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Ladies! Hear, never give to us...

so to you, ours favourite you to give to us, to thoughtless fighters of tender front, on the main man`s feast, for a long time ceased to be an accessory only military estate ` Now I will tell.

that to us, adult boys, it is impossible to give lipstick, is clear and nepolovozreloj to the schoolgirl. As have shown mine poll and personal experience, more often we receive as a gift from favourite various aromas, eau de toilettes, colognes, deodorants. It always pushed me on sad reflexions. So, my unique aroma leaves much to be desired?

I Will ask without hints!

Quite often I received as a gift any strong exotic drink which there and then drank, and next morning to any memory about favourite at me do not remain for many long years. It is insulting! Still to me gave various figurines and soft toys. Is more useless a gift you will not think up! Here of that I could not find application in any way. It tried to be played - it has not turned out (always on a sensuality took down). These titans in kladovke roll: to throw out ignobly, to give needy - hands do not reach.

Ladies! Never, hear, never give us house utensils: frying pans, meat grinders, teapots. And also gold, silver, brilliants (especially - wedding rings!) . If your elect called further endowed not blue to it, most likely, this gift will be not clear. Not the fact that the tie or a shirt also will be pleasant endowed . Though he, as the thin parodist, will throw up the hands and zaahaet in affection. The clothes are a good occasion then to ask: What you, a pig, do not carry my shirt? .

cowards haute couture - the present feast

the Gift should be functional, beautiful, useful. For example, when I was given by strange cowards haute couture is there was a present feast. I then, shedding tears, threw out old (a gift of last passion) and began new life. Cowards - the best gift. After them only there is a book. From presented cowards it is as though reckoned a new epoch. Also believe, still for a long time, putting on them after a shower, we with gratitude will remember that happy, lightnings similar, the instant of love spent in your embraces. Certainly, cowards are an intimate gift, it should give only to the girl tested with time and joint promptings. The similar gift received from fresh, literally of the yesterday`s girl can guard us.

If means allow - can present endowed the scooter or the small car for an entertainment. Smart, for example. It and in garage will not prevent, and a fun for the muzhik the nice. Will pleasantly surprise your companion (me, for example).

If will not find anything decent

And on a broader scale gifts are a business purely individual. It should correspond to mentality endowed . If it the musician - present to it a violin of the Stradivari an alto of Amati, a tambourine, karnaj eventually. If it the doctor - present to it a good clip of Kohera, miograf. If the driver - antifreeze, a headlight. If the fisherman: merezhu, mormyshku and oparysha. If the dancer - white slippers.

And it is possible still simply vnagljak to ask: That do you want? .

if in shops will not find anything decent at the worst offer in a gift of. Only in new packing with a bow. As they say (me) New is well washed old . Make an intimate hairstyle babetta tatushku, piercing, dress up in the nearest sex - a shop, perfume and give itself from the bottom of the heart, without sparing chresl the!

And on a broader scale as used to say in Ancient Rome: Munera auctor quae pretiosa (forgive, it I am unintentional on a habit on Latin has passed) - value gives to gift the giving!

WHAT GIFT WILL be pleasant to the MAN

Lovely ladies, the gift needs to show the man how much you appreciate it and respect. It will be a soft hint that you count on the same relation from its party. Preparing a surprise, adhere to several psychological laws of donation.

1. Away doubts: men can give flowers and indoor plants, especially exotic.

2. it is necessary to give Comic gifts with care as your sense of humour can not understand. Such gifts simply are not pleasant to much.

3. Relatives can hand over hours, a charm for keys, manikjurnyj a set.

4. the Business gift should be inexpensive, differently colleagues can appear in awkward position. And too smart for the chief can be regarded as a bribe.

5. Gifts for colleagues of one rank should be approximately identical at cost not to call offences. It can be: a pen, the calculator, an organizer, an office set.

6. As though it is good you did not know gifted, it is difficult to hit the nail with colour, a style, a clothing size. Especially it concerns business gifts. The exception is made by ties, scarfs and scarfs.

7. Choosing cosmetics and perfumery, can not guess taste of the person. If all of you have decided to present a cream for and after shaving, shampoo or shower gel, choose neutral, instead of means for the decision of any problems .

8. Before to give alcoholic drinks, reflect! In spite of the fact that it is the most simple way to solve celebratory problems, it is impossible to urge on bad habits. Such is etiquette! It to concern and cigars.

9. And here products will save situation. Men can present a box of sweets or to bank of good coffee, packing of elite tea.


Tell, HE does not love gifts

Psychologist Dmitry KLEVTSOV:

- Yes, there is such stereotype: a pier to receive gifts are a destiny of women. If the man is convinced of it with watchfulness will concern congratulations. But on February, 23rd - a perfect way to discredit this myth!

Only do not present very expensive gift. The man can feel obliged and should present in the answer to you something expensive. If such possibility is not present, your gift will not please, but only will upset him. Also remember, that your elects spoke, they very much appreciate your attention and like to receive gifts!