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Zenith has sunk a yellow submarine

the Lawyer criticises a management

I Admit fairly. A day before a match to your correspondent was bojazno for forthcoming result. Too on - to a miscellaneous commands on predmatchevyh trainings looked. zenith - it is impressive. Viljarreal - sobranno. The tremendous physical form of wards of Manuela Pellegrini Was evident.

Have added alarms and statements of the head coach of Petersburgers of Dika of the Lawyer. For the first time for the zenitovskuju career the Small general has afforded the open criticism to a club management.

- From us Shkrtel, Hagen, Lebedev and Maxims have left. We have invited to their place of Shirokov and Victor Fajzulina`s Novel. I am very happy with both. But I counted on more serious investments into players after our champion`s title, - admitted kouch. - We will struggle for a champion`s title and this year. But I want to become successful and in Europe. But for any reason the management of club does not want to do more serious purchases which are necessary to play Euro cups.

Viljarreal is not Gazprom

Before game the correspondent managed to talk to the well-known president to all Spain Viljarreala Fernando Alfonso. He is a ceramic king of the country. It was most interesting to author of these lines to learn, how signor Alfonso managed to lift modest and small club to such heights (the third place in Spanish the Example, semi-finals of an UEFA Cup and League of champions for last three years. - a bus comment) Not at the expense of gas, and at the expense of ceramics.

- the Secret is simple, - the president admitted to us. - many to work. And not to feel sorry money for purchase of new players. It is desirable - with a world name.

- That you know about Zenith ?

- At you the sponsor Gazprom - one of the largest gas companies in the world. Certainly, to us here not to be compared. Not to compete to us and in level of support of the command (thoughtfully smiles). As soon as I have arrived here, at once have understood that we are confronted with very serious club.

the Spaniard responded To a question on the favourite of pair dezhurno: game " will show All;. But in its tone superiority notes were felt. A pier if you more richly us, it does not mean yet that you play football is better.

the Judge nearly has not spoilt a match

the First official match of a season has collected full Petrovsky . And it despite a cold and a gale. But fans only rejoiced to such weather - it was the main ally of Petersburgers in a forthcoming duel.

- Yes, the cold will play for you, - the Spanish journalist Andreas Korpos has smiled. - We in such conditions have not got used to drive a ball.

- by the way, too uneasy it is necessary To us, - the captain " admitted; Zenith Anatoly Timoshchuk. - We after all all inter-season period trained in the warm countries.

in general, here advantages it is not necessary to search. There was a hope that the Spaniards who have not got used to winter Russian fields cannot show habitual tehnichnyj football. And we at the expense of desire can simply run across visitors. So as a result also it has turned out.

the First time has passed from dictation Zenith . Pitertsy attacked more, owned a ball. However the first serious moment has created Viljarreal . On 20 - j to minute experimental defence Zenith Has failed, and Nihat has jumped out in private with Malafeevym. Glory in time has reduced a corner and has returned a ball. Tribunes were came in delight. That in five minutes already to be hammered from indignation. pogrebnjak after a pass of Arshavina left on a rendezvous with the goalkeeper of Spaniards Diego Lopez. But from a right foot inconvenient for has sent a ball directly to hands to the goalkeeper.

- Viljarreal it is usually shaken in the second time, - the same Spanish journalist Andreas Korpos admitted to all of us.

On a shower it became disturbing. It seemed that Zenith which only - only begins a season, will be tired, will exhaust. And here - that Spaniards also will catch us. But not here - that was.

With even bolshej energy wards of Dika of the Lawyer left on the second time. And if not strange actions of German judge Mikaelja Viner, probably, Zenith till the end of a match densely would clamp a yellow submarine in its maritime belt. But the German whistled apropos and without. Tribunes Petrovsky long suffered such refereeing, being limited only to whistle and matjukami. But by the match end bolely have not sustained. After the referee for what has given a yellow card to Pasha Pogrebnjaku, lighters have departed to the judge and on a broader scale everything that reached a lawn. Viner has not failed to direct to it attention of the inspector of a match. And now almost for certain Zenith will fine.

On 63 - j to minute shaking on coordination trehhodovka Zyryanov - Arshavin - Pogrebnjak has led to a capture of gate. However, in this episode fine lopuhnulsja through chilled keeper of Spaniards. Diego Lopez has jumped out on ball interception, but from all nonsense has slipped by. And the pasha has easy sent a ball in empty gate - 1:0. Zenitovtsy have finished a match to victory. And now will go to Spain in excellent mood. But, as the Spanish journalists, " mark; Viljarreal On a visit and houses - two absolutely different commands.

direct speech

the Head coach Zenith Dik the Lawyer:

- Today we played against one of the best teams of Europe entering into the first three of the championship of Spain. I am very happy with how our children have played, and result.

Halfback Konstantin Zyryanov:

- it is very good that we have not passed today. It is the most important thing. And game was good. Equal. It seems to me, as in Spain it will be equal. Spaniards provoked us. But so southern commands play always. Simply it is not necessary to pay attention To it.

the Slide - show from a match look here