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On the Dynamo the menagerie

In Khabarovsk is not necessary the next public hearings on which decided destiny of city park have taken place. In a building of department of architecture where took place serious conversation, there was a present notice. The people stood in passes and are live reacted to statements of speakers. And it is explainable. A question on a green zone the Dynamo a fourth month remains to one of the sharpest. In the autumn there began to cut down trees, and the public has become agitated. And then to us have presented the project: a pier, be not stirred, all is thought over. Here there will be cafe, here one more cafe, a zoo, attractions. The new wave of arrangements once again confirms: solid money is got mixed up in business. Though and among simple townspeople there are supporters of show business.

- Certainly, the project not ideal, - Maxim SHIMUK protected the mayoralty habarovchanin. -   But while we will discuss it, time will leave. It is not necessary to change horses on a crossing. We will have a modern park of entertainments, and the city will receive means for its maintenance.

But the majority of the present has spoken against such prospects.

- the Dynamo - unique a place where still it is possible to breathe air, - the pensioner told Svetlana FROLOV. -   what for to transform it into naked wilderness?

scientists have agreed With this statement also.

- Cutting down of trees will lead to ecology deterioration in   a city, -   Alexander ERMOSHKIN, the research assistant of Laboratory of ecology of a vegetative pall considers. - the centre needs to be unloaded from cars, and at all of us becomes to the contrary.

Whose point of view will defeat, it becomes known after March, 1st. When will bring official results of public hearings. For now each interested person can express the opinion. with pleasure gives to townspeople a tribune. Call (4212 37 - 70 - 44; 37 - 70 - 45.