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In the Polar region there were first veterans of work of Murmansk area

More year in our region rough discussion of the Law on veterans of work of Murmansk area was conducted. It has ended successfully, and already today the first owners of this honorary title will receive the certificates.

- When award, it is always pleasant, - pensioner Valentine Kutsepalenko who will manage the certificate with the first number smiles. - and at me birthday on January, 1st, so I always ahead! At one enterprise 41 year has fulfilled, leaves, the work a rank has fairly merited.

Valentina Aleksandrovna has arrived to the Polar region from the Tambov region in 1960 - m when to it was all

20 years. And almost at once has got a job in restaurant near the station Murmansk . At this enterprise (Murmansk city trust of dining rooms) she and worked to pension. Valentina Kutsepalenko has had time to stay and lotochnitsej, trading in pies yes sweet waters at station, and the cook - the baker, and   the waitress of a dining-car.

- And have then suggested to be learnt on the confectioner, I and have agreed, - the pensioner remembers. - and 36 years, to the pension, did pies yes cakes!

- the Figure - that were not afraid to spoil?

- Yes I all the same sweet not especially love, so on my figure tasty the trade was not reflected in any way, have a look! - Valentina Aleksandrovna laughs.

it is not surprising that among the first veterans of work of regional value there was also Farit Abitov. The general experience of its work has made more half a century - 51 year. Began the pupil in canning shop of fish port, and has gone on increase further.

- In port I till 1993 worked, and then as early as years seven in AMNGR - Farit Abdulhanovich is proud. - Already on pension. The fifty-kopeck piece has fulfilled, and next year also a golden wedding with the wife we will celebrate. Too half a century leaves!

Today the rank will receive and hereditary zheleznodorozhnitsa Tatyana Dimitrashchuk. Having arrived on the North from the Tver region in the end of 60 - h, it never for 35 years, up to pension, did not change a work place.

- At first was the person on duty on station Passage, it near Kandalaksha, - the veteran lists area settlements where it could work. - then in Habozere, near to Apatity, then there were Polar Dawns, Magnetity, Murmansk.

Tatyana Leonidovny`s Father worked in due time as the roadman, mum - the station worker, and the son now works the machinist. Here where continuity of generations!

All this day a rank of the veteran of work of Murmansk area will be received by 6 inhabitants of polar capital. Soon new certificates will hand over and in other cities and area areas.

For today of the statement on reception of a rank of the veteran have written more than 1300 inhabitants of the Polar region. And almost 300 submitted papers are countenanced.    



What privileges are given by a rank

to Veterans of work of Murmansk area are put:

-   annual   single   payment (2 000 roubles) by Day of Murmansk area (on May, 28th);
-   50 - percentage indemnification of expenses on journey payment alternate years to vacation spot and back on territory of the Russian Federation;
-   a lump sum (10 000 rbl.) At moving on a constant residence for limits of Murmansk area.

But, unfortunately, the specified privileges are accessible only to those veterans that are pensioners and their income does not exceed double size of a living wage (at pensioners it is equal to 4911 roubles).


Who can apply for it

the Rank is appropriated to the citizens of the Russian Federation living in Murmansk area.

the persons having the general experience of work or service in our region not less of 40 years for men and 35 years for women have the right To it. Also the citizens concerning the radical small people of the North can apply for a rank - saamy, worked reindeer breeders, veterinary surgeons, livestock specialists and workers of reindeer breeding, fishermen, hunters - field men not less than 25 years for men and 20 years for women.

Applicants submit to bodies sotszashchity in a residence the statement and the documents confirming the general experience of work or service. Documents are: work record cards, the inquiries which have been given out when due hereunder by bodies of the state power and the authorised organisations, the enterprises. The citizens who are engaged in individual business, give the inquiries which have been given out in branches of the Pension fund of Murmansk area, on offset in the experience of work of the periods of this activity.