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In the Tver region dangerous toys

that our shops are full of toy stuff are on sale, are convinced with the advent of own child. At first you buy all successively. Then you notice that one rattles collapse, and others are not present, from one rubber prorezyvatelej the kid, to horror of mum, eats a paint, and others do not lose an original form. Further - it is more. The pistol with pulkami which give for 3 years to the son, can kill not only a toy hare.
- we check the shops which are engaged in realisation of toys, times in a quarter, - Alla Shurupova, a press - secretary Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Tver region has assured . - In 2007 have checked up 143 firms, 59 toys have appeared hazardous to health.
most of all fakes arrives from China. These goods trespass with fragile plastic, small detalkami, phenol, handicraft painting which watches off, the raised noise level in musical toys, clumsy Russian - in electronic (when the plush doggie speaks it: I lublu tebja, mine mum ) .

Not all is smooth and at home producers of toys. For example, at rubber balls of Cheboksary association by it. CHapaeva smell level is exceeded. fragrant the goods have revealed during check experts of Tver department Rostehregulirovanija.
According to this organisation, more than 80 % of all checked up production are unsafe for children.

we have asked to give lists of the firms trading in dangerous toys. But, to our surprise, Rospotrebnadzor and Rostehregulirovanie have categorically refused.
- firms are not guilty, - cut off in Rospotrebnadzore. - Well, the businessman in the Cherkizovsky market of a toy without documents has bought, has sold. But it is irregular, special cases.
Rostehregulirovanie nevertheless has given us the list of dangerous toys which were are caught in 18 areas of the Central Russia.
- Never you know, in which area this or that toy will be on sale, - Denis Kuznetsov, a press - secretary Rostehregulirovanija
has intrigued . - Here dangerous the weapon which can wound not only the child, but also the adult, is found at us, in the Tver region.

Having aimed to buy a dangerous toy, we have gone to a city. Long it was not necessary to search. In the first stall on mini - the market on parkway Nogina attention has involved it is poisonous - a pink rubber hare. At survey of any recognition symbols except beaten out on the hare bottom made in china was not.
- as who the manufacturer? China! - the saleswoman in a stall was surprised. - no documents on them are present, it is not pleasant - do not take.
- and in a mouth to its child to take safe?
- want safe, go to a drugstore! - the saleswoman has flared up. - buy for copecks also safe submit.
All of us managed to find out that zaek regularly bring from any warehouses in Moscow on 6 pieces in packing, on it too there is no information. The goods disperse well, after all the price - only 40 roubles. And anybody has never taken an interest in an origin of hares. It seems that over security of toys townspeople do not reflect yet.

Has seen - do not buy!
Pistols from plastic (art. VT - 017208 - 1), the manufacturer Sunny Toys Inc. Co. LTD (Peoples Republic of China). The shot from such pistol can put a trauma even to the adult.
rattles and prorezyvateli for teeth plastic Disney the manufacturer Playwell Industry LTD (Peoples Republic of China), rattles plastic firms The Exco Group of Companies in a mouth it is impossible to take (Peoples Republic of China).
Pjatachok plastizolevyj in a package (art. 89019), the manufacturer Jia Yu Trade Co. LTD (Peoples Republic of China). Especially dangerous toy, contain phenol.
a duckling and a hare a set plastizolevyj, art. 287709, the manufacturer Shenzen Shenksinjan (Peoples Republic of China) - 50 - percentage excess of allowed level of a sound and smell level.
a tumbler toy plastic, the manufacturer Cheng Lee Plastic Toys Co. LTD (Peoples Republic of China). Will not sustain also five minutes in hands of the child.
the soldier - the policeman a toy musical Hooter pyramids the Tower and the Duck with a ring the Doll - the naked child with accessories, the Designer - strojtehnik the Set of ware of a dining room all manufactures of the Peoples Republic of China, - knife edges, agnails and cracks on edges accessible to children.
balls rubber manufactures of Cheboksary association of V.I.Chapaeva - smell level is exceeded.
the Boat rubber the Pirate trade mark Smoby (Peoples Republic of China) - is absent the information on an age accessory of a toy.
not sinking toys Means of transportation (Thailand) - is not present a conformity sign, besides, the manufacturer recommends a toy to children from 2 till 6 years, and the supplier (seller) - to children from 6 months till 5 years.

How to buy a safe toy
- to Buy a toy better in specialised shop.
- documents which it is necessary to demand from the seller: the conformity certificate, a waybill, sanitary - the epidemiological conclusion on a toy.
- on packing to the certificated toy always there should be an information on the manufacturer, its addresses and phones (or the supplier), about age for which the toy is intended. In certain cases should be applied the instruction on use (necessarily in Russian), the instruction on leaving.
- Before purchase attentively examine a toy. Any acute angles, fine details (it is less 4,4 sm), long strings (it is more 20 sm).
- Check up durability of a paint. It should not be erased and blotted.
- smell a toy about a specific smell - as phenol should not to smell (a caustic rubber smell).
- From a soft toy should not be pulled out wool and threads. Eyes, nouses and other fine details should be reliably attached.
- a toy on batteries: check up, that the child could not get them.

if have bought a poor-quality toy, complain on bodies. (4822 32 - 00 - 02 - public adoptive Rospotrebnadzora or bring the statement and the rejected goods to the address: Tver pr - d Darwin, 17, Upravlenie Rospotrebnadzora.