Rus News Journal

Vladimir Putin - on yesterday`s a press - conferences in the Kremlin:

it is So much journalists, how much they were yesterday in the Kremlin, still never gathered! 1300 persons were torn to ask to the president of Russia the question. Vladimir Putin has responded to many of them (look 2 - 3 - ju number p.), but the most important thing, he has told, what for the Olympic Games are necessary to us.

- Russian people have got used to pay for victory. Who will pay for the Olympic Games - the state, tax bearers, investors? And a leah will be it the project of global scale which will bring any dividends of Russia? Or it will be a black hole in the budget? - The journalist of magazine " has asked a question; Real business (Rostov, Krasnodar) Natalia Kondratenko.

- and you where go to have a rest? - Putin a counter question has responded it.

- Anywhere. I I have a rest on work 4 years.

- it is clear. I too 8 years I have a rest . But where you would want to go to have a rest, on skis to drive, on the sea to go? Only on - fair. In eyes to me look. Where have turned away? In mounts? What? To Austria, to Italy, to France - where you would like more?

- On how much money will suffice.

- has not told that in Sochi, - Vladimir Vladimirovich has noticed. - to the North Caucasus - has not told. Because there conditions yet do not correspond to the world standards. And we want to make, that our resorts were not only at level, but also it is better world... As to development of the South of Russia is very important question. We have a federal target program on development of the South of Russia as a whole. Why? Because from the point of view of maintenance with workplaces, a level of production many parts of the South of Russia are depressive regions. And it is very attractive part of the country. We - northern country, and here such klimaticheski at us is not enough attractive regions.

the South of Russia in this sense takes a place 1. Therefore our struggle for Olympic Games carrying out in Sochi has been connected not only with desire to spend Game and as - that to position Russia as the country which is able to do it. The most important and first problem consists in infrastructure development so that millions citizens could go with pleasure to have a rest there both in the summer, and in the winter. And to spend the earned money in the country.

we plan to direct two thirds of the 12 billion dollars allocated for this branch for infrastructure development. In the same place roads are not present the normal. You try to drive from Tuapse to Sochi. The road - a continuous streamer, but is one misfortune. And on road Moscow - Novorossisk hundreds people every summer perish. An overload full. It is necessary to construct roads, tunnels, bridges. And what is created with ecology? It is a shame to tell, but in Sochi till now there is no normal water drain. About what high-grade rest on seacoast there can be a speech when the semimillion city has no water drain? Besides, it is necessary to improve water supply and to provide a normal electrical supply. All it should occupy two thirds of the state expenses, and all the rest should be made on the basis of private investment or is private - the state partnership. And this market part should be executed   at the expense of private Russian and foreign investments. And I very much count on that we will transform this part of the country into indicative region where our citizens with pleasure will go on rest.