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Day of the father will mark on all country?

on yesterday`s a press - Vladimir Putin`s conferences a question to it has set also the special correspondent of service of the information of a broadcasting company Lipetsk time Natalia Kalugina:

- In the Lipetsk region Day of the father is celebrated. And we would like, that it already left frameworks regional.

Vladimir Putin: - As call this father?

- The matter is that we award at once some fathers, we give awards... And very much it would be desirable, that the feast has got the federal status. How you look at it?

Vladimir Putin: - Certainly, in the course of a child-bearing takes part both the father, and mother. And moreover, the father solves variety of problems on support of families, on material well-being maintenance. Well and as to education of children, of course, in it extremely important function is assigned to the father, and the more responsibly the man`s part of the population will concern these duties, the better. It seems to me, everything that we do, declaring Year of a family in Russia, as a whole responds problems which we put before ourselves in sphere of democracy and support of families. But if in region you have considered possible to celebrate Day of the father, and it occurs in appropriate way, I think that it is quite good. It, certainly, will contribute in family strengthening so, will work finally and on interests of women. So you operate in a correct direction. A leah it is necessary to extend it all over the country? We will think of it.