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Putin has promised dalnevostochnikam life not worse, than in the West

Vasily AVCHENKO, the newspaper Vladivostok :

- Me the problem of outflow of the population from the Far East very stirs Russia. It is known that the government program on resettlement of compatriots is developed, and attraction of human resources in depressive regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East was one of its purposes just. However today it is already obvious that at preservation of present approaches to the decision of this problem to the Far East nobody will go - there the expensive, not too comfortably to live and few possibilities for self-realisation. As the state will struggle with outflow of the population from the Far East.

Vladimir PUTIN, the president of Russia:

- This problem stirs not only you, many citizens of the country, and me stirs very much. Really we observe population depopulation, depopulation of these territories of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Taken measures on this problem yet do not give due result. I constantly come back to this subject throughout almost last 5 - 6 years. Across the Far East there is a development program as you know, federal target programs. We plan carrying out of large international actions, including ATES. It will be, by the way, in Vladivostok. We have planned big enough federal resources on development of territories. First of all, it concerns infrastructures. But certainly the citizens living in the Far East, should be economically put in same, and can even in the best position, than living on the European part of the Russian Federation. In Russia such steps which not simply would keep the population were always undertaken, and would do abiding there people not simply comfortable, but favourable from the economic point of view. It is a question, first of all, of tariffs for the electric power, for heat, for transport. And as though nerynochno it did not look, but it is necessary to go on certain preferences. I while will stop. But in this direction we think and corresponding steps to create such comfortable situation for the citizens living in the Far East, will be undertaken.