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Garages against sports

Trials that should be in the territory adjoining to the fifth grammar school go for a long time. One of the Khabarovsk companies - Joint-Stock Company Change Trading under own initiative has planned to erect here, on border of streets Kim JU of Chena and Theatrical, a modern sports complex. In it can simultaneously 600 persons can be engaged. Civil work will occupy a few time, fight which has burst between sportsmen and " more lasts; garazhnikami .

In far 1995 administration of the Central area has authorised for check in of time garage co-operative society in this area. Also in the decision there was a reservation that if in this territory something will build more capital, than garages, owners boksov at own expense quickly should release the earth. However for so much time the co-operative society here has strongly accustomed and to release territory under building of sport centre more useful to a city, nobody gathers. Like the city heads also stand up cleaning from the centre garages which spoil Khabarovsk, only here the situation to be resolved does not hurry. To the contrary, explanations with garazhnikami were tightened.

By the way, 20 boksov occupy territory of athletic field which is put to pupils of the fifth grammar school. Last year public hearings concerning possible building of distressful territory have twice taken place. Disputes were really long. It turns out, what a ferro-concrete heap in the centre of Khabarovsk it is more important than modern sport centre? Now the rights on granting of territory for building have passed to the edge government. Who and the main thing that will build on Theatrical, will solve the regional ministry of building.