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“ Bricks “ on Vasilevsky Petersburg drivers dement drivers

Since December try to go round Vasilevsky island the party. There the new scheme of movement is entered - variety of streets have made unilateral, and on some sites have resolved journey only to public transport. Accordingly everywhere have hanged out signs, basically “ bricks “.

Business - that, in general, good - on island was time to change for a long time something: from - for constant stoppers driving there turned to the present crucifying. Here the traffic police also has started to put things in order. Only as - that is very quick.

- From - for new signs it is necessary to be reconstructed all time, - Tatyana Viktorova complains. - Only has risen in the necessary number for turn - and it already is not present. And so a stream dense, what for also these difficulties?

At times new and old signs contradict each other. At drivers the joke already was born: “ Those correct signs behind which the GAI squad " is on duty;. And it is valid, inspectors of traffic police actively catch infringers.

- Sometimes behind one “ a brick “ on two - three crews is on duty! - the driver with 32 - the summer experience Victor Andreevich speaks. - you are indignant - and at them one answer: “ you are obliged to look at signs “. As a matter of fact, of course, it so but when ten years on this street you go, new signs you do not notice.

- In traffic police there is an order Ή 297, - the chairman of the Petersburg branch of Committee on protection of the rights of motorists Alexander of COLDS speaks. - on it employees of inspection should including be engaged and the prevention of infringements. And they have concentrated only on retaliatory functions: wait, when the person will already make an offence, and then it for it fine.

It seems that this situation has deduced from itself not only drivers. Speak, one their judges, assorting has put, connected with traffic police, is going even to take out in this respect private definition in βΰρθλεξρςπξβρκθυ address of GAI officers. And member of parliament Alexey Kovalev tried to damp an ardour of guards of a road order by means of deputy inquiry, but it was rejected by other people`s choices. However, inspectors of traffic police have already a little calmed down and already not so actively watch for infringers. But their place was occupied with usual militiamen.

- I Have turned casually from the Big prospectus under “ a brick “ of which was not earlier, - the driver " tells; the eights “ Andrey. - me headlights the usual patrol car there and then blinks. There are militiamen, say that now they will call to me traffic police. I speak: “ call “. Those have started to tell, what gross infringement at me that will deprive of me the rights. I do not react. Minutes through ten they have told that GAI officers cannot arrive, therefore I should drive behind them in RUVD to make the report. I have refused, I speak: “ Make out here “. In general when they have understood that I will not give money to them, have returned me documents and ordered to slide to hell.