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Jackson`s friends: “ Shortly before death Michael has told that he will be killed by concerts! »

in 1993 musical director Chris Apostl has held fast of the vice-president under special musical projects in Sony Music Entertainment.   Chris worked with all stars, from Maraji Keri to Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony. Throughout last 20 years Apostl is on friendly terms with the producer and composer Kori Runi.   Channel VH1 named Runi the greatest secret of the musical industry. To measles wrote and was a producer of songs in particular for such actors as Jennifer Lopez, Mary Dzhej Bildzh, and Destiny’s Child. In an operating time in Epic it has made friends with Michael Jackson. Working over music together with Michael, Runi had possibility to learn it from that party which very few people saw.

Chris Jandek: Measles, you had a chance to work with Michael, you together with it have written and sprodjusirovali some songs. What were your relations?

Kori Runi: Someone already asked me about it one of these days, and I have responded: “ almost all life, all career I waited for possibility to work with Michael, to be noticed. I wanted, that he recognised my talent “. When we, at last, have appeared together in studio almost month have spent only behind conversations. He stolkomu has taught me! We hardly probable practised music. Know, it was completely not similar to what I expected.

KJA: That is you did not work, and stirred about extraneous things?

KR: Yes! And then I became the director and have felt the importance for it even not so much as the musician or the producer, how much as its authorised representative. At that time Michael felt that in Sony it does not have any allies, anybody who would be on its party. And I soon became its basic friend in the company.

KJA: And to that you have learnt for that time, what were its friend? What it was? It seems that someone always tried to make profit at the expense of it: to it instructed, spoke to do those or other things. It seems that during any moment it did not supervise own life. I am right?

KR: Yes, you have hit the nail. In any measure and was. The first that I have understood about it, is that he always thirsted to please. Michael so wanted to please all that to many things gave too great attention. For example, it could prepare an album, I listened to it and spoke: “ Michael, it is simply improbable! “ he responded: “ Yes, but it seems to me, it is yet ready “. Because one million people told it one million different opposite things. It easily gave in to any belief, and it always surprised me.

KJA: Chris, you were one of leaders Sony Music Entertainment more than ten years. What projects were at you with Michael and what you have learnt about it while it worked with Sony?

Chris Apostl: Well, I, unlike Measles, worked with it very not for long. Actually, we have spent together all couple of days. He wrote down a mix of a composition with Jay Z, and Jay Z at that time was already enough known person in the industry. I remember, how have entered into studio before Michael has arrived, and Jay Z worked over words of a song which they were going to write down. And, as now I remember, Jay Z was almost that … I never saw its such modest. It was as though in nervous excitation of that works with Michael Jackson. It has made strong impression upon me.

I after all am more senior Measles and I remember Michael since those times when it began. Working in Sony, I saw that as has told the Measles, many people from a management gave it different instructions, ideas, prompted that it should do, and that does not follow.

it seems To me, speaking about Michael, all why - that usually forgot that it always worked over music. Discuss, as a rule, any other aspects. Funny, you look any interview, for example it, Martin Bashira, and Martin speaks: “ Well, it is good that you have returned to work on music! “ and Michael responds very characteristic phrase: “ I always worked over music “. At it, probably, hundred two songs it is laid up where - nibud how you think, Measles?

KJA: I read one of these days article that at it 200 neopublished songs which it has left to the children and from which they can receive the income. They are estimated approximately in 60 million dollars, Chris.

KR: it is correct. I think, it is old school Motown. Stivi Uander for the same purposes has laid up more than 2000 songs. It is truth, Michael always worked over music. Always. As I have already told, it has been never satisfied by itself(himself).

KJA: Many years ago he said about Tommi Mottole, that is not happy with the album which has been let out in 2002. But in this album it has been enclosed 30 million dollars. You has not surprised, what he after that has afforded such rectilinear impartial comments concerning Tommi Mottoly?

Last rehearsal of the king of bottoms - music. The photo is made 2 days prior to Jackson`s death.
a photo: www. myjackson. ru

KR: I have not been surprised. As I have already told, Michael felt that all in the sound recording company were against it. I think, the majority of people in the company did not render it due respect and love. It is truth, they have spent 30 million for an album, but, at the same time, requirements to this album were such high that Michael could not be the winner anyway. Understand? They have lifted up a lath very highly, in sense of a recoupment. It was obviously proigryshnaja the situation. They as though have hung up before it carrot and have told: “ Give, work: sell disks, ezzhaj in tour “. Also thought that he will run behind carrot with words: “ Lines, I should do all it, it is necessary to pay back an album! “

KA: Michael - not the first actor who has understood that to it nekomfortno with native firm of a sound recording, and has decided to operate categorically and to tell the word. When actors of its level feel nekomfortno, they are not silent. Being the person working only with the higher category - with Dzhapan, Mottoloj and similar, it has come forward and has told that from it will suffice. It is assured, it have particularly got. To this step he was pushed by many circumstances.

that most of all irritates me - and though it only hearing, I in it completely believe is that blackmail have urged Michael for all this scandal. It is assured, once truth will be opened. The person has given millions dollars on philanthropy, and anybody does not remember it. I think, its reactions were quite natural, and is assured that it have provoked.

look at quality of its works! Chris, look on Off The Wall - my favourite album. And on a broader scale to take any disk though Dangerous, any - they are perfect, high quality albums, consist of continuous hits.

we from Measles as - that sat at office Sony and looked concert record on DVD. It was the crude record, two and a half an hour from stadium in Brazil. It has never stopped for two and a half an hour! I consider that Michael`s music passed inexcusably a little, considering that contribution which it has brought in the music world. It, possibly, the greatest musician from everything that we can see for our life. Similar we any more will not meet anything. It is necessary to speak about it.

KJA: As it has affected the further development of the musical industry?

KR: it seems To me, the musical industry has not deeply enough realised that Michael Jackson meant for all: for actors, producers, actors - all of us, entertaining business as a whole.

know, all are too anxious by own bums. When Michael was in court, anybody, nobody has stopped and has not come to support it during process. The person have justified on ten charges in seduction of the juvenile! Nobody has told: “ Forgive, Michael “. Nobody has told: “ Michael, we knew that you are guilt-free “. Nobody has made to it tribjut then. Nobody passed its music non - stop then. Nobody has gathered and has not arranged a concert. Why Michael had to organise tour to earn money? Why actors have not gathered and have not told: “ Hey, and know that? Give - ka we will arrange tour as Michael has made in due time from odes We Are The World, and we will raise to it of money. Give - ka we will put pressure “. Anybody has not made it.

I do not know, a leah you remember, but there was such guy, Tuki Williams - it was judged in California. Tuki Williams - the founder of gang Crips. Remember gangs Crips and Bloods? People tried to achieve for Tuki of pardon from the death penalty. Half of Hollywood has stood up for this person. That I do not understand, so it is that that, OK, people did not want to come nearer to Michael Jackson when it was in a misfortune, but thus they have stood up for the person who executed the whole families! The little girl asked about mercy, and it has killed her. As he wrote children`s books, being in prison, and tried to correct the life, e go nominated for the Nobel Prize for the world. And how about millions children to which Michael Jackson has helped during the career? And here, two children have acted with mis-statements, and these two to children managed to destroy it. Improbably! It forces me to look at show business and to recognise that I am surrounded by a small group of hypocrites.

you ask, how it has affected it? I think, people at all do not represent, what is it! Now all will be made, of course, by the tribjuty. But if to get accustomed, present tribjuty urged to draw attention to their authors, it is possibility to flash. Now all have suddenly wanted to tell about Michael something good. All want to be important, and it is opposite to me.

KJA: Perhaps, after events 93 - go year should suffice it mind not to remove this documentary film Living with Michael Jackson with Martin Bashirom and not to say, what there is nothing bad in sleeping in one bed with children? The majority of people will judge, what it to a certain extent has substituted itself(himself), so it not seems to you?

KR: Give - ka I to you will retell that Michael has told to me personally. We with it spoke about it. He has told: “ Measles when I was small, of me have deprived not only the childhood, of me have deprived of love. When I tried to embrace the father, it never returned embrace. When I was frightened in the plane, he did not embrace me for shoulders and did not speak: “ Michael, be not stirred. There is nothing to be afraid “. When it was terrible to me to step on the stage, he shouted: “ And well has quickly gone on a scene! “ and not only it, but also each adult around “.

And so, he has told to me: “ Measles, I never will refuse love to the child. And if it means that for it I will be crucified or flung in prison, I am ready to pay this price “. When time to it before court for the first time has come to appear, advisers have offered: “ Michael, to what it. Pay to this child, and give we will leave it in the past “. In the second time he has told: “ Know that, it only has made impression as if I am guilty as if I hide something. This time any payoffs will not be. I will struggle in court, and, here will see, me recognise as guilt-free “.

that day when the verdict has been taken out, I spoke with his family. I remember, has seen in news that Michael had 45 minutes on reaching there. So I have talked to members of his family whom houses together with it were. I have asked: “ What does it do? “ they have told that he above, puts on. Then it has gone down downwards, has read a prayer together with a family and has told: “ Please, be not stirred for me, children, with me all will be as it should be “.

When it went to court, maybe, at it there was a small nervous trembling - he stamped the foot in the car and sang, together with the brother and the sister. But he did not worry about the decision. I to you will tell that I on its place of a place to myself would not find. At all I do not know, a leah I could appear and so before court.

KA: I watched transmission of Bashira last night, - simply wanted to see, about what it and to think. When Martin has asked it about that first incident when it has paid off from accusers, improbably sincere, fair its answer has seemed to me: “ I have simply decided that I want from it to get rid “. Also has got rid, and, by the way, besides, was not the first person who so has arrived, in the history of our business. He wanted to forget about it. In the second time it was protected.

Coming back to that Michael spoke to Measles about its childhood … remembered that suffered affliction ugrevoj a rash, being the teenager, and all of us have passed through it at any vital stage. His father ridiculed a status of its skin. We speak about the child at whom never was possibilities to grow in the normal adult person. It grew absolutely in other conditions, than the majority of people. Yes, let it Michael Jackson, but it had weak places and on that is many reasons. As to the second process, I on one thousand percent am assured - and I will take away this belief with myself in a tomb, - that it of what it is not guilty. He was blackmailed with this gentleman, wished to become a script writer, to compose books, films, or that there …

KR: concerning it interview of Bashira. Probably, people do not remember that week or several weeks later Michael has let out the version of that transfer. He has guessed to write down all on the chamber, and its version has made it clear that the journalist has perverted everything, has transformed all into a forgery, lie. For example, they ask to Michael a question: “ You the gay? “ Michael speaks: “ I do not want to answer this question “. In edition of Bashira, of course, it is followed by the comment: “ Obviously, he did not want to respond for the clear reasons “.

And when Michael has shown the version, the following was found out. It have asked: “ You the gay? “ he has told: “ I do not want to answer this question “. And has then added: “ But if you cut out the camera, I will respond “. And when the chamber has switched off and, Michael has told: “ No. Unequivocally is not present, I not the gay. But at me millions admirers - gays and if they believe that I the gay let believe “. He has told: “ For me it is unimportant. I do not want to offend nobody`s feelings “. Understand?

KA: I cannot believe that now these things on a broader scale are discussed. Talk better that this person has given to the world.

I have a good friend who should work together with Michael in future tour. He has told: “ Michael looked better, than when - or “. He tried, because it there was a difficult concert, but all went normally. Yes, it has cancelled pair of concerts, well and that! At it them 50 pieces have been successively planned. All went the turn. They rehearsed in Staple Center, preparation went at full speed. It was a question of mullions-strong show, and it prepared regularly. And then once in the evening the poor guy leaves home, saying that badly feels, and next day it already with us is not present. It probably most shocking news which to me should be received for the life. I feel as if have lost the close. People should convert though a few attention that it has introduced in the world, and to stop all these “ Whacko Jacko “.

KR: they will not stop, because it is pleasant to them more.

KA: Liza was very good. I watched transmission with it last night.

KJA: Yes, I too looked Larri King`s show with its participation.

KA: She has told to Larri King: “ Stop, will suffice already, let`s note a little “. More many that will publish, there will be hearings, books will be written. Sony hurries up to let out records; it is assured, at them four factories now print its disks at full speed. I will give the Measles word, I am simple in shock from all it. It is very sad. I am am overflowed with emotions. In these days off I am going to go to the house on a farm where I have all its albums on vinyl, and I will get all of them. Someone should tell that this person has made, to talk that really merits a mention.

KJA: Many people say that it has changed after the second process in 2005 that all has swept downhill, personal problems have begun. And, of course, said that it had problems with health last years. You have any information or reasons on this subject?

KR: I precisely know that it had problems with health. Michael Jackson had also such problems which it never discussed, for example that is called “ dancer’s feet “. What is it? Dancers bandage stops to dance. But, of course, from - for a lack of oxygen the skin dries up, starts to burst, almost as at cuts a paper. And Michael very much suffered affliction from it. Sometimes its status worsened so that it was necessary to impose plaster. Therefore sometimes it was possible to see it in plaster. A pain thus the tormenting. A leah it accepted anaesthetising? Certainly, it is assured, what yes. I personally never saw, that he swallowed of tablets, but I spoke with it about it. What now have shown results autopsii, whatever there was the reason on which it has left from us, it, anyway, result of that its work has made with it. It was made with it by work.

KJA: Leah it will be fair to tell, what from - for financial problems him have as though driven into a corner? He said that wanted to give 10 concerts, but then they have turned in 50, for this action in London which should happen next month. He felt driven into a corner because it should understand with debts?

KA: I suppose that he has decided to return on a scene with this tour and to earn a few money which, to tell the truth, has merited. But I think that as has told Measles, it was urged for it by very influential people that with it have managed dishonestly. When we only began in this business, ours from Measles the general acquaintance as - that has told: “ Here nothing can be made without the actor even if the actor seems to you real punishment. The actor " all the same is always necessary to you;. And it seems to me that in a case with Michael the big cones in business have forgotten about it during any moment.

KR: As - that, about eight years ago, Michael has told to me: “ Measles, I cannot give concerts more. Tours it is finished, OK? “ I have asked: “ Mike, why? “ He has responded: “ Because it will kill me “. And has told: “ It will kill me “. It has explained the words: “ you Remember, when during preparation for a concert I have fainted in Sony Studio? It because when I prepare for tour, at me dehydration begins, I do not eat, I do not drink, I do not sleep. By preparation of show I give all the best completely. I do it not specially, simply I stop thinking about these things. You understand? I so am got that I can not even think of it. Last time they me have forced to go with a dropper. Therefore I have solved - my doctors have solved, - that can be, it is not necessary to me to do more than it “. Michael has told that would like to make album Invincible faultless, but to tour will not go. He has told: “ I will work over albums while I can, but I am simple not in a status to give concerts “.

KJA: a leah Fairly to assert, what people have resulted in Michael Jackson`s crash greedy, thirsting to receive those of 85 million which have been obtained from sale of tickets in London? A leah it is possible to tell, what it and other people who have been got mixed up in this situation, became a victim of greed?

KR: I would not began to name it greed. I think, at it it was not simple a choice. In financial questions all of us sometimes we operate proceeding from necessity. For the same reason boxer Joe Lewis has been urged to leave for a ring - it did not have money. I do not say that Michael did not have money …

KJA: But it should 400 million dollars.

KR: Yes, it had a debt. Certainly, when you owe to someone, on you press, speak to you: “ Give, Michael, one more tour - and we will pay this debt “. In view of what it was the person, what actor, of course, he has told: “ Well, for work! “

KJA: His death - for many unexpectedness. At the same time, it is one of the greatest tragedies, and, looking back at it, people will say that Michael not only has reached improbable heights, but also has endured falling on a bottom.

KR: I will pray only to god for that this person have left alone that its legacy remained for ever, spotless all this shit. But I am afraid that this problem will be always. Just as about Elvis Presley always tell any delirium. How he has died, all these theories of plots … As Bruce Li how has died Merilin of Monroe … has died Understand, about what I? Michael cannot be compared to these people. I would tell that Elvis was closest to it, but even Elvis … Elvis Presley with his career should exist, that Michael in years could, leaning against this experience, to surpass it. I am not going to call into question Elvis Presley`s achievement, but they are two different persons. Michael, in my opinion, has surpassed Elvis and everything, than Elvis, was for a long time already.

and it had other principles. Nobody remembers that it has made during tour Victory. I remember, when was still the child, Michael has arranged this tour, Victory. And every evening in news passed that Michael Jackson endowed money from each concert in each city of any charitable organisation. I thought that it is more tremendous: “ Uh you, this guy gives millions dollars to daily different charitable organisations! “. Then, in each city he visited hospital, came to see children with the burns, sick children. He devoted all to it time.

Michael Jackson`s Meeting with dancers of its last show which and has not taken place...
a photo: www. myjackson. ru

KR: Two remarks. Elvis and Michael are, of course, comparable on scale of influence on the American culture, on world culture. Distinctions that Elvis has died, apparently, in 42. And the most part of money Elvis “ has earned “ after death - much more, than during lifetime. And, coming back to soars and falling, I can tell that they are at all actors. The majority of falling usually charge to a lack of inspiration, loss of skills, ageing, and so on, and so forth. Michael has reached unknown heights, on our century anything similar any more will not be. All its albums were faultless. Performances were faultless. It was the genius. It was a substitute, probably, the most well-known person in the world. I think, its falling have been connected not only with creative crisis, they had external reasons. Michael was pushed off in a hole by people, and it very much grieves me.

actors grow old, as well as sportsmen. They change. They give concerts of other level, start to gamble, participate in city festivals, in joint tours, and etc. And this person have urged to fall more low than when - or the actor should fall. And the reason for that not a skill lack.

people of it do not understand, but I would name Michael the musicologist. He knew each song which was when - or is written down, each studio, all Sun Studios, Memphis, Motown, New York, LA - everywhere. He knew all: musicians, tools, equipment. Anybody does not speak about it. Nobody discusses it - simply improbably! And, by the way, unlike Elvis, this guy was on a scene of the whole 43 years. 43 years, Chris. Only imagine!

KJA: If to look at the industry as a whole, on how it develops that it is possible to tell about a name role or how you are expressed, about a role of true musical talent? The musical industry collapses? Always there are talented executors who will become successful, but a leah perishes the industry in the sense that we do not have huge persons, legendary figures more? It seems that now constantly one players replace others.

KA: the Industry in which we worked which has given birth to all these great actors, including Michael, U2, Bruce Springstena, the Dylans, has suddenly solved: know, what? We will give you Lindsi Lohan. We will give you Paris Hilton. We will give you Kelly Osborn. And public has responded: “ Also it is everything, what at you is? I will not begin to cry for it the 17,99 dollars. To hell, is better I will download one song from the Internet “. And the sound recording companies too slowly understand that all changes. Now at them from - for it a problem. Fans consult without them, Chris. People take music in other places. If to look at a situation with live concerts, on what disks are on sale, on a top - 40 SoundScan you, possibly, will see five actors executing in style of the country, Disney`s five disks and two - three old executors. Alive people listen to Bruce Springstina, U2. Why, you think, “ the country - the singer “ the Whale of Urban so is popular? Matter is not that people love the country, yes it and not executes the country, the matter is that it the singer and the composer. People want to hear good songs. Michael created songs. And groups, whose popularity lasts one album, have no songs. They do not have potential to remain.

I ask often people: Name five actors more youngly 20 - ti which were the present geniuses. People reflect, I speak: OK, I will name to you several. Stivi Uander, the Prince, Michael Jackson, Marajja Keri who was the present star at that time the career, and is one more - others two. But you understand, to what I conduct? Now to all executors less than twenty, and anybody from them is not able to play.

KR: Being the producer, you understand that … When I was the child, The Isley Brothers rehearsed with my father at us in a drawing room. My father too was the producer. I grew and with impatience waited, when I can be engaged in this business and do the same. And then suddenly I have got to this business and have understood that it is necessary … People want to hear live performances, live tools. Suddenly I had to study, force myself to write music, in which basis 8 - the clock loops repeating fragments. I had to simplify a rhythm because when I have started to be a producer for the first time, I did it exclusively for the sake of money to contain a family. So I had to do the same that did all. But I never loved it. And when to me the chance to work with such people as Marajja Keri or Michael Jackson dropped out, I was very happy, because understood: I can be myself. There were in my life actors, will not name names with which I simply did the work exclusively for the sake of the check, instead of on love.

then, with Michael Jackson not only therefore it was pleasant to work. Once it was late: should arrive to studio to twelve, and has appeared without fifteen hour. He felt so guilty for delay that apologised all session. And next day has sent a huge basket - because we spoke earlier about cinema, how I love it. And so, it has sent me a huge basket with films - there there was, probably, one hundred DVD. Besides, there there were popkorn, sweets - a heap only. And a note “ Excuse, please, that with disrespect has concerned thy time “. I, happened, asked: “ Mike, in how much you want to begin tomorrow? “ He responded: “ Measles, you the chief, fix time itself. You want in seven mornings - I will be here in seven mornings. As you will tell “.

KJA: That is interesting, mass-media always represented its person loving all to do on - to the.

KR: It at all was not such. I pass you its words. To people followed stop for a minute and to look narrowly more attentively.

KA: If to look that occurs now, I in horror from thought on all tribjutah to Michael Jackson which here - here will appear. I in horror from thought that his family will say that will compile and will let out the sound recording companies.

KR: the Only thing, I wait for an exit of that, are records of concerts of tour Victory which all these years were in Michael`s property. I always begged him to let out them. At me actually is informal DVD. These are excellent records. Shaking. Any soundtrack. Its voice sounded is more tremendous, and dances are magnificent. It got up to inconceivable things, training at it was surprising.

I know one more actor who spends on a scene of more than two hours - and it works in absolutely other genre. And Michael won back two and a half. Anyway, that concert which we looked, from Brazil, was about two and a half hours. Unique who has approached to it close, acting alone, is Bruce Springstin.

Michael never stopped. It never left from a scene. Left, but no more, than for a minute more correctly to change clothes - and it actually there was one minute, instead of ten. Somebody has worked to mention “ dancer’s feet “? Somebody speaks about how he danced? After all Fred Aster was Michael Jackson`s admirer, you think!

KR: There were so much stories, Michael is so much all … adored to tell stories. He liked to talk, stir about all on light.

each time when it came to any city, I remember, he wanted to go to a bookshop. For the sake of it shop closed, and it went to buy books. He read. He told to me about Africa, about what it beautiful. Spoke: “ you Know, they do not want, that we knew about what Africa beautiful because plunder its mammons! “ also added: “ This most perfect place in which I when - or was “. It brought to me the photos shaking.

you remember, Chris, David Blejn showed this trick with funeral alive? Blejn has buried itself alive in New York near a tower of Trampa. When I have told about it to Michael, it such: “ You joke? “ I speak: yes is not present, seriously! He at all did not know, who such David Blejn. I have sent it video - then at us yet was not YouTube. I have sent video and have explained, who such David Blejn. It was in such delight! We have got into a minibus in that evening and have gone to look at David Blejna.

Michael was partially in a make-up so nobody has learnt it. We left a minibus, have gone directly there and shows looked. It was lost in admiration! It was cool. Still we laughed, because he spoke: “ you Know, me in half of cases all the same accept for the double. People do not believe that I am I. I can sometimes appear unexpectedly “.

KJA: you with it, seemingly, had many personal conversations. And a leah you when - nibud discussed plastic operations?

KR: Yes.

KJA: Also what he spoke to you?

KR: He has told: “ Than I am worse than Silvestra Stallone and all the others to Hollywoode? What in it such? “ he has told: “ I do not want to be white, I not specially. At me skin disease with which I can do nothing. I tried to level skin colour by means of operation, and all has turned out not how I would like. But my skin colour is that not because I did not want to be black “. As to a nose, he has told: “ I abhored the nose the same as Silvestr Stallone abhored the “.

KA: Yes look that he tells about mockeries of the father.

KR: Yes. He has told: “ I abhored the chin. I abhored the nose. Also what from that? Why all cling to me? I to you will easily name 20 persons in Hollywood which corrected to itself the form of a nose, lips, braces did - yes that only did not do! “

KJA: Want to share still something?

KA: I would like to tell personal story. My uncle strong was on friendly terms with Bill Kosbi. In the late sixties it has given me one of my first records. (It seems, the very first my plate was The Monkeys.) It has given me Michael Jackson`s record which they have made. It remained till now with me. It is similar on Yellow submarine, with the beautiful booklet inside. One of my greatest jewelry, I can not wait, when I will see it on Saturday.

in the rest, I very much hope that for the nearest two weeks the public opinion concerning Michael Jackson will sharply change. I hope that though somebody will start to discuss all that good that has made because if to weigh good and bad, … my God, it the most known person in the world. About it speak on TV continuously six days. I hope for it. Bless its God and upokoj his soul with the world. When - nibud we again will see it, and is assured that he will sing and dance, as always.

KR: That to me I on Sunday went to church and spoke with the pastor because wanted to clear up for myself which - that. I wanted to be convinced that me will not attack and I will not have troubles if I tell that I gather. And so, I do not want anybody to compare to the Christ because anybody to it we will not compare. But let`s present for a second that in that world in which we live - the world of Gospodnja - there is other world which is called as the world of entertainments. For me Michael - and I speak now only for myself, but is assured that tens, hundred thousand people feel the same - Michael Jackson for us was a figure similar to the Christ. Consciousness of that within last fifteen years of this person have discredited, have slandered, have crucified and have destroyed … Know, all prefer to speak about something negative. For example, that he wanted to buy bones of the person - an elephant. Well also what? I too would buy them!

KA: And I.

KR: Same cool! I too have bought them. But as it was a question of it, people always saw a negative, instead of a positive.

My heart is absolutely broken. Light of inspiration which, happened, I was given by the child, now has gone out. I do not know for certain - as was not the apostle following the Christ, and did not see, how him crucify and remove from a cross - but is assured that their hearts have been broken in the same way as I is broken. Working in this business, I can be glad only to that we live during such time when much can be made independently, and it is necessary to deal with hypocrisy not too often. But in this business we are surrounded by hypocrites. It simply tragedy. I always thought that will begin, if, God forbid, with Michael something happens. Not that that to me when - or would be desirable to test it, but I asked often a question: my God, what will begin? And here that has turned out. Meanwhile there is that I and foretold.

KA: We from Measles communicate daily throughout already 20 years. When it happens, I have written to Measles e - a mail and have spoken by with his wife to phone. But after that I did not hear from it three days. Letters, calls - it on what did not respond. I knew that he grieves, and itself was in disarray.

KR: I cried three days on end.

KA: And then he has called me on Monday morning and has told: “ OK, today Monday. It is necessary to come back to work because Michael would make so “.

KR: Also it is truth.

KA: very exact remark.

KR: Michael would start work. As I have already told, it with firmness bore blows. It was one of the strongest people whom I met, and it is truth. The strong, proof person. In it there was no also a weakness shade.

KJA: you have told to my unusual story, such to which mass-media at all do not give attention. And I am not surprised, because mass-media always deform all. But you want to tell, what the industry at all does not recognise that, this person for music as a whole was how much important?

KR: Yes.

KA: At all does not recognise.

KR: Even close does not approach.

KJA: Perhaps they simply are not informed? As you know, in 24 - an hour cycle of news it happens not very well. It is important that I tell, how quickly I it will tell also who me will hear.

KR: I Think, they always distort the facts. For this purpose also exists National Enquirer.

KJA: While exists. It can be closed tomorrow. I do not know, a leah you heard, but Vibe Magazine, for example, today was closed. In the presence of tabloids online, I will not be surprised, if National Enquirer is the following. I do not know, a leah in a course you, children, but at them the last half a year too financial problems. Now all passes in online.

KR: Nevertheless, they deform the information. Also know, it gives to people freedom to arrive correctly. Instead of following magazines of type Enquirer and Star Magazine which are laid out on a kind at cash desks and dazzle with crazy headings like “ Michael Jackson sleeps in a pressure chamber “.

I Think, they will always incorporate the lowest forms and all to reduce to a common denominator. Instead of telling: “ And let`s count, skolkim Michael Jackson has helped children and has changed their lives “.

Here to you one more fact which nobody mentioned. Both boys who have accused Michael, or their parents, have been got mixed up earlier in swindles.

KJA: I Remember, last: Mother tried to play a scene that its children have ostensibly fallen in JCPenney and to bring an action for a tresspass.

KR: Yes, and then they tried to turn something with George Lopez. Tried to accuse him of theft of money in shop Comedy Store. Have told that it has taken out at them a wallet and has stolen money.

KJA: Yes, it as - that mentioned casually. Seconds for ten it have found for all time of illumination of litigation. Anybody openly has not told: “ Yes, by the way, do not forget that the person brought an action against Michael Jackson and accusing it in a crime, in the past on a broader scale - that the swindler “.

KR: Because to public it is not important.

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