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In Tula the exhibition devoted 225 - letiju Vasily Zhukovsky

9ōåāšąė’ to be executed 225 years from the date of a birth Vasily ZHUKOVSKY, the poet, the translator, the critic, the native of village Mishensky Belevsky district Tulskojgubernii.

Vpamjat about the great fellow countryman, 25 years ago in Beleve have established its bust. In nyneshnemjubilejnom to year in honour of the well-known fellow countryman zavra, on February, 7th in Tula otkroetsjavystavka under the name “ the Singer of the earth Russian “.

Athanasius Bunin, the landowner and the owner selamishenskogo was the Father, Vasily Andreevicha Zhukovsky. Mother, Vasily Andreevicha captured Turkish woman Salha, has got to Russia, and then and in Bunin`s house after a siege of a strong hold Bendery.

the poet is obliged by Svoimiotechestvom and a surname adopted it at the desire of Buninamelkopomestnogo of nobleman Andrey Zhukovsky. With 1797 on 1801 studied vblagorodnom board at the Moscow university where has started to write verses.

Ń1815 the twenty five years` period of its court service, at first vdolzhnosti the reader begins at the empress, Pavel I widow, and with 1825 - vospitateljanaslednika, future II.
April, twelfth, 1852 Zhukovsky has died to Baden - Baden. According to poslednejvole the poet, a body it have transported to Russia.

Navystavke inhabitants of Tula can see the books devoted as to Zhukovsky, and egotvorchestvu. And drawings of VasilijaAndreevicha become the most interesting to visitors. Truth inhabitants of Tula can see only their copies, instead of originals.

Pobyvatna is possible for an exhibition to the address: street Gogol, 82, bodies. (4872 27 - 77 - 31. ekspozija it will be exposed till June, 2008.