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Search of three Petersburg seamen in America is stopped

the Others 15 crewmen of the sunken wreck have returned home

In river port of Albany, capital of state of New York, past week there was a state of emergency. The specialised cargoship Stella maris chartered by the Dutch company Dzhumbo shipping was under loading. It should deliver to Italy and Romania the heavy equipment of the company Dzheneral the electrician . All command of the Dutch vessel - our fellow countrymen working in Petersburg kruingovoj of the company the Transthorn which gives crews for service of courts of the different countries of the world. Suddenly, when loaded 300 - the ton generator, the vessel has lost stability and within several seconds has turned over.

seven persons have been removed by helicopter from a board of a vessel which lies on one side and partially sticks out over a water surface. Eight have very quickly rescued from waters of Hudson. Delay could lead to death of people as water in Hudson now is not warmer at all, than in Neva. Unfortunately, three more seamen have not found. At the moment of accident they were in hold.

searches of the gone people have urgently been organised. Some days area of port and adjoining channels were surveyed by divers. On Monday searches have been stopped, but bodies of Petersburg seamen - 48 - summer Yury Akofina, 43 - summer Sulejmana Hasenevicha and 46 - summer Victor Alekseeva - and have not found.

- chances that they are live, very little, - the director of the company " sighs; the Transthorn Vladimir Kolesnikov. - or seamen are buried under vessel and cargo fragments, or them has drifted the rivers. Operation of lifting of a vessel and then searches of bodies will proceed will soon begin.

on Monday last four crewmen have returned to Petersburg. At once after the arrival in a native city all seamen have passed medical examination. State of health at all normal though right after the tragedy to two pitertsam, got wounds, needed medical aid. Even it was necessary to send one urgently in local hospital where to it operation has been made. After incident seamen have passed physical examination which has established that all of them were healthy, sober. To reproach with inexperience someone also it is impossible, as even on Stelle all of them went repeatedly. The special commission establishes now the event reasons.

Anna Kostrova.