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The enamoured northerner paraphrased Pushkin

on February, 14th, midday. Correspondents have gone to check up, a leah are ready murmanchane to make a declaration of love each other. Our bag in which leaflets with tasks, on call lie. Aha! Here and the first pair. To Ivan Kamenko has got to sing a song for the wife Tatyana.

- Is not present, I do not sing. You that?! - The guy refuses.

Well, if not to sing it is necessary to read a poem at least.

- Tatyana! Take pity it is necessary me. I do not dare to demand love, - and it is not so important that in Pushkin`s variant there was Alina. - perhaps, for my sins, my angel, I the love does not stand!

Nadezhde Zhilinoj is necessary straight off, and, the main thing, is original to admit feelings to the half - to Andrey Palienko.

Zhilin`s Hope names favourite sjusechka
the Photo: Lyudmila SHEKA

- Sjusechka, it I it so tenderly name, - the Hope explains, - I very strongly love you. Each section of my body lives and breathes only for you!

Elena Egorov has preferred to words a strong kiss. They with husband Vladimir and 10 - the monthly kid have arrived from St.-Petersburg.

- the Main thing in this feast - not to freeze! - shivered from a Murmansk cold and a penetrating wind of the spouse.

One more task - to remember history of acquaintance with favourite or favourite. Tanja

Razumenko has met the future partner in life in shop.

- I any more do not remember, behind what have come, - tells Zahar Sobchenko. - As - that by itself so has turned out. Have Perhaps, faced shoulders at cash desk...

Horned instead of a wedding limousine
the Photo: Elena KOVALENKO

And a newly-married couple Elena and Evgenie Gavriljuk made a declaration of love each other... In salon an enamoured trolley bus . The Honeymoon trip on the electroliner for them was organised by city committee on youth affairs. Right after checks in Elena and Evgenie together with visitors have sat down in decorated with spheres and posters a trolley bus and have gone under the main prospectus. Flowers, champagne, toasts and traditional: Bitterly! ...

Elena and Evgenie Gavriljuk have swept on an enamoured trolley bus
the Photo: Elena KOVALENKO

- to Become the wife Elena it was necessary to persuade long, - the young husband remembers. - at first it resisted, but has then agreed. I have made its the proposal on birthday of the father, the feast has outgrown in our engagement.

- Eugene has risen on a knee with a bouquet of roses in hands, - smiling, the girl tells. - it was very romantic!

After travel on an enamoured trolley bus Murmansk pair was going to visit by tradition monuments, and then - in restaurant. But walk on horned as they said, became the most original moment of wedding.

And all in Day of sacred Valentine in a city registry office 15 steams have got married.