning places in the competitions spent by the All-Russia Advice of Local government and the Ministry of regional development.

All it became possible thanks to harmonious work of the city deputy case, administrations of areas and cities, to understanding of city problems from the majority of deputies of regional Legislative Assembly, to attention of the regional authorities, working out and realisation of projects with regional branch of party an United Russia To teamwork with trade unions, veterans, youth, support of the most active part of Barnaul citizens.

the Second circumstance negative.

It is connected with a universal situation in economy and a financial system which consequences will make considerable impact and have already introduced corrective amendments in plans of city development.

Certainly, I and administration as a whole would like to bring these consequences to naught, to prevent these consequences completely. But, unfortunately, it it was not possible to make, and we in this situation in the country are not an exception.

In this hard time from us - from the city power townspeople wait for effective actions which will allow all of us to worry this difficult period.

Today I address to you with the report on results of activity of a city administration last year.

We want to make the work as much as possible opened for all Barnaul citizens.

For us it is very important today, as they say, to synchronise watches to define directions of a development of the city, and I am grateful to all of you that you have responded to our invitation.

Dear deputies!

In adverse for forward development of municipal economy of a situation, together with you we have essentially processed the anti-recessionary plan that has allowed to cut down expenses of city budget on 1,7 billion rbl. to Reduce means for the maintenance of local governments for 16 %.

Regretfully I ascertain that the investment program also has been reduced to a minimum.

In these uneasy conditions the main decision was accepted: The basic attention and the most part of resources to direct on support and preservation of social sphere, its infrastructure, rendering assistance to the townspeople not protected and suffered from crisis.

Our absolute priority was and remains is an inhabitant of city district of Barnaul.

Today we can responsibly declare that a problem put by the president of the country D. A.Medvedev, the governor of edge A. B.Karlinym, - to save social programs and a social infrastructure - by us it is realised.

I Will remind that in 2009 among the basic lines of activity of a city administration we have defined:

- preschool education development;
- development of a network of polyclinics;
- development of a library network;
- development of sports base.

Within the limits of realisation of federal and regional programs in the city territory we have continued work on:

- the further upgrade of a school food;
- to development of high medical technologies;
- realisations of programs of allocation of habitation to young families, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, children - to orphans.

I Will list short results of work.

the technology equipment at 46 schools is Completely replaced. Children of preschool age have received 1140 places in kindergartens.

On coverage of children of preschool age by services of kindergartens we left on an indicator more than 75 % (in the Russian Federation - 56 %).

in 2009 all preschool centres of a city, are translated to new system of payment and by that the problem of vacant places in kindergartens is closed.

last year a number of new medical institutions is put into operation, including:

- feldshersko - akushersky point in settlement The companion,
- a day hospital of polyclinic 11 on street the Solar Glade,
- stomatologic branch on settlement Southern,
- a new building substation the First help on street Popova.

Thanks to efforts of regional administration and the Barnaul builders, the public health services system has replenished with two large regional medical centres - polyclinic of the Altay regional clinical hospital and polyclinic of the regional oncological centre.

In 2009 two primary vascular centres on the basis of city hospitals on 120 cots that contributed in decrease in death rate from sharp infringements of brain blood circulation on 20 % are opened.

last year we one their the first in the Russian Federation have translated station the First help on a mode of system of satellite navigation. It has allowed to save almost on 20 % expenses for fuel and more more to reduce an arrival time on calls.

In a number of polyclinics it is started and passes approbation the project on remote record of patients.

Two city hospitals - 1 and 11 have acquired the right to render hi-tech medical aid on neurosurgery, traumatology and urology accordingly. In Russia have such right only 10 municipal authorities of public health services.

In Barnaul the population natural increase is marked. If in 2008 population of a city has grown at the expense of migration, in 2009 - at the expense of birth rate increase. And the number born, for the first time for last 18 years has exceeded number of the died.

the All-Russia population census Planned for 2010 will allow to receive clean data which become a basis of formation of programs of development of the regional centre.

For the first time over the last 10 years the total amount of funds of municipal libraries has increased more than by 23 thousand copies. For last year in 4 times the computer park of municipal libraries and in 2 times - quantity of the user places on the accessible Internet has increased.

We are proud of young Barnaul citizens who on regional, Russian, and the international competitions have won almost 800 prize-winning places.

in 2009 the city administration gave the Close attention to physical training development. Today population coverage it is sports - mass work makes 21,4 % that on 6 % there is more than level of 2008. For a year it is spent about 700 sports actions for 60 sports.

In 2009 the sports base of Barnaul has grown the unique large sports centres, for example such as:

- a sports complex Victory For what we give thanks to the governor of edge,
- a covered ice skating rink in the Central area.

It is constructed 13 new sports domestic platforms, unique school stadiums, as in a grammar school 80.

Last year we mean for us, as Year of youth. For the first time approaches to formation of our Youth parliament, as main guide of a youth policy have been changed. And they have justified themselves. Young members of parliament realised more than 10 concrete social projects. This year they should fill with life of 15 new projects. Very much I hope that with their help there will be new campuses, volonterskie groups, the question of opening of Youth park will be finished to logic end.

Today already more than 400 young parents live in new apartments which are received by them within the limits of realisation of the national project.

the Increasing importance gets scientifically - practical conference Youth to Barnaul . In 2009 more than 700 young scientists defended the projects on 51 sections, and there is a result - 80 % of the presented projects have a practical orientation in interests of a city. In it an invaluable merit of Advice of rectors of a city.

Last year for us was important also that we have started shirokomasshtabno to prepare to 65 - letiju Great Victory. The Plan of preparation and reconstruction of 60 monuments and memorable signs, memorial boards has been with that end in view confirmed. The plan included also our main Memorial of Glory.

By December, 1st the program of allocation of habitation to veterans of the Great Patriotic War has been finished. 98 veterans have improved the living conditions. But the big work connected with performance of problems, the Russian Federations put by the President and main - improvement of conditions of residing of our winners, before whom we in irredeemable is necessary still to a debt.

Dear participants of the report!

Advice TOS of the Central area actively participates in realisation of the city program of gasification. We mark activity of bodies of public self-management of October area on the organisation of leisure of children and youth in territory of microdistricts.

Many kind words merit work of Advice TOS of Railway area on interaction with chairmen of street and house committees. The diploma of the higher degree of the All-Russia competition on the best enterprise housing - municipal services in a nomination Association of house owners it is awarded TOS Petrovsky microdistrict, the diploma of the third degree in the same nomination - TOS Red microdistrict.

bodies TOS of Industrial area with management companies on available housing operation Actively work.

the City Coordination council generalises experience TOS of Lenin area on interaction with local policemen of militia on maintenance of public security.

Positive experience of a city of Barnaul with bodies of territorial public self-management last year has been highly appreciated by Association of municipal unions of Altay territory and the Ministry of regional development.

Barnaul stores the civil world and the international consent. We highly appreciate efforts on creation in a city of atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation. I want to thank today representatives of all faiths and national - cultural associations for wisdom, mutual respectfulness, the big work with the city population.

I Hope, the new impulse to growth of public consciousness will be given by work of the created Public chamber of a city of Barnaul which structure included the Barnaul citizens adequately representing public sector of a city.

Dear participants of meeting!

Results of 2009 as a whole for us were expected since the anti-recessionary staff constantly carried out monitoring of social and economic indicators as a whole on city district.

the industrial production Index for 2009 has made 89,6 %. In 2008 it was 104,6 %. At the same time, more than 200 enterprises have worked with output excess in comparison with 2008. Among them: maslobojnyj factory the Barnaul radio factory the Barnaul machine-tool constructing factory the Altay macaroni the Barnaul dairy industrial complex Jersey plus and others.

Despite an astable financial position, in a city development of industrial sector proceeds and that is very important, realisation of investment projects is carried out, as examples of such work it is possible to name agrosib - Expanse businessmen Emelin (a trade mark Plavych ) Shustova, the Barnaul dairy industrial complex hothouse industrial complex Industrial the Barnaul bread-baking complex 4 and etc.

the stablest situation in the food-processing industry. 214 enterprises provide Barnaul citizens with foodstuff, for a year manufacture more than 40 names of new articles of food is mastered.

carrying out " was Significant event for a city; Fairs of inventions - Barnaul 2009 together with the Altay state technical university of I.I.Polzunova.

last year work on development of social partnership in territory of Barnaul is continued.

Thanks to regional administration support in the city territory the regional target program " is realised; Additional measures on intensity decrease on a labour market of Altay territory in 2009 . Townsmen of Barnaul have got support in the sum of 309 million roubles that has allowed to occupy on public works almost 17 thousand the workers who are under risk of dismissal, to retrain 2 thousand persons. On the small-scale business organisation grants are given out 80 jobless citizens. In realisation of actions of the program participated over 450 employers of a city.

the unemployment Indicator in a city has made one and a half percent. It is one of the lowest indicators among cities of the Siberian Federal district.

Rate of increase of a salary from the beginning of 2009 has grown on 7,9 %.

development of small business Proceeded.

In 2009 between a city administration and the Altay bank of the Savings Bank of Russia the Agreement on preferential crediting of subjects of small business for the sum of 500 million roubles is signed. Following the results of realisation of Agreement 145 soft loans are given out the enterprises.

work on subsidising of a part of the bank interest rate from city and regional budgets Is continued. 80 small enterprises of real sector of economy have received on these purposes more than 10 million roubles. Businessmen of a city used possibilities of the Altay fund of microloans and the Altay guarantee fund. And as result it is created more than 4 thousand workplaces.

For a year the network of the enterprises of the consumer market has increased by 227 objects. For townsmen have opened the agricultural market in Railway area, the universal market on Malakhov`s street, shopping centre Moscow and a number of other large enterprises.

In a city 154 social enterprises serving more of 63 thousand of Barnaul citizens successfully work.

Within a year 12 food fairs are organised. In them have accepted learningstie farmers and agricultural productions of a city of Barnaul, and also from rural areas of edge. In 2009 relative density of local articles of food has made 69 %, growth to level of 2008 on 11 %. The general goods turnover of fairs for 2009 has increased in one and a half time that has allowed townsmen to save more than 20 million roubles.

One of the primary goals of our daily activity is maintenance of all volume of municipal powers with own profitable sources. In the conditions of reduction of expenses of the budget, it was possible to provide performance of social obligations in full volume.

In structure of expenses of city budget in 2009 the greatest relative density was made by expenses for education, housing - a municipal services, public health services, physical training and sports.

Thanks to procedure of the municipal order it was possible to save really almost 30 million roubles.

In the city territory it is realised 9 federal and variety of regional programs, all it is financed from federal and regional budgets of 2,4 billion roubles.

For the purpose of attraction of means of Investment fund of the Russian Federation in Minregion the Russian Federations are directed materials for participation in competition of investment projects on many-storeyed building and building of objects of an engineering infrastructure for a total sum of 21,1 billion roubles, and also the package of necessary documents for participation in selection " is directed; pilot investment projects of a government program Pure water in the total cost of 829 million roubles.

Dear deputies!

to Questions housing - public service it is devoted, unfortunately and the majority of references of citizens which along with offers on improvement of work of sphere of housing and communal services, mark also our inefficient work.

the City administration develops 8 programs which realisation has allowed to execute amount of works for the sum of 693 million roubles. Among significant objects - commissioning of a heating main from a boiler-house of factory AZA to 17 microdistricts that has allowed to improve hydraulic and thermal characteristics in the central part of a city and has given the chance to provide with heat new inhabited quarter in Industrial area from thermal power station - 3. Start in site work on mechanical dehydration of a deposit of sewage of PLAITS - 1, M heating mains - 32 and other objects is carried out.

the performed works on repair of the heat power equipment and engineering communications, preparation of thermal sources for the heating period, presence of standard stocks of fuel, have allowed energetikam to cope with the put city administration a problem of supply of townsmen heat, hot water, the electric power.

it is During the last years much made in reliability augmentation of water supply and city water removal. There is begun building water water from an artesian water fence on settlement Southern that will allow to improve supply of the population by potable water qualitatively.

One of priority problems city gasification continues to remain.

In 2009 at the expense of all sources of financing it is mastered 177 million roubles, it has allowed to construct 36,5 km of gas networks, to translate to gas of 53 boiler-houses, 2484 apartments and apartment houses to connect to natural gas.

For today all proprietors of apartment houses of Barnaul were defined with way of management.

conditions for activity of fellowships of proprietors of habitation Are created, in the city of Barnaul is registered 377 TSZH.

Within the limits of realisation of the Federal Law 185 repair on 429 houses is executed. On 122 houses account devices are established, 184 lifts are modernised, resettlement of families from 66 emergency apartment houses comes to the end. On major repairs of habitation within the limits of reforming housing - municipal services in a city means in volume of 680 million roubles are involved.

Quality of spent works was supervised by regional state housing inspection, house committees and the National inspection of Barnaul which created in a city and has proved from a positive side.

Results of realisation of works on performance of the given law in a city are positively estimated by commission Minregiona of the Russian Federation.

We hope that work in the given direction will be continued.

In 2009 there is begun working out of the project of the scheme of sanitary clearing of a city, now there passes procedure of the coordination of the given project.

Within the limits of operating repair of roads and sidewalks, covering restoration on city streets by the area of 60 thousand in sq. m. In 2010 is executed we plan to finish the begun works on street Cheljuskintsev repair.

city passenger transport Stably works. Daily on a line leaves to 800 units of land passenger transport and 200 units electric. In 2009 it has been got 36, this year we plan to update 60 more buses.

introduction of satellite navigating management system by passenger transportations Proceeds. For today by navigation blocks it is equipped more than 500 buses, 160 trams, all trolleybus park. It will allow to optimise movement of public transport and to lower working costs.

On the basis of the municipal unitary enterprise Gorelektrotrans Barnaul one of the best central dispatching services of Siberia is created. For the bill of various financial sources for the accounting period in Barnaul it is constructed 6 new, are reconstructed 5 svetofornyh objects. For a year lines of external illumination, in settlements Central, by Vlasiha and Gonba, in ten streets of a private sector are placed in operation. As a whole it is 18,5 km of lines of external illumination.

In 2009 level dorozhno - transport incidents on city streets on 5 % is lowered.

Dear inhabitants of Barnaul!

the Situation in building branch developed the strained. But, despite it, vedeno in operation of 390 thousand in sq. m of habitation, it more than in 2008 also makes 56,5 % from the general input of habitation on edge. The entered volumes of habitation will allow to improve living conditions of an order of 5 thousand families.

During the current year we plan to place in operation 365 thousand sq. metres of habitation, including 235 thousand sq. metres of the many-storeyed.

In 2009 it is developed and co-ordinated with all necessary state structures, the General layout of city district - cities of Barnaul of Altay territory is confirmed by deputies of a municipal duma. In the near future land tenure and building Rules, and also the Program of complex development of systems of a municipal infrastructure of a city will be confirmed.

works on obespechenju by an engineering infrastructure of quarters 2008 and 2011 Are conducted. The project of a lay-out and mezhevanija by Severo - Western planirovochnogo a disctrict of the city of Barnaul is developed.

public order Protection was and remains to one of the basic lines of activity of militia of public security.

As a whole on 17 % the number of the crimes made in a city has decreased. In the end of 2008 has been entered it is hardware - a program complex the Safe city we hope that the accepted new Program on struggle against criminality, will allow to struggle even more effectively the next years with this social harm.

Work with references of citizens is considered as back coupling between a city administration and inhabitants. For a year to us 8827 persons, it on third more than in the previous were converted nearby. More than five thousand townspeople have found the decision of the question in socially - consultation centre. More than thousand persons were converted into a public reception. And practically under every second reference measures are taken, on the rests explanations are made.

Within last two months heads have reported to townspeople rural, poselkovyh and regional administrations. Remarks and offers are voiced. As a whole the positive estimation of the done work is given.

a significant amount of meetings with labour collectives, intelligency, the public, workers of budgetary sphere, by veterans and youth in which has taken part more than two thousand persons Is spent.

Dear deputies!

the first session of the Barnaul municipal duma 132 years ago has taken place.

At all times deputies in the activity aspired and decisions for the good of townspeople made. Today it is important to notice that the representative body of a city of Barnaul on the basis of which decisions the city administration builds the work, successfully realises control functions about which in the message the President of Russia Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev spoke to Federal Meeting.

Relations of a city administration and the today`s deputy case are under construction on the basis of mutual understanding, constructive cooperation and interaction.

We feel constant interest of deputies in the decision of problem questions and perspective development of our city.

Crisis has highlighted the most serious problems and miscalculations in administration work. Today, certainly, it is necessary and to carry out important undertaken before inhabitants. But it is not enough of it. It is necessary to go forward. To provide growth of welfare of our townspeople, to improve in practice, instead of on a paper, quality of municipal services, to search and find financing sources, to develop municipal - private partnership, to get into federal and regional programs.

the Reason of inefficient work in these directions in some personnel failures which need to be corrected. These, if one may say so, Personnel failures have fine learnt to make concepts, to report and even to report. Real results are necessary. And here them is that, just, and does not suffice.

We realise that crisis consequences will negatively affect city economy development still for a long time. But we will not refuse development programs.

to develop, additional sources of incomes are necessary, and they are.

First of all this close interaction with Management of property relations of Regional administration. Increase in the income from the earth in city line. Besides the effective utilisation of municipal property is necessary.

Methods of work of committees on management of the municipal property and committee on ground resources and land management have become outdated. Sluggishness, slowness, absence of systematic work - here the reasons and miscalculations, and as a result the half-received incomes in city budget.

deficiency of money has allowed us to see an inefficiency of some expenses. We meaningly have gone on reduction of employees. As we also assumed, reduction has not affected overall performance of the city power.

Means it is necessary to plan even more attentively expenses, to modernise structure of management and to direct means for the end result. For example, a number of heads of the enterprises of a municipal complex have completely sat down on budgetary funds, including itself effective managers.

it is necessary to recognise Inefficient expenses of the budget to eat in branches: education, public health services, housing and communal services. We know them and we conduct now active purposeful work of reasonable reduction of these expenses.

the Special subject is an interaction with private operators on management of housing and communal services, or on - simple, work UK known to all of you in housing and communal services sphere. Some heads of management companies, them I will not list, have lost a self-preservation instinct. They as if specially provoke citizens, calling their discontent and the protest. Actions thus irritating them, as a rule, are not vital and economically proved. A common example - history with double receipts on payment of utilities. Necessity of creation of the self-adjustable organisation of management companies has ripened for a long time. Why in the cities of Novosibirsk and Tyumen they are created, successfully work and co-operate with the power, and in Barnaul there is no similar organisation? The miscalculation? Yes, the miscalculation. It is necessary to direct work of the companies to the necessary channel, and for this purpose it is necessary to develop the quality standards of granting of utilities in a city. The housing and communal services sphere is necessary for making attractive to investment business.

One more serious problem is connected with the deceived investors - shareholders who inherently neither shareholders, nor investors under the legislation are not, and we cannot render under the Law to them the financial help from the budget. Therefore a problem one: it is necessary to be guided strictly by the Federal law About share building of habitation . Counter-measures which would not suppose occurrence of this deceived inhabitant of our city basically are necessary.

Power efficiency of municipal economy it is not simple a work direction. It is real inevitability of a survival at constant increases of tariffs for power resources. There are already begun works on the given subject at city schools that will allow to save to 40 % of budgetary funds and to direct them to the same schools on material resources improvement. Till the end of the year it is necessary to involve the majority of schools in this project.

It is necessary to reconsider all system of the municipal order radically. The revealed infringements in this branch of municipal economy should become a serious lesson for municipal customers. Is inadmissible to consider this work high-grade without real and powerful economy of budgetary funds.

We with deputies have not found till now ourselves in the project which is advanced intensively by the Governor and Regional administration. It is a question of the project Complex development of Altay Priobja . In a city there are operating time which could be successfully included in the given project. It is necessary for regional administrations, to committee on the industry and business together with regional administration Managements to systematise our offers and to submit to their consideration to an edge management.

On the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev the selector meeting by the Vice-president of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Nikolaevichem Kozakom where the most serious image had been paid attention to settlement of the prices and tariffs on housing - utilities yesterday is held. The president has underlined - heads of subjects of Federation and municipal unions pay the life also a post for a correctness of calculations on housing and communal services and, finally, for social stability. Thereupon it is necessary to carry out in addition recheck of validity of the established tariffs, this work should be spent in the deadlines.

I list only a part of current problems and problems.

All them more than 60. On the basis of the offers received from Barnaul citizens at meetings with labour collectives of the enterprises and the organisations, 10 mainstreams of activity of administration in 2010 are chosen.

necessary commissions are already given and in the near future will be signed standard - the legal certificate where are in details painted probleWe and ways of their decision where remarks and the offers voiced during discussion of the today`s report also will be included.

2010 for us especial year. It unites in itself(himself) three largest events - 65 years of Great Victory, 280 years from the date of a birth of our small Native land - Barnaul, and Year of the Teacher!

Our parents, the grandfathers who have brought Victory to the whole world - they our Teachers from capital letter. At them we learn to minister belief to the Native land, from them we absorb in ourselves love to the Earth, ability to work.

Measures on preparation already in work, all of us will make for their successful realisation.

I Hope and I believe that our by common efforts 2010 will be year of the executed problems.

At all of us it will turn out.

Thanks for attention!