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“ Ourselves have got out of the fallen plane! “

yesterday, on February, 14th, in 2. 19 on the Minsk time at the Yerevan airport “ Zvartnots “ has suffered accident the plane of the Belarus airline “ Belavia “ following flight “ Yerevan - Minsk “. Onboard liner CRJ - 100 LR was three crewmen and 18 passengers, citizens of Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Russia.

Fortunately, all remained are live. The help of doctors at all was not necessary for much.

After accident of all passengers delivered in the clinic nearest to the airport “ Malatija “. Those for whom hospitalisation was necessary, have translated in the medical centre “ Armenia “.

- To us has arrived seven persons, - the doctor of a reception Alvat STEPANYAN has informed us. - Five persons with a brain concussion are in neurosurgery (Spartak Vardapetjan, Epraksija Eremjan, Rome Ovannisjan, Albert Kirakosjan, Stepan Iritsjan - Red.), one in branch cheljustno - obverse surgery (at Sanasar Manukyan a bruise of soft fabrics of the person. - Red.) and traumatology (at Surena Eremjana a clavicle dislocation. - Red.) . Heavy patients are not present.

Among the hospitalised crewmen was not. Doctors have assisted them on a place. As well as all passengers, they had psychological stress.

Yesterday in the morning we have phoned in branch of neurosurgery of clinic “ Armenia “. We managed to talk to one of passengers of the broken plane.

- After soar the plane has risen in air where - that on 4 - 5 metres, - has told to us 47 - the summer inhabitant of Yerevan Edward Ovannesjan. - Then a board has sharply developed on the left, it has fallen and has turned over. The plane has laid down on a roof. Someone from children has opened an emergency door, and all of us have got out. I remember that in some places the plane already burnt. We have departed from a falling place on 100 - 150 metres and have suddenly heard explosion. Have looked back - the plane has flared.

- What trauma at you?

- With me that`s OK. And here mum washing, to it 72 years, has seriously suffered. At it on all body bruises, cuts on a head.

- Where you flied?

Edward Ovannisjan flied to Minsk for an anniversary of the brother - wanted to make to it a surprise.

- To Minsk, for an anniversary to my brother. All our relatives there should gather. Wanted to make to it a surprise. Specially did not say that we go. Have called for an hour to a departure: “ Meet! “ I have bought in a gift for 400 dollars a gold bracelet. Its plot on a hand. And as all it happens, the plane has twirled, I have hung on a seat belt headfirst. The bracelet, probably, has come off a hand and was lost. But it is not a pity to me! I to the brother still the purchase. The main thing that with mum very well was.

And here 43 - summer Salvi Ambartsumjan, to the contrary, came back from Yerevan home. She together with the husband and children lives in settlement Mihanovichi that near Minsk.

- It went to Armenia to visit our relatives. In the morning mum has called me and has told that its plane has lighted up and has fallen, - the son of Rum tells. - but it has not suffered. Has told that feels well, traumas are not present. It remained at the airport and will try to reach Minsk through Moscow.

we Will notice that the plane has fallen to the ground near to a fire brigade, and the first calculations were on an accident place in 50 seconds.

Interview to passengers


“I took out people of one behind another - far away from the liner”

to note rescue, passengers of ill-starred flight are going to kill a ram

Ashot Avakov, the citizen of Armenia, sat in place 6C - in the middle of plane salon, about a wing.

- you flied to Minsk? - Has phoned “ to Ashota.

- Is not present, in the Gomel area, Rogachevsky area, Radish village. At me there friends.

- And what for flied?

is any more has no value. I was late.

- That you remember the happened?

- There was a blow … I do not remember, a leah I turned over head over heels. Has regained consciousness already when over me there were physicians. There have then arrived my parents. All has come to the end safely because rescuers and physicians …

Unlike Ashota have operatively worked, one more passenger of ill-starred flight of Sasun Tevanjan has not lost consciousness. From the moment of failure and before arrival of rescuers it took out on hands of other passengers.

- Six years I fly your airlines, the first time so happens, - tells Sasun. - Last Sunday me have returned from the airport back - my passport was torn. And here this time I have departed - and have rescued people, my fellow countrymen. Took out people of one behind another far away from the plane. Now here my uncle, my father, others native, I at parents the unique son. They say that now we should bring to God a victim that we remained are live. We should kill a ram, and we can make it even in Belarus.


the Dean of faculty of civil aircraft of the Minsk state aviation college Sergey SIZIKOV: “ It either automatics failure, or an error of the pilot … “

- Sergey Vjacheslavovich if the plane descends from a runway and clings the earth a wing, what it can be?

is there can be a refusal in management system … But it only the assumption. It could tilt a strong flaw.

- Thus the pilot can make something?

- the management system Should work! But at such small height she could and not be in time …

is there could be an error of the pilot?

- Theoretically yes. But will denounce unreasonably in absentia the person. The commission should give the conclusion. It can be an error of the pilot only in case automatics has been disconnected …


“ Last accident of the plane “ Belavia “ Was in 1988 “

- Last incident on passenger transportations was in 1988 in Surgut, - Vladimir NAGULEVICH, the head of department of the state inspection on security of flights and aviation security of department on aircraft of the Ministry of transport and communications of Belarus remembers. - then during accident was lost, on - to mine, 6 persons. Since 1988 of similar incidents was not.

- When the plane which has fallen in Yerevan has been bought? It was new or beushnyj?

- New we do not buy, we buy beushnye! It was 1999 of release. At us year is maintained.

- And what its resource on norms?

- can fly Much. At all of us on an operating time goes.

- What there are event versions?

- I can not assume anything Yet. Our people have taken off for Yerevan. Investigation will go within a month.


Pilots were sober

the Chief of Central administrative board of civil aircraft (GUGA) Armenia Artem MOVSISJAN has informed journalists that before a departure the crew has passed medical examination, and doubts in sobriety of pilots are not present. As he said, it was not revealed also omissions from airport services. Chief GUGA has informed also that capital checkup has passed a board in February, and “ easy “ - directly ahead of a departure. Meteoconditions were favorable also.

- Incident has occurred for the speed from 200 to 250 km/ ch. The left wing of the plane has bent, and at height 4 - 5 metres the plane has hit about take-off - a landing strip then the fire has flashed. Explosion as that was not, noise was from falling and a car collapse. On a place we have found out the fuel poured on the earth.

- will make investigation aviation administration of Armenia with the assistance of the international aviation committee (POPPY), - have informed us in “ Belavia “. - the Belarus experts have taken off For Yerevan also. Now we abstain from discussion of any versions of an event. The situation will be cleared up after decoding “ black boxes “.


What miracle all remained are live?

Having conferred with fans of planes, we have made three versions - what miracle all passengers have survived?

to Comment on each of them we have asked the dean of faculty of civil aircraft of the Minsk state aviation college Sergey SIZIKOVA.

1. The plane practically has not had time to come off a runway, therefore strong blow was not, the case remained is whole and samortiziroval a main blow.

the Comment: Certainly, it so. After all if it fell from height of 20 or 40 metres, blow would be stronger, from it the fuselage could collapse, people could be lost.

2. As the plane small and easy (weighs as two trolley buses), it has stopped rather quickly, it and has rescued people.

the Comment: Really, “ the Boeing “ it is powerful 350 tons “ propahal “ a runway it is much more. Consequences would be much more serious.

3. Passengers was a little - 18 persons (the plane on 50 is calculated), therefore all could get out quickly. (For comparison: in 1997 during accident of the plane And - 310 in Irkutsk 68 persons simply had not time to get out of the burning plane.)

the Comment: And it is correct. Besides, if people was more, accordingly would be more and luggage, that is, the plane lump would increase. And here already look version 2 …

the FILE

the Commander of the aircraft - Victor Stanislavovich SHISHLO, the pilot 2 - go a class of civil aircraft. The work experience - 25 years. The general touch - 8 986 hours (from them as the commander of the aircraft of plane CRJ - 100 - 461 hour).

the Second pilot - Alexander Viktorovich MUKHIN, the pilot 3 - go a class of civil aircraft. The work experience - 22 years. The general touch - 9 445 hours (from them as 2 - go the pilot of plane CRJ - 100 - 425 hours).

the Steward - Olga the OUZEL. The general touch - 801 hour (by plane CRJ - 100 - 320 hours).


Plane the commander - the hero

About Victor Shishlo, the commander of the aircraft which took off from Yerevan, " operated; wrote in October, 2006. Then the airline plane “ Belavia “ That is 154Μ has taken off for Rome and approximately after an hour when it flew by over the Lvov area of Ukraine, one of passengers has complained to the flight attendant of sharp deterioration of state of health. The crew has assumed that at the man heart attack. Commander Victor Shishlo has made decision to return in Minsk. When the plane has come in the land, there for it already waited “ Fast “. The passenger have taken out on a stretcher and have taken away in hospital. It has raised flight cost almost twice.

- the Situation was ambiguous, Victor then could both to praise, and to punish. And after about this case has written “ Victor became the hero, - the person from Victor`s environment has told to us.

To “ Belavia “ the plane has replaced four owners

Both planes CRJ - 100, bought by the company “Belavia “ last year, have identical “ the biography “ - they have replaced four owners.

Since June, 3rd 1999 on May, 28th 2001 it used French Air Littoral, then till May, 19th 2004 plane belonged German Eurowings, after that - till October, 14th, 2004 - Canadian Avionco, and before sale “ Belavia “ - American Mesa Airlines.

Take-off speed - 200 km/ hour.


Bombardier CRJ - 100LR

Length - 26 metres

Height - 6 metres

Scope of a wing - 21 metre

Cruising speed - 768 km/ ch

Fuel consumption - 995 kg/ hour of flight

vessel Weight - 24 tons

Quantity of passenger places - 50

he watched on February, 14th events in a mode - the line

14:26 the Yerevan airport in which has burnt down the Belarus plane in the morning, already works in a usual mode
14:15 Armenia has begun process of decoding four “ black boxes “
14:03 the Information on plane explosion at blow about the earth was denied by the chief of Central administrative board of civil aircraft of Armenia
13:35 About details of wreck of the Belarus liner in Yerevan have reported on the president of Armenia
13:02 the List of passengers of the plane which has not reached to Minsk from Yerevan
12:45 About the captain of the plane which has fallen in Yerevan already wrote
09:18 This night the plane “ Belavia “ has burnt down in Yerevan