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Why houses in Kirov burn even more often?

- all houses in a city and area regularly are checked by employees of fire supervision. And if there are infringements make out the writ on which infringements should be corrected. After a while we check that has changed, - we have got to talking with the inspector on fire supervision Andrey MAKOLDIN. - And give now one house together and we will look.

We have come into an entrance of a brand new high-rise building. The house 18 on Lenin`s street have constructed only 2 years ago. Then firemen have checked up it, and it was in a full order. But last year infringements here have been noticed.

- Here look: last year this emergency door which is intended just on an evacuation case at a fire, has been locked, and now... - Andrey Nikolaevich has pulled the handle on itself, and the door has slowly opened - all in norm.

At an entrance it is light - means, one more writ have corrected - bulbs on staircases have twisted. Andrey Nikolaevich has gone at once to any ambry in a wall - similar on the built in case, only doors are stuck by a piece of paper.

- It is necessary to struggle in such a way with larceny, - unsticking sheet, the fireman has explained. - the equipment complete set is stored in these boxes - a fire hose (sleeve), a pistol a shovel. But during last check was nothing - have stolen. The paradox turns out - to save up thing them is necessary to close on the lock but then in case of a fire nobody can use them. Here also we glue a leaf on closed in a door - in case of opening it will tear, from theft will not rescue, but tenants will be well informed that it is time to sound alarm.

All things on a place - and Andrey Nikolaevich walks further on a corridor - in electropanel board.

- So, here infringements, - the fireman has looked on is foamy - the air fire extinguisher. well, of course, - I have remembered a course of school physics, - an electricity and foam - an explosive mix . In such place there should be a cylinder with a powder mix. Nearby in the big heap old chairs, tables, boards are combined - is visible, to carry away to the garbage container there were no forces. And here from - for it mammons fire can well inflame - at any spark the flame will flash.

The above rose on staircases, the the person of the inspector became more serious. On the tenth floor it has stopped at a heap of bricks and began to examine them attentively.

- Tenants lose a saving place, after all in case of a fire, they will have no place to hide from a smoke, - with bitterness he speaks. We stood in a small room between a staircase and a ventilating platform. In modern houses, type of it, such ambries are under construction specially that in case of a fire tenants of the top floors could hide in them from a smoke and fire. The room is made of concrete - to fire to be hooked no trouble and the door is densely closed - the smoke will not pass. In such place during state of emergency it is possible to wait arrivals of rescuers. But in this house with 7 - go on 14 - j a floor these rooms are altered by tenants in kladovki!

Andrey Makoldin after house check on Lenin, 18 very much was upset - infringements much.
a photo: ROGATCHYOV Valentine

- Do a brick partition, put wooden doors and store old things which it is a pity to throw out. And if here something flashes?! - Andrey Nikolaevich complains. - Tenants will think suddenly not at once, after all nearby dymootvod and while fire will not inflame with the big force the centre nobody will notice. As the fire alarm system in this house one month ago have disconnected - major repairs are necessary, and money for it is not present.

Andrey Nikolaevich left an entrance with the lowered head - to the house only two years, and infringements not to consider and the majority, because of tenants. Now the senior lieutenant Makoldin will make the report on all infringements which have been found out in this house and MUZHH will be obliged them to eliminate, differently they are waited by proceeding.


By the way

Inspectors of times in a year Break equally

bypass each house. Almost in everything, there are gross infringements of fire-prevention security. They are very similar:

1. In houses the fire alarm system is not established.

2. On ladder platforms the building garbage, old furniture which block evacuation ways lies.

3. Near to electroboards leave burning subjects.

4. Tenants without the permission conduct reorganisation and re-planning of apartments and staircases.

5. At entrances there are no fire boards.


Only figures

199 fires - have occurred in area from the beginning of this year.

78 from them - from - for casual handling of fire (including at smoking).

In 61 - m a fire are guilty the drunk.

39 kindlings - from - for malfunctions of furnaces (including at maloperation).

26 fires - from - for malfunctions or misuse of electrodevices.


the Photo report from spot-check look here.