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When sweets fall from the sky...

Neznajka, a button, Koshchej and the Baba-yaga, and also heroes Smehopanoramy wait for children and adults in the Shuvalovsky palace on winter vacation

theatre Performance the Young lion In search of New year authors have made such unusual. There ice-cream and sweets are strewed from a ceiling together with snowflakes, the Baba-yaga goes to hair curlers and when removes them it appears in curls of acid colour. At this Koshchej gives it flowers, and the main characters of action - Neznajka and the Button - run among children the friend for druzhkoj. Lilii Kuznetsovoj button - charming kaprizulja which can to stamp also a leg and unexpectedly to burst into tears. - the naughty hooligan singing in all throat a song that little girls it is necessary to hold Neznajka Vladimir Soloveva in hand, but the first rushing to calm the Button.

Suits at heroes - fresh and fashionable, hairdresses - stylish, and performance music - transparent and gentle, it reminds a melody from a grandmother`s casket.

when the feast will take place?

for children wait in the Shuvalovsky palace 2, on January, 3rd and 4. For kids from 2 till 5 years of representation begin at 11 and 13 hours. Children from 6 till 11 years can come by 15 o`clock. And in 17. 30 the dramatized program " will begin; New Year`s KVAM for teenagers from 12 years. All prepares gifts. The ticket with a gift costs 250 rbl. If parents want to jump too near a fur-tree, the ticket for them - 150 rbl.

Svetlana DASHKOV.