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Habarovsenergosbyt has opened the modern centre of servicing

the Building of the former grocery shop Light that in the street Lenin - not to learn. Here under corporate it is white - dark blue the arches the modern Center of servicing of branch " has opened; Habarovskenergosbyt Open Society DEK . Already today here can be converted both physical, and legal bodies, that in system a uniform window operatively to solve any arisen questions connected with an electrical supply. In the centre you will be met by skilled advisers who will explain to you how payment for current consumption is charged, will tell about tariffs and privileges, if necessary will make recalculation.

In the future in our centre, we plan to render services to inhabitants of Khabarovsk territory on payment of invoices for gas supply, a heat supply, utilities, phone, cellular communications and a cable television. The servicing centre favourably differs from the usual is settlement - the cash centre a wide spectrum of services and possibilities, - has told the director of branch Habarovsenergosbyt Open Society DEK Michael BOGDANOVSKY.

In the servicing Center it is equipped by the newest equipment which ministers for   creations of comfort of visitors. Nou - hau for a city - system electronic turn established in the Center. If all operators of the Center are occupied, to stand and wait not necessarily. It is enough to make simple operation and the scheme of electronic turn will give out the coupon with your serial number and number of a window of the operator. Over each operator the panel on which it is highlighted serial numbers of clients is located. You can spend all this time as you will take in head. For this purpose here there are soft and convenient sofas, the device on preparations of tea and coffee. On that your turn has approached will inform an electronic board over the operator and a sound signal.

By the way, the similar Center the first, but it is far on last in territory Khabarovsk. Edges. In the long term occurrences of the similar centres in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid and in Vjazemsky.

the Center only has opened, and the first visitors have already appeared

- Here very cosy, and to any question are ready to respond. It is still pleasant that there is a cash hall. If something is not clear in the receipt on payment for the electric power, I can approach to the adviser and having understood there and then to pass in cash desk and to settle an account - the inhabitant of Khabarovsk and the diligent payer for light Irina TRUBETSKY has shared impressions.

the Center has already begun the work, the qualified personnel is ready to accept all interested persons to the address: Khabarovsk, Lenin`s street 43 and.