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Racers had a Ms.

Petersburg avtoekstremalamne admiration perfect

in club " is alien One of these days; Water area chose Ms. Street races of Petersburg - 2003 . On a podium there were girls who as spectators participate in semilegal arrivals on okrainnym to city streets.

summer season closing on October, 18th has taken place, and after strong frosts of race will renew already on ice of the Petersburg reservoirs.

three basic racing clubs of Petersburg have gathered in Water areas also to discuss results of the last season. This year their opposition with Maxim Zharkovsky`s club which has stopped the organisation of arrivals has ended. Now races spend in three basic places - on Parnassus, to Kolpino and Olgino. Some persons are engaged in extreme races - on the central streets of Petersburg. a point - a point Is when two cars start simultaneously and go competing in speed on other end of a city on a route as which consider as the shortest and free from stoppers and traffic lights. To outstrip the rival, they drive on red and exceed speed.

on a party in Water areas has been awarded 22 - the summer student of St.Petersburg State University by a nickname the Beast. On November, 29th on tojote with volume of the engine 1,3 litres she has won race a point - a point at the guy who went on to copeck with the engine of 1,8 litres. Arrival has begun at SKK where that day took place Putin tournament of judoists, therefore movement on Gagarin`s prospectus has been limited, and ekstremaly long waited, when road will open. A beast has reached to Baltic for 20 minutes.

- we understand that we go with infringements of rules. But we also are responsible for it, - speaks 24 - the summer lawyer, one of ekstremalov. - This year was only three failures and only one through our fault. We not madmen, among us basically serious people. We do not advertise the hobby that drivers have not got to it maloadekvatnye...

in competition Ms. has defeated 21 - summer Katerina, the manager on marketing of the large building company. It goes on races with 28 - the summer boy friend on lendrovere 1997 of release.

Edward Vorotnikov.