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To Ural Mountains it will be possible to fly without changes

Park of new airline will make eight new planes Silt - 114 - 100 . Roughly the first flight on regular flights will take place in one and a half year.

- Now to reach Ural Mountains, it is necessary to fly through Moscow, - Paul of MILLERS, the general director " has explained necessity of opening of new airline; SDS - Aero . - And it is superfluous expenses and dead time.

With opening of new lines it will be possible to reach any point on the map in radius to 2,5 thousand kilometres from Kemerovo, including in the near abroad - Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

- New Silt - simply superplane, beginning from its security and finishing modern salon for passengers, - has told Paul Melnikov.   - it is created on the basis of the plane Silt - 114 but differs a new power-plant of the engine. And it allows to increase range of flight and to improve take-off - landing characteristics.

TTH the plane

the Name - Ilyushin - 114 - 100.

capacity - from 52 to 64 passengers.

Take-off/ landing weight - 23,5 tons.

Cruising speed - 500 - 530 km/ ch.

Range of flight - 1400 km.

Can fly without refuelling of 12 hours.

Look other photos of the plane.