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And you are afraid to fly by planes?

Alexander GONCHAROV, the deputy minister on emergency situations of Byelorussia:

- By planes to fly more easy, than to go by cars. After all it not simply to include ignition, to check up fuel and to go. All is carefully checked, and each crewman knows that to it to do. Earlier I had to fly on some thousand kilometres for a day. The trust to our pilots was in this time developed. By the way, they one of the best in the world.

Larissa GRIBALEVA, the singer conducting:

- I have started to be afraid of planes after a birth of children. Now we try to travel only by train or by bus. Well and if there is no choice, that, well, it is necessary to fly. For example, to America on - to another in any way. To calm down, it is possible to drink a little spirits and to try to fall asleep.

Vladimir KARJAGIN, the chairman of the Minsk capital union of businessmen and employers:

- I concern it fatally. That is fated, will be. Here today I take off for Tokyo. And it is 10 - 12 hours of flight. In my life planes - only necessity.

Zynaida BONDARENKO, the national actress of Belarus:

- Now, probably, would be afraid, but for a long time did not fly. And earlier it was not simple such terrible guesses about malfunctions and terrorists. It was possible for us, to actors to sit in a cabin of the pilot and easy to talk to it.

Anatoly LEBEDKO, the leader of Incorporated civil party:

- the Authorities have taken care of my security, having included me in the list of citizens not eligible to travel abroad. Therefore in the near future to me does not threaten to be wrecked.

Natalia MIHNEVICH, the world champion on shot put:

- it is always terrible To me to fly. When the plane starts to shake, heart misses a bit from fear. But flight is a part of my work. I on competitions should get. Before flight I calm myself existing statistics: car accidents more than air crashes.

Cyril KLISHEVICH, the participant of group Pull - Push :

- I am not afraid to Fly. To that to be, that not to pass. If something happens, at all I do not know, how I will react. Probably, I will simply sit down and I will wait easy for an outcome. I will Perhaps be returned grace.

Vadim PROKOFIEV, the victualer:

- Me it is not terrible, because during flight I always slightly drunk. If there will be a wreck, I as the present English gentleman will read the newspaper. And still I will dream. Where to dream, how not in the sky?

the Grandfather Mihed , a site After a documentary film about a mafia which delivers counterfeit details for aircraft, not only for itself, for all passengers of Carcasses terribly!

Antonio Stradivari, a site kp . by :

- Never flied also another I do not advise. On the passenger. Three times flied on kukuruznike, but with a parachute. At all I do not understand, how it is possible to sit down in the plane without a parachute.