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Capital officials have found out, in what products most of all *

Yesterday Vladimir MALYSHKOV, the head of Department of the consumer market and services of Moscow, has declared that last year in capital have begun work of 15 laboratories investigating products on the maintenance of genetically modified organisms (GMO). Better to say, it is the meal, grown up it is artificial, by means of gene engineering, that is artificial. Capital experts have spent about 12,8 thousand researches and have found out: in more than 750 of the checked up products maintenance GMO is exceeded. And more often in milk and dairy products.
However, scientists were divided in opinion, these products are how much harmful. People simply should know about production with GMO and to solve, a leah to buy it.
we Will remind, since July, 1st of last year in Moscow voluntary marks of products by a sign " are entered; does not contain GMO . But nobody will give guarantees that this or that product at all does not contain gene additives.
In Department of the consumer market have explained that any Muscovite can give a product on the paid analysis to laboratory and find out, a leah is GMO and how much. Any information on gene additives and exact cost of examination can be received in department by phone (495 694 - 28 - 33 in everyday life with 10. 00 to 17. 00. In the same place it is possible to learn the address of the nearest laboratory.