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It is not necessary to pay extra to inhabitants of emergency signals

Moving of emergency houses in Petersburg about which necessity officials so much spoke, goes hard. And it is braked, strangely enough, by the city legislation. After all the person to whom instead of apartment in the old decrepit house give comfortable and spacious so, more expensive habitation in a new building, should pay extra a difference. And it is hundred thousand roubles. It is not enough at whom there are such means.

But now moving procedure will remove from this brake: on the city government have decided surcharges to cancel. It is necessary to deputies of ZakSa to confirm amendments to corresponding laws. Money from people does not take, if the area of new apartment is no more, than in old and also if in former habitation of square metres was less, than it is necessary under the sanitary code. And it is 33 sq. m on the lonely tenant and on 18 sq. m on each member of the family consisting of two and more persons.

Though on the government all were for such decision, discussion has turned out emotional. It seems that the situation so has worn out officials that they hotly convinced each other, without noticing what to argue there is nobody.

- Market price of square metre in emergency houses in Paper street about 50 thousand roubles, - the head of Housing committee Junis LUKMANOV drew a sad picture. - And in houses offered for resettlement in dormitory areas - from 70 thousand. The difference in 600 - 700 thousand turns out. Tenants do not have such money.

- All of you know, how much emergency houses in a city, - strictly uttered Valentine MATVIENKO. - the power bears both legal and a criminal liability for life and security of people. If the house in a menacing status, we cannot neglect it process, we are obliged it to settle.

Till 2011 Petersburg should settle over one million square metres of habitation in emergency houses. The majority of them of construction of the end XIX - the XX-th century beginnings. Built then quickly and, alas, it is not always qualitative: for any 100 years these buildings have practically decayed, within the precincts of a crack, ceilings here - here will fail on heads to tenants. Nevertheless on Peter it is constant it is rumored that the city specially recognises houses emergency to take away good sites.

- Each time as the decision on moving is made, at once there are insinuations that it in interests of any company, - got excited the governor. Is a full nonsense and delirium. Have settled the house on quay Robespera, have exposed a site on open auction. For it eight companies fought, and that which has paid more money in the budget has defeated.

it is valid, the house of workers of KGB at first has been settled, and already is then sold, and, by the way, for the record sum: 1 billion 70 million roubles.

- If citizens do not agree with examination, they have the right to be converted into court and to employ other expert organisation and to make an estimation - the house is emergency or not, - continued Matvienko. - but to neglect - I like this apartment and all here - it is wrong. If citizens want to live in the emergency house, and I do not believe that there are such suicides, let at all inhabitants subscribe under it and take responsibility on itself.